But I got this message from the universe It was really strong it was a Fourth of July so like Independence Day Vibes and It was like Tommy you got to make a Blockchain cuz you're going to make one Like no one else today I interview Crypto founder Tommy world power what We've done way differently than anyone Else and I think it's crazy that no one Else has done it as he explains why Energy blockchain is the next big thing Like I've built it it's live it's tested It works and as they describe themselves The safest blockchain in the world no Theft in 3 years no successful theft I Mean I think we proved it it works a Blockchain that can literally protect You against scams hacks and theft break It down in a practical sense like what If I get hacked like how does energy Solve this as well as why this crypto May just be the next ethereum I have a Lot of love for ethereum I want it to be Highly EDM compatible I think sooner or Later other blockchains are either going To have to follow in our footsteps or They're going to be left behind thank You energy for being a channel partner And let's start what is your background Because I know you're an OG in crypto But for the folks that don't know you How' you find crypto I I was actually uh I found crypto in 2012 and I used to Keep a list of the best investments in

The world and uh and then I found Bitcoin in 2012 and there was an article That said it went up 5,000% in a year And and I was like no there's no way you Know and kind of like our our first Initial reaction and then I was that Might have actually been Because I was watching it in 2012 and I Watched Bitcoin in early 2012 it went From $10 to like $200 I was on spring Break at the time in college and I was Just watching on my phone and I was like This is nuts you know what kind of asset Does this and I and I'd seen a lot of Like stocks that will do that and then They'll go right back down so I was like It's going to go back down and it never Really did Bitcoin Bitcoin and crypto Has this stickiness so I wanted to buy It went went at 50 bucks it didn't Really um um excuse me that that surge Happened in right at the early 2013 Excuse me that was that Surge from $10 $200 and then stabilized for a bit Around 100 bucks and then late 2013 like Six months later then it's going on Another run and it hit a thousand bucks So in 2013 Bitcoin did that $10 to a Th000 to $1,000 and Litecoin went up 500 Times and I was just looking at it I was Like man I could have put 10 grand in And bid a millionaire but I didn't I I Got in right at the peak 2013 of course Like we all djen at the last minute uh

But I was like I'm never taking my eyes Off this again and I never did and I Just studied it every day and I was like Something something this powerful Deserves our attention you know so that Was my kind of intro into it and I Started doing YouTube videos and back Then there weren't too many people doing Them and it was like a slow uptake you Know just getting a follower here Follower there you know but bit by bit You know started coming on And then uh of course you guys know 2017 Was crazy that was the craziest year We've ever had I'm looking forward to More years like that um but it's hard It's crazy to look back it's been 10 Years man this been a long time um but I'm glad I'm in it I'm grateful for the Space I always say we should be really Grateful for it right you see some like Tourists coming in out of it but we have To be grateful for it if you're grateful For it it'll reward you you know and if You're not then you won't be so those Videos those early videos you used to do On your own YouTube channel you were Talking about the value of ethereum you Know how people should check ethereum Out when it was at a dollar or very very Early at what point did you decide to Create energy what what was the how did You find that for sure so I saw the Start of like the smart contract

Movement back then there were like Couple other coins there was like Colored coins there was counterparty There was even Doge party which I was a Big fan of Dogecoin I had I don't want To say how much Dogecoin I had at one Point because I wish I had it now but it Was had a lot of Dogecoin and I probably Turned like 10 or 20 million Dogecoin Into Doge party which now is like Completely extinct but these were like Some of the competitors for what Ethereum would be and I did put $500 in Ethereum Ico uh and I scraped together Another 250 bucks this was in 2014 I Didn't have a lot of money at the time But uh each ethereum was like 50 cents At the time so um yeah yeah so that so I I I was I saw I knew the power like Bitcoin's great I have a lot of love for Ethereum it's the granddaddy you know Pioneered everything we have to be Grateful for that but the technology as We know is limited on on on on bitcoin By the way back then it was really Controversial to be Pro ethereum like This space was like 90% Bitcoin Maximalist so I like ethereum back then Was was uh uh kind of I don't know like A trendier a trend set or something Whatever you know you were the black Sheep for for suggesting that ethereum Might have value yeah yeah it's crazy so And I made a video on ethereum at a

