This Has NEVER Happened Before in Bitcoin History | TOP 5 New Altcoins To Invest (HUGE POTENTIAL)

Wow if you hold cryptocurrency Bitcoin Has never done this before looking at The chart since the start of 2023 we see That the Bitcoin price has consistently Put in higher lows higher lows higher Lows now consolidating near local highs We also see that the underlying use of The blockchain I.E the strength of the Underlying network is only growing Bitcoin ordinals joining the 10 million Plus Club in Daily volume so again Ordinals are just like nfts only on Bitcoin the nft explosion was a big Reason ethereum pumped so big so fast Back in 2021 and in this never beeseen Footage billionaire Michael sailor Comments how big nfts on bitcoin are the Entire discussion of ordinals Inscriptions is important to bitcoin for Two reasons one for Bitcoin uh to be Successful over the long term uh the Bitcoin miners have to be successful and Two for Bitcoin to scale to 8 billion People and be embraced by every company Every government every person on Earth We need to build applications on the Layer two and the layer three in order To extend the functionality and the Performance and the scalability of Bitcoin so if I were to basically Discourage application Development I would be Making it harder to scale to 8 billion People and I would also be destroying

The Bitcoin mining Network and I'm going To share with you the top ordinals Projects building today as well as a new Altcoin on cardano launched by Charles Hoskinson but the history being made Today is that CME Futures open interest Just surpassed 100,000 Bitcoin for the First time ever wow so open interest is Exploding in fact looking at the same Chart only in US dollar denomination This is approaching all-time highs as Well and the significance of what this Means to you open interest is the total Number of Futures contracts held by Market participants at the end of the Trading day and a high number of open Interest doesn't necessarily mean Bitcoin's about to implode or explode Because keep in mind a Futures Contract Could be bullish or bearish you could be Betting on the future price of Bitcoin Increasing or decreasing and this metric Represents all now what does that mean For the Layman it means things are Heating up expect bitcoin's next move Whether that's bullish or bearish expect Extreme volatility let's keep tabs on This metric click subscribe if you hold Bitcoin and with the next Bitcoin having Less than 6 months away we are still Early Bitcoin has in total 32 Even though the price is higher compared To where we started the year you didn't Miss the bottom for alt coins most of

The alts that will 100x this run haven't Pumped or haven't even released we have 6 months until the having at this point In 2021 Solana and axi Infiniti weren't Even out yet and madic was 130x from its All-time high Charles hoskinson is about To launch another token cuz you actually Would have two tokens instead of one Token And actually the new blockchain is Called Midnight with a token dust well If Midnight's got a token in this case We call it dust midnight is a cardano Side chain solution that is designed to Enable efficient secure and coste Effective smart contract execution on The cardano network then what happens is As the Stak pull operators maintain the Midnight Ledger with those high Performance High Throughput protocols what they're going To do is they pay rewards back to the Stak pull operators and the ad holders So some point when midnight launches you Get dust and Ada instead of just Ada see so everybody in cardono land Benefits from that partnership suddenly We're not as aerial as we used to be Right now we're looking for every Partnership we can find we're like come To Cardano come on polka dot it was a good Run come on over come on on to cardano There's a lot of great stuff you can do

And and we'll take care of your Blockchain for you real nice it'll be Great and while we don't know when Exactly this is going to launch probably A main net launch won't occur until late 2024 and it's being promoted by cardano That this dust air drop will benefit Ada Holders benefit stake pool operators and Benefit developers we will provide spos And exchanges with both new Revenue Sources as well as incentives we will Provide developers with use cases and a Fund to help them create more Interoperability between the networks And as was shared last year I believe Everybody here is an ADA holder Ada Holders will get a token drop for Midnight the minute I get more Information on this I'll make a video I Will let you know first but we also have Hello hello Labs making news which as They describe themselves as the future Of crypto and entertainment we are Producers as well as judges on The Killer Wales crypto show coming in early Next year and the news today another Judge has been announced I'm Ill Producer 12 times Platinum Grammy Nominated Guinness Book World Record Holding producer he's the right kind of Cringy because he put his money where His mouth is hey I'm the community and Partnership lead at the number one Digital collectible brand in the world

