This is CRAZY!! Are They Changing The Weather?!

Humans have been trying to control the Weather since the dawn of time and to This day it’s generally believed to be Something that we can’t do very well if At all Well what if I told you that almost Every major country is actively Modifying the weather and that the Effectiveness of such Technologies has Been increasing exponentially Being British I can’t possibly pass up An opportunity to talk about the weather So today I’m going to give you a brief History of weather modification go over The different methods and their Effectiveness and examine whether this Technology is secretly being used for Nefarious purposes Foreign as I mentioned in the Introduction humans have been trying to Control the weather for thousands of Years through all sorts of rituals More often than not these rituals Were Meant to try and appease a God to cause Rain usually in response to a drought or To try and prevent a dry season this is Actually the same reason why most Governments continue to try and Manipulate the weather today at least on Paper more about that later Now not surprisingly none of the Historic rain rituals were successful And their perceived success was only Ever due to coincidence rather than any

Solid science then again nobody can say For sure because it’s harder to figure Out what happened the further back you Go What is well documented is that many Militaries around the world started to Notice that rain would fall after large Battles involving lots of gunfire in the 17 and 1800s This resulted in the United States and Others trying to cause Rain by shooting Into the sky but it’s believed that These experiments failed we now know That air pollution has the potential to Seed clouds and it’s believed that this Is the main reason why there is now less Snow and ice in mountainous areas clouds Are seeded prematurely by car pollution Causing it to rain or snow before the Clouds can reach the mountains the more You know Now it wasn’t until the late 1800s that A german-american inventor named Louis Gathman proposed a scientific way of Creating rain specifically by shooting Liquid carbon dioxide into clouds it was Around this time that so-called Rainmakers started to emerge across the United States now rainmakers were Basically traveling showmen who would Try and modify the weather using a Series of chemicals among other things Although most rainmakers were not much Better at making it rain than the

Ancient ritualists there was one man who Seemed to have a high success rate and His name was Charles Hatfield Charles became famous in 1904 when he Caused it to Reign Over Los Angeles Using a series of towers spraying Chemicals into the sky When he was asked about how he did it Charles reportedly said quote I do not Make it rain that would be an absurd Claim I simply attract clouds and they Do the rest This is why the city of San Diego Contacted Charles at the end of 1915 in The middle of a massive drought Charles agreed to their request to make It rain and even said the city only had To pay him if he succeeded a deal too Good for San Diego’s officials to pass Up Charles’s confidence didn’t disappoint Because in January 1916 he made it rain So much that many parts of San Diego Experience floods something he achieved By reportedly burning chemicals in a Forest outside of the city 1916 would go on to be the wettest year In the Region’s history Now as amazing as Charles’s rainmaking Was it was still more Showmanship than Science it was hard to prove that Charles’s chemical Shenanigans were the Actual cause of the rain particularly in 1916 when the rains continued long after

His modification This is why Charles’s rainmaking is Disputed to this day this is also why The history of weather modification is More often associated with Vincent Schaefer an American scientist who’s Credited with the creation of cloud Seeding in 1946 while he was working as A researcher at General Electric What’s Wild is that Vincent reportedly Discovered cloud seeding by accident The Story Goes that he was working on Another project related to ice formation On aircraft when he breathed into a box Where he’d placed dry ice causing ice Crystals to form in the air note that Ice crystals form before rainfall By the end of 1946 Vincent had developed A way to consistently seed clouds using Aircraft to create both rain and snow And shortly afterwards he was contacted And contracted by the U.S military to Continue his cloud seeding research Note that I’m leaving out some details Here for the sake of time Now in 1947 Vincent worked with the U.S Military on Project Cirrus to weaken Hurricanes using cloud seeding and their First attempt took place in October that Year believe it or not but the cloud Seeding caused the hurricane to suddenly Change direction resulting in lots of Damage in the state of Georgia naturally The people of Georgia were none too

Happy and they filed a lawsuit which was Dismissed after the defendants found Examples of hurricanes suddenly changing Course in the past specifically in 1906 Around the time Charles Hatfield was Active in his own weather experiments Funny that In all seriousness it seems the same Happened in the United Kingdom with Project cumulus in the 1950s many Believe that a massive flood in 1952 was Caused by the British military’s Cloud-seeding operations though this was Also largely dismissed on the grounds That this region had flooded before Now the Georgia incident reportedly Paused cloud seeding research in the United States for a decade if true this May be a tacit admission by the U.S Government that project Cirrus May in Fact have caused that hurricane to Change course in 1947. at the very least It means they didn’t know for sure or Just didn’t want to be judged in the Court of public opinion maybe both At the same time however it’s equally Likely that the US government continued To experiment with cloud seeding in Secret and this is because of all the Secret cloud seeding programs that were Revealed shortly afterwards by Inquisitive journalists such as Operation Popeye in the 1960s and 70s Now if you watched our video about the