Dollar you can see on my YouTube channel At the very beginning I didn't even know How to pronounce ethereum I call it Ethereum and but don't laugh at me Because there was like less than there Were a couple thousand people in Ethereum at the time so yeah so I was There right at the beginning of it and Happy to see that it's grown a Lot um and then I was doing my YouTube Channel too and I'm building my audience Meanwhile and and so energy energy is my Creation and it was the 4th of July 2017 and I was just looking at all the Coins and I and I saw that they just had Deficiencies like most coins didn't have A Treasury System put context in there Like polygon just put a Treasury System That creates like a treasury from the Emission you know stuff like that that People are starting to figure out is Valuable there weren't many coins that Did that um and I didn't really know why I I was but I got this message from the Universe it was really strong it was the Fourth of July so like Independence Day Vibes and it was like Tommy you got to Make a blockchain because you're gonna Make one like no one else and I didn't Know what that really was going to be or What it was going to look like I know Now what we've done way differently than Anyone else and I think it's crazy that No one else has done it so I'll tell you

About but so that was in 2017 uh Fourth of July again and I just Bootstrapped it I didn't want to do an Ico because I didn't want energy to be a Security right I had that foresight Which we see today that those are Getting attacked coins icos and stuff so I didn't want to do didn't want to do an Ico just bootstrapped it and Brick by Brick started it with volunteers like Part-time people and Brick by Brick and It takes a long time to build a Blockchain guys so you know so no Recommend it unless you really want to Do something for like maybe the rest of Your life so just heads Up uh yeah yeah you you and again you Were on the show killer Wales that's not Out yet that's premiering q1 so no Spoilers but I remember my brother was a Judge on your episode I was in the back Producing um we're producers and judges On the show um but I remember they the Judges kind of came at you for saying oh You got a message from God or the Message from the universe explained to Me is that doesn't sound that weird to Me but yeah I don't know why that's so I Don't know why that's so weird like yeah Whether I see God and universe as the Same thing so um you know but yeah it Was a really strong message I can still Feel it today it was like no Tommy you Have to build this blockchain it's like

Message you know Fourth of July Vibes Again like I'm watching on my phone Seeing everyone do all their fourth of July festivities and that's the spirit Of energy guys Independence which really Ties into the the the if you really Think of like the endgame of crypto Crypto really is what I see is something To bring um to liberate Humanity Honestly at the Deep this level because Money's the blood of the world and right Now we have basically monopolies of the Monies we can use and as those Monopolies are breaking I think we're Going to see more ethical money and as a Result a more ethical world so but but That blockchain has to be built right With the right foundations to achieve That and I think that's we've where We've gone differently than most other Blockchains that have missed like I'll Talk about Security in a minute but I'm Baffled that the other blockchains have Missed this maybe because I have a lot Of experience and knowledge and see Things in a different way but yeah those Are those are kind of the roots of Energy uh yeah and break it down for me Very simple because to me energy has Better security prevents users from Being scammed how does that work for Sure so the first thing I'll say to this Is you know leadership's about taking Responsibility right when we're running

A company or building a business or Anything it's about taking Responsibility we all like good products Have good customer service right props To Amazon for phenomenal customer Service but these I think are key parts Of a company that or blockchain that get Overlooked so in 2018 and 2019 energy Launched in 2018 was conceived on Fourth Of July 2017 took 10 months to build V1 So launch in April 2018 um soon after that users started Getting scammed just like any other Blockchain like most blockchains today Scams are ramp well how does that happen They do impersonations they would Impersonate staff members you know uh They build trust so they make a Discord Account or telegram account that's just Like a staff member right reach out to a User and say Hey you know just wanted to Connect with you to see if you want any Personal help or whatever right there's So many ways to get scammed those were Pretty popular back then they still Happen today um but we started having Uses getting scammed and I would hear About it you know because you're the Leader you're going to hear the reports And we're hearing reports this guy lost $10,000 this this guy lost his life Savings you know and um and I think I Think again good leadership is taking Responsibility so to today I think it's

Nuts so so I think I'm in I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone sometimes like How how am I the only founder who's like Hey this has to be solved on the Blockchain level but but I see others Moving in that direction you know so That that is happening with other Projects um but it's it's not very Common still which is just crazy to me We've kind of like let the hackers have Their way you know but but but me being Barely knowledgeable in blockchain I'm Like there's no way there's no way this Is the future you know this this can't Be you can't how are you gonna bring Your mom or your you know some newbie Into blockchain who has no you know Background doesn't have all this Experience to know to be like extremely Careful about clicking on anything you Know and then and then try to bring them Into blockchain or what about big Companies you know like big companies if They Lose the the losses can be magnificent Can be huge so so that was kind of where Philosophically I went different I think Than most other blockchains I think most Other blockchains are like it's part of The game and there's nothing we could do About it but I have a different feeling Of like no way in this abundant day and Age of Technology there was most Definitely something to do about it I

