This ‘GAME CHANGER’ Crypto App Gets you Free Internet ANYWHERE!

This crypto app is a game changer for The web3 industry you can and should Download Wi-Fi Maps app immediately Available on iOS or Android and you will Have access to free internet and have The opportunity to start earning crypto As soon as you download this app this is A really exciting product for the crypto Space check it out this is exactly what It looks like why should I download it What exactly is Wi-Fi Maps Wi-Fi Maps is A successful web 2 company with an Eight-year track record turned web3 They've been in business since 2014. Wi-Fi Maps already has 4 million monthly Active users over 150 million app Downloads over 1 billion Wi-Fi Connections and of course a real working Product that millions of people use Every day I downloaded this I'm using it Right now as I talk to you Wi-Fi Maps is A channel partner and is sponsoring Today's video how did Wi-Fi map get so Big with so many users throughout this Video I'm going to be splicing in clips From an interview that the Wi-Fi map CEO Did on proof of coverage podcast so how Did Wi-Fi Maps get so big there's Hundreds of millions of hot spots Already there's millions of active users How did you get to be so big that's a Billion dollar question Uh it it's it's not an overnight success It took years it tooks a lot of Trials

And errors at the end of the day we Follow very straightforward approach We're very user-centered so everything That we do has to answer the question How is this helping our users And if there is no answer to that then We don't even discuss any commercials Surrounding that particular business Venture so it's all user centered it's All about solving more everyday Lifestyle connectivity problems for our Users when you download this app you're Gonna see that there is a paid version With some nice bells and whistles However this app is available for anyone To use completely free what exactly is The product Wi-Fi map brings free Internet to the world their mission is To build the world's first decentralized Wireless network so everyone on the Planet can have access to free secure Internet If you've been in crypto as long as I Have we've seen similar products Solana's helium qlc chain I'm rooting For any crypto app who can do this but Again Wi-Fi Maps differentiates itself Because they already have a working Product they don't require you to Purchase any external hardware they Already have a large network of hot Spots they already have millions and Millions of users etc Etc what pain points is Wi-Fi map

Looking to solve what is Wi-Fi Maps Mission what kind of big pain points are Are you looking to solve with Wi-Fi map In terms of how the current kind of Travel and connectivity space looks Today so myself I'm a strong believer That internet is is very similar to Water unfortunately I know that people Are paying for water in today's world But ideally you know stuff like water Internet they should be available and Accessible to everyone regardless how Much money they have religion and and so On so I think it's somewhat of a Fundamental right I'll start with that And uh anything that myself or my team Can do to to solve that problem to to Bring that internet to the next billion People you know we're all in that's our Number one Mission and then if we go Into specific examples you know there's No limit to them but some of the most Common ones are roaming they're still in 2023 there's a roaming problem and and The problem surrounds not necessarily The price and the cost but the type of Connection you are given when roaming Right so if you go from United States With one of the biggest Telco names that Promise you that same coverage and 100 Plus countries you do get the coverage But it's far from being the same right So you end up on very slow 2G sometimes 3G connections you're capable of making

The phone calls but in reality none of Your apps are really loading You can't really use any banking apps Then we have the prepaid guys that Deposit money for the usage so Pay-per-use so all these people are very Megabyte cautious and anytime There's an Opportunity to use Wi-Fi they take it The reality of things we're all hooked To Wi-Fi one way or another even if we Have a regular internet connection on Our phone I'm sure all of you often find Yourselves connecting to the Wi-Fi Hotspot for better quality to just be Able to do more things Wi-Fi Maps these Guys they understand the crypto is here To stay and many web 2 companies will Need to Pivot into web3 or get left Behind I salute you guys I love the Product so as soon as you download the App you can get connected to free Wi-Fi In 200 plus countries get access to Millions of Wi-Fi hotspots all over the World and best of all you can add Wi-Fi Now Works whether it's your home Wi-Fi Or public Wi-Fi and start earning crypto Right in the app so you can add your Home Wi-Fi and let people use it perhaps When you're not using it or if you know The information for a public Wi-Fi spot Maybe a Starbucks Library office you can Add public Wi-Fi information and start Earning crypto that way it's actually a Pretty cool product and certainly needed