Mysterious food plant disruptions you’ll Know operation Popeye involved creating Severe storms over the Ho Chi Minh trail Used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War operation Popeye was halted in 1972 After an article in the New York Times Blew the lid on it what’s odd is that The U.S military claimed that they Stopped the operation because their Attempts at weather manipulation had Failed This is despite the fact that the U.S And 47 other countries signed the Environmental modification convention a Few years later prohibiting weather Modification in Warfare Now logically this suggested that Operation Popeye was much more effective Than the US military was letting on and This efficacy was effectively proven When countries such as Russia and China Started actively modifying their weather For domestic purposes in the 1980s Beijing modifying the weather to keep The opening ceremony dry during the 2008 Olympics is probably the most famous Example of weather modification in Recent years and there’s really no Shortage of examples from all around the World check Wikipedia if you don’t Believe me As of 2017 there were over 50 countries Actively engaging in weather Modification to quote disperse fog

Enhance rain and snowfall and suppress Hail according to the World Meteorological organization note that The sources for everything in this video Are in the description only facts here No fiction Now the prevalence of weather Modification begs the question of just How effective the process actually is The answer ultimately depends on which Kind of weather modification method We’re talking about The most common method is of course Cloud seeding there are actually many Ways of seeding clouds but they all Follow the same principle that Vincent Schaefer discovered almost 80 years ago And that’s creating something in the Cloud for the ice and Rain to form Around This first way to see the cloud is to Use some kind of salt including silver Iodide potassium iodide dry ice as Vincent did and even standard table salt Under the right conditions spraying These salts into a cloud will cause ice To form around the salt which then Results in rain this is the basic Explanation The second way to see the cloud is to Shoot it with lasers and yes this is Obviously my preferred method This approach to seeding clouds has been Around since at least 2010 but there

Doesn’t seem to be much public Information about it this might have Something to do with the fact that Seeding clouds with lasers is apparently Extremely effective case in point in a 2014 news report about laser cloud Seeding the newscaster and guest explain That this technology could allow Governments to make it rain at the click Of a button and even control the Trajectory and intensity of storms the Link will be in the description it’s Truly crazy stuff Now the third way to see the cloud is Similarly sci-fi and that’s to use Electricity zapping clouds with Electricity using drones is actually how The United Arab Emirates creates Artificial rain and as far as I Understand it’s a brand new approach to Cloud seeding that was first tried last Year in Dubai The effectiveness of seeding clouds with Electricity is also unclear but the fact It continues to be used by the UAE in Lieu of the other available approaches Suggests that it’s the most effective For reference the UAE is extremely Wealthy meaning that every other Approach is in fact available to the Country that said research by UAE Scientists suggests that standard cloud Seeding meaning with salts can quote Enhance rainfall by as much as 30 to 35

Percent in a clear atmosphere and by up To 10 to 15 percent in a turbid Atmosphere Note that these statistics are from way Back in 2015. What’s reassuring is that these Statistics are consistent with a Cloud-seeding study by the University of Wyoming which lasted from 2008 to 2013 And found that cloud seeding can Increase precipitation by up to 15 Percent note that these statistics also Apply to salt-based cloud seeding and Are also arguably outdated it’s also Important to point out that the Effectiveness of cloud seeding almost Always depends on pre-existing weather Conditions for example cloud seeding is Believed to work much better on clouds That form over large bodies of water Such as oceans and seas Conversely the absence of clouds makes Cloud seeding next to Impossible because Well there are no clouds to seed Luckily for governments looking to Modify the weather however there are Many ways to create clouds artificially I’ll leave a link in the description to A video that shows you one effective Method now if you’re feeling overwhelmed By all these weather modification Revelations you’re in for a real treat Because cloud seeding isn’t the only way That governments can modify the weather

Some of you may have heard of the U.S Government’s high frequency active Auroral research program or harp in Alaska which lasted from 1990 to 2014. Harp was subsequently Declassified and Its facility was handed over to the University of Alaska for academic use in 2015. if you’ve heard of harp it’s Because it is famous for being the go-to Example given by conspiracy theorists Who claim the government can control the World’s weather using Harp’s ionospheric Research instrument or isi This mostly has to do with a bunch of Patents filed by physicist Bernard Eastland which implied that Harp’s ICI Could do everything from disrupting Military Communications to influencing The moods of individuals around the World a sort of directed energy weapon If you will The harp facility in the United States Was shuttered in 2014 similar facilities Continue to operate in other countries Notably in Norway and Russia Some have taken this as evidence that Some of the claims in Bernard’s patents Were true Now the science of harp is outside the Scope of this video but I’ll leave a Link to an excellent video about the Experiment by curious Droid in the Description he’s a fellow British YouTuber whose content helped with the