Didn't know what it was but I figured it Out since and I'm really proud of that So break it down in a practical sense Like what if I get hacked like how does Energy solve this for sure good question So there's three layers to security the First layer is you need to be alerted Okay because sometimes if you get hacked Or have your sponge stol you don't know Right away right usually people find out Hopefully within a day but not always so The best way to have it is wallet alerts You get an email if you get your fund Stolen that's number one so any Blockchain could do that this exists on Other blockchains most blockchains don't Do it and it doesn't really help on most Blockchains because if you find out your Funds are stolen you're kind of just Screwed anyway so that's how would they Know but how did the funds get moved and You just get an alert you could sign up For alerts we have an alert part of our Website uh just Google energy alerts and You sign up you put your address in There your your wallet address and your Email address so if your funds move you Get email we'll eventually have text and Messages for too but email it's similar To like your phone like I got a text Like this some months ago where it said Did you have did you spend $5,000 on Airline tickets of course I didn't right So we contact our bank and they reverse

It for us and like that's how that's What we need right it's just Normal stuff so that's level one okay Level two is what I've built uh which I Don't know anyone anyone else who's Built it which is governance on the Blockchain level so governance that Allows us to do asset recovery and to Freeze Bad actors so if someone steals Your funds you get an alert right so you Know about it now you come to our Discord say hey so and so uh or my Wallet's been compromised I need help What we do is we first freeze that Wallet on our blockchain you can freeze An address via a governance vote it just Requires twice as many yes votes as no Votes an address can be temporarily Frozen for up to two weeks um and then If we hit a quorum on that vote if it's More than 10% of the network the address Can be permanently Frozen until we can Do a proper investigation and by the way Guys want this is like I know it's like Out of the box stuff but we've been Doing this for three years you know it's Not like an idea I'm not coming at you With like a pitch stack of like oh I Think I can do this no we've done it and It works for three years I haven't I Don't know of any successful theft I Know of attempted theft no one's got Away with stealing funds on our Blockchain that I know it's pretty

Powerful so that's level two that Ability to freeze fat actors and to do An asset recovery there's a third level Too and this is where we're just going Above and beyond because no one's on Level two yet but it's because I care About I just want my competitions myself The third level is you need a three-day Delay when funds are going to a bridge Or to an exchange the reason for that is Because if a if a hacker or Thief steals Money what's the first thing they're Going to do they're G to they're going To dump it right usually they'll dump The asset they'll move it to an exchange And dump it or Get It Out Of Reach so You need that three-day DeLay So if you Find out if on Friday your funds got Stolen hopefully by Monday you check Your email and notify us we can't do Longer than three days because it gets Too long then but three and a half days Is where the where the delay is for Going to a to a bridge or to an exchange And this isn't that long like a lot of These layer twos require a week just to Withdraw from Layer Two or require 21 Days to unstake or so three and a half Days in that long to everything on the On the energy blockchain is very fast Only if you're leaving the ecosystem With these three layers we've shut down Crime I don't want to say like every Because you can't like there's other

Sorts of a slow rug pool or something is Hard to catch but in terms of theft or Contract hacks or anything like that no We shut those down so it's pretty Powerful and it's an important note that You said that on the energy chain it's Super fast it's just the minute that you Want to exit the chain that's when all Those checks come in exactly so we're Building kind of that secure ecosystem You know where you can live and breath And play on our blockchain and not worry About it and if you if you have to leave The blockchain it's not terribly Prohibitive it's not the end of the World but that's the price of security And I think it's well worth it I think It's worth it for the developers like Kyber kyber just got hacked the other Day right It was hilarious if you guys saw that Message they got the guy like trying to Have them he's trying to have him Transfer like the ownership of the Company like how are you gonna do that You know without revealing these hackers Are hackers are usually kids by the way Guys they're like they're kids they're Usually under 20 they're not they're not Usually and and and and hackers and Criminals they're not super smart they Always leave tracks They always leave Breadcrumbs and stuff it's like they but There's just vulnerabilities and they