Yugal Labs my meter Second To None a s for me nobody pulling no fast Ones over here I can see it a mile away A lot of people who call quote unquote Crazy until their crazy idea changes the World I've been through The Good the Bad And the Ugly of our space my vote is we Going swimming Baby man people talk about wanting to Create the culture take a closer look You're looking at the Culture yes you got to watch the show Again my brother and I are Judges and Producers coming early in 2024 I will Keep you updated another new altcoin to Keep on your radar I'm invested in is Prisma Finance the end game for liquid Staking tokens a non-custodial and Decentralized ethereum liquid staking Token backed stable coin there's also a Governance token associated with this as Well and if you're wondering how this All works take advantage of ethereum's Proof of stake Network and unlock loans Where the collateral grows so basically If you're into liquidity pools or Staking first you would mint choose your Favorite liquid staking token and and Deposit it as collateral and then mint Your desired amount of MK USD earn Obviously take advantage of the yield Opportunities via curve and convex pools Or prisma's own stability pool and then Vote if you own the governance token

Like I said decentralized and Non-custodial now this is audited and Verified but again do your own research You take on more risk rather than just Holding in cold storage and also keep in Mind that the yields the aprs more People join the yields go down if less People are using you get better yields Another big event that just happened This was announced at binance's Blockchain week in Istanbul Tommy net Which we're ambassadors of think of them Like aiming to be a decentralized Internet with the goal to keep the base Chain as decentralized censorship Resistant as possible while also giving Developers the builders access to so Much more they've just announced an L2 We are are here because we still don't Have the tools needed for entrepreneurs And developers to make that change Possible we're building another Blockchain because we believe that web 3 Should have more tools than Web Two not Less we believe that Tommy chain is Going to Pioneer this new era in Usability it is a fork of ZK sync and as Such it inherits all of the values of Ethereum it inherits the hypers Scalability of zero knowledge proofs Together with the values of ethereum of Decentralization trustless and freedom But on top of that Tommy chains adds a Layer of Simplicity of

Accessibility and above all of Reliability we built another blockchain Because we understand just like Microsoft did at the turn of the century That the key to industry transformation Is enabling developers we're building on Ethereum because we want any developer Of the decentralized application that Belongs to the biggest blockchain Community to be able to migrate their Applications into the Tommy chain Without any friction we're building an e Because we believe that the ERC 4337 upgrades that were made this year Such that allows smart contracts to be Used as abstractions and onchain onchain Identifiers that will allow a great UI And U flexibility so I think it's really Interesting that they're building on Ethereum I like that because ethereum Does right now have all the developers All the liquidity so they're aiming to Tap into that and while this Announcement was over 30 minutes let me Play you just 60 more seconds of one Example of what makes this L2 different And how they're aiming to benefit Developers we're building another Blockchain because in order to have a Circle of a circular and sustainable Economy we need to review and improve Our incentive models right now as it Stands in the ethereum network network Operators receive 100% of the fees and

That's great they should be rewarded Because they are doing incredible work But what about talking creators who Actually drives the traffic on the Blockchains it is the tokens it is the Utilities that they provide so we Believe that token creators should also Be rewarded for the value that they Bring to the network what about wallet Developers right now there is no Business model for them on the Blockchain that is why we are Introducing a shared gas fee incentive Model where Network operators will Receive 40% of the fees token creators Will receive another 40% of the fees and Wallet developers will receive the Remaining 20% so that we can have an Actual circular economy and last but not Least what are the top Bitcoin ordinals Right now and why does Elon Musk like The Bitcoin nft ecosystem over e but I Mean nft is the funny thing is that the Nft is not even on the blockchain it's Just a URL to the to the the Jpeg so it's not even like if like you Should at least encode the jpeg in the Blockchain cuz like if the URL if the Company housing the image goes out of Business you don't have the image Anymore well the Blue Chip would be Ordinal punks Tapo Wizards while maybe The new up incomers would be Bitcoin Frogs bitmap rare SATs but again this

Space is so so new I will keep you Updated


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