Creation of this video so be sure to Send in my regards And subscribe to his Channel Now the next Frontier for weather Modification is space specifically using Satellites to beam large amounts of Energy into storms to make them stronger Or weaker a job for Elon Musk if ever There was one not like you’d have the Time though Speaking of billionaires another Outlandish way that we might soon modify The weather is by spraying dust into the Atmosphere to block out the sun This Brilliant idea was brought to you by None other than Bill Gates who is Currently funding a company to do Exactly that There are also lots of new weather Modification methods that are taking a Bottom-up approach one example is Pumping air into the lower Waters of Seas and oceans to bring cold water up To the surface the cool air this cold Water creates can be used to weaken or Even eliminate hurricanes Pumping air into lower Waters is already Being done in countries like Norway to Bring up salty water and prevent Freezing around hydroelectric power Plants so they can continue operating Through the winter Another example of a novel bottom-up Approach is to spray salt water into the

Sky to reflect some of the Sun’s light Back into space there are actually Concerns though that this and other Methods such as pumping air into lower Waters could actually cool the oceans Too much and cause other unwanted Weather issues in my opinion the most Promising weather modification method Was proposed in a 2013 Ted Talk by Scientist Alan Savory titled quote how To Green the world’s deserts and reverse Climate change it’s quite possibly one Of the most amazing videos you will ever Watch and I’ll leave a link in the Description In short the world is slowly turning Into a desert and this trend will Continue regardless of whether all the Mainstream climate action targets are Met namely eliminating emissions and Fossil fuels of all kinds Note that deserts create lots of heat Which causes the kinds of extreme Weather we’ve seen lately Allen’s solution is so simple that it’s Almost stupid this is to guide animals To graze around the land without Interference the way they did Historically With this simple solution Alan has Managed to turn literal deserts into Green and watery oases around the world Just look at this comparison image Now if that wasn’t incredible enough

Alan thinks this solution could solve Climate change in a matter of years While simultaneously enriching Developing countries through all the Animal product production and exports The availability of meat in developing Countries would also significantly Improve nutrition As a cherry on top all the emission Reductions limits on energy use and Other such policies would not be needed Since all the additional Greenery would Absorb all the CO2 while simultaneously Cooling the world seriously watch that Video and share it with your friends and Family while you’re at it Now given all these facts stats and Solutions you might be wondering why Weather modification is seldom discussed In the context of climate change or even Just extreme weather events like Droughts floods and fires that have Recently been ravaging the planet As far as I can tell this is because Governments admitting to widespread Weather modification is likely to raise More questions than answers namely why Governments aren’t using this technology To combat climate change or extreme Weather events especially revolutionary Solutions like Allen’s guided grazing To be clear there have been some reports Of countries using weather modification Methods to address weather extremes such

As China which tried to end its Record-breaking droughts with cloud Seeding over the summer What doesn’t make sense however is that These countermeasures always seem to be Less effective than the proactive ones This is where a bit of science-based Speculation comes in as I mentioned Earlier 48 countries signed the Environmental modification convention in The 1970s to prevent the use of weather Modification in Warfare As of 2022 there are 78 countries which Have joined the convention even so that Doesn’t guarantee that these countries Aren’t still using weather modification As a form of warfare it just may not be As overt as say creating abnormally Massive storms over Vietnam Here’s a great example to illustrate What I mean that I also mentioned in our Food plant disruptions video in the 1980s the Soviet Union used cloud Seeding after the Chernobyl nuclear Plant meltdown to ensure that Radioactive rain fell on Belarus instead Of Moscow now riddle me this did the Soviet Union use weather for military Purposes in this scenario the answer is Not that clear and it would be hard to Prove either way because the Soviet Union could claim the rainfall was Natural whereas belarusca claimed it was Not assuming it even knew at all

This is simply because weather Modification can’t always be detected Especially with the newer types of Technologies Weather also isn’t contained to a single Country it crosses borders and Boundaries and this means what happens Within a country could easily affect the Country next door This is why there is lots of speculation In India that China is stealing India’s Reign by causing it to rain prematurely On the Chinese side of the mountain Range that divides both countries This wouldn’t be surprising given that China is heavily testing weather Modification in this region including in Nepal Now you can sum up this speculation in a Sentence from an article about China’s Weather modification by futurism quote If one country is able to control its Own weather it could in theory do so Elsewhere In other words countries might be Actively trying to manipulate each Other’s weather Bringing up this technology could shed Light on questionable practices by Domestic and foreign governments leading To very serious domestic and foreign Conflicts This ties into the very real possibility That governments are manipulating their

Own weather to take more control of Their own citizens after all if you can Control the weather you can control the Food supply and that’s the kind of power That the folks at the world economic Forum are explicitly seeking more about That using the link in the description Anecdotes aside the fact of the matter Is that governments have the technology To make extreme weather events better or Worse or rarer or more frequent This is terrifying given how governments Have been acting lately and it’s Something that must therefore be part of Any environmental discussions So I’ll leave you with this thought Once Upon a Time humans engaged in rituals to Appease the gods to influence the Weather it looks like we’re starting to See history repeat except it’s other Humans with powerful Technologies Playing God demanding compliance in Exchange for better weather This may not be the case today but mark My words at the rate that whether Modification technology is advancing it Will almost certainly be the case Tomorrow and in some places it probably Is already be on the lookout and Remember to question the weather and Don’t just complain about it like us Brits do And that’s all for today’s video about Weather modification if you felt it was

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