In today's world I think everybody Should have access to free internet just Like everybody should have access to Water and Wi-Fi Maps helps make that Possible again this app helps you stay Connected to everyone everywhere it's a Number one all-in-one travel app they Offer millions of Wi-Fi hotspots in over 200 countries helping you get internet Anywhere you can use this app to call or Text with their Global e-sim worldwide Data package with 70 supported countries A built-in VPN so your Safety and Security is protected as you're Connecting to different hot spots we're Not a Facebook we're not a snapshot We're still in that utility space right So we're kind of are being used on as Needed basis I always compare us to this Flashlight on your phone so to speak Like it's it's that crucial feature that You never want to delete but you kind of Only use it when the needs arises it's Our job as a product to add more and More of those use cases to our app to Solve more and more of our user problems And by solving them having them become More engaged with Wi-Fi map is my data Safe using this app yes no data Collected the developer says this app Doesn't collect user data your data is Encrypted in transit I.E your data is Transferred over a secure connection you Can request your data be deleted at any

Time the developer provides a way for You to request that your data be deleted The token associate it with the Wi-Fi Maps app is appropriately called Wi-Fi It has listings on huobi Max C Global And okx to name a few the Wi-Fi token Will be issued as a reward for adding New hot spots to the platform and can be Redeemed for mobile internet VPN and Other connectivity services within the App now let's talk about some of the Really interesting stuff here which is You're looking at launching a token why Why so there's few reasons for that the Number one reason is it's to further Incentivize the crowdsource within Wi-Fi Map so Wi-Fi map is a crowdsourced Project we had and have people Participating actively in it we had the Point system in place where X amount of Points provides users with ads free Experience gives them VPN functionality And so on but we want to do more we do Want to reward people with something That has a monetary value to it or has a Utility to it so the ideal scenario is That those active users of ours rewarded With the token that they can spend Inside the app and that's what we're Looking for because we realize that a Lot of these people just can't afford The service but willing to do stuff in Order to get the service from us and That's the ideal scenario that's

Actually what who we going after that's The premise of the token to empower our People to do more to participate in our Ecosystem and then be a means of the Token use their system services that we Offer so it's a it's a utility token you Can earn by contributing to the Wi-Fi Map ecosystem you can buy inside the app To claim a discount on Services you can Redeem for VPN offline maps e-sim data Partner services and more you can hold For perks including free e-sim data or You can refund your unused e-sim data so You never waste a single Wi-Fi token I'm Going to leave you with this final clip The CEO talking about his craziest Prediction for how crypto is going to Evolve over the next five years check Out Wi-Fi map website download the app Try it out links in the description now Listen to this craziest prediction for The next five years and how do you sort Of see the crypto World evolving Alongside it that Interesting questions you got so me Myself I'm a strong believer in crypto Right and the whole idea of Decentralization I've been participating In crypto since 2012. I love the space I Love technology I think they're we're going to be seeing More real use cases from crypto versus Just projects promising to one day Create the product and one day to build

The community around it I think we're Gonna see more and more web 2 companies Transforming into web3 I'm hoping to see More more regulations in the industry I Kind of hope to to see from Regulators Clean black and white rules what's Allowed what's not allowed so that Companies can follow them because for Many years it's been kind of just Unknown I think regulations will bring More web to companies will bring Institutional investors into this game Because there's going to be clear room Rules to play by I'm hoping that people Worldwide within the next five years Will have more access to Internet Whether it's through the monopolization Of the existing providers or and Allowing new players into these markets At the end of the day there's a lot of Supply that's that's being built and and That Supply we see through through the Helium models we see through the Starlink approaches we drive a big Demand behind Wi-Fi map we bring a Community that is actively in need and I'm hoping that in the next five years We'll be able to you know to to put some Of those puzzles together where the Supply side will finally meet the demand Side


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