Find out how to take advantage of them And that's that's what happens Tommy what do you say to the haters that Hear the words whoa you can freeze Accounts whoa there's a three-day delay Like the old system that you're just Recreating the centralization that we're Coming from for sure this this is Actually a good question I hear quite Commonly oh okay so that's not Decentralized so I actually wrote an Article on this in 2020 we're like three Years out from that um and so the best Way for me to explain this is um if you Guys ever use Napster like I use Napster I was a teenager you know downloaded Music and then one day they made it Illegal right we couldn't do anymore why Because they went to Napster and we like All right guys you got to shut down the The servers it's game over it's Napster Centralized you can shut down the Servers and it's done but then Torrance Came out and they could never shut down Torrance you still you can't shut down Tor today why can't you shut down Toren Because they're decentralized what that Means is you have noes all over the World you can't shut down the network so The true meaning of decentralization Is a network that cannot be shut down Decentralization does not mean the Wild Wild West it does not mean a complete Lack of governance I can't shut down

Energy if anyone's trying to come to me And say shut down energy I can't do it And I don't want that ability to because I want it to be decentralized right but We have the ability to freeze addresses And do things like asset recovery that And that those governance systems can be Built in and this is where we pioner you Could do the same thing with voting for Where funds go and obviously different Protocols have done that so they've done That aspect of decentralized governance None of them have done the aspect of Decentralized governance in terms of Asset protection and asset recovery you Know so um what so what I would say to Those people is this is out of the box Stuff this is pretty Advanced you know And that's but this I think is Inevitable I think sooner or later other Blockchains are either goingon to have To follow in our footsteps or they're Going to be left behind because how are You going to get the masses into crypto In this wild world west system how are You going to get big businesses using The blockchain who might have good Development teams but are newbies to Blockchain and put one little bug in the Code and you know cause billions of Dollars of losses this sort of Foundation is necessary for crew Mass Adoption so how do you get those Competing l1s like Avalanche cardano

Salana whatever they have the users Right now um but they don't have the Technology how do you get the users in Time Uh to save people or just to beat them For sure and I will I will tell you guys You know me being leery of scams and Stuff so at the beginning early on in Energy I was leery to kind of um bring On projects because there's so many scam Projects out there as you guys all know I think we've all invested in our fair Share of them I want to talk about the Icos or nfts uh which I have a lot of Love for nfts but dear God talk about Scams um so so I think uh It it took us three years to get here Austin like we started in 2017 right and To get to our gen 3 product which energy Is an evm blockchain it's very similar To ethereum and I did that on purpose I Have a lot of love for ethereum I want It to be highly evm compatible it took Pretty much three years to get there so Like late 2020 by the time we had a Stable evm blockchain um and then uh and Then we worked on a couple things we Built a bridge we built energy Swap aex And we're also bu building an nft Marketplace so uh now is the time when Our our Technology's been tried and Tested it works again three years with No crime so now is a time when we invite Developers I say if you guys are

Building on an evm blockchain and you Want to build in a safe place come build On energy this was actually Nick from Data Dash it was his idea which is Genius which is you know developers Should look at energy as like the kasama To polka dot like a test net for Ethereum where you can come build and Build with peace of mind you can build Fast you don't have to worry about a Tiny little bug you don't have to be Annal about smart contract audits you Can build with that freedom and God Forbid there's a bug in your code and Someone hacks and steals your funds we Can help you there where no one else can So so to your point of where do we get Users and stuff well now's the time you Know if you guys are developers come Build if you're uh if you're an nft Project or a gaming project and you want To build that security you know we Provide that we have an nft Marketplace Called going to make it that's an alpha Now so you guys can actually it's it's It works you can do it on testnet it'll Be in uh on live net within a few months At latest so we have all the Infrastructure you guys need the Exchanges you guys need to come do your Thing in a safe way nfts in gaming Especially the royaly aspect I see as One a big Niche to onboard real users But also could definitely use security

Can you speak to that totally so so it's Actually right theft and theft is a big Issue we've seen just assets being Stolen but one thing that I think is Crazy that we've seen the past year is Royalty theft on such a massive scale And for those of you guys in nfts if you Take a step back and look at it look how Crazy it is we we're having theft on a Grand scale none of these projects Consented to paying 0% royalties but What happened is because the lack of Governance on on ethereum and salana and Other blockchains it just became the Norm that exchanges could stop paying The projects royalties and no one could Do anything about it that's been going On for like a year and that to me is Like crazy and just like really syncs it In of where we're at with a lack of Security on energy we could we could Stop that we enforce royalties any Marketplace in our blockchain that Wouldn't pay royalties we Blacklist Their contracts prevent them from being Being able to move funds and essentially Function so Yeah looking into 2024 give me a prediction in general for The crypto market for energy where you See this Market Going well um I'm stoked for 2024 and 20125 as well too again following up 2025 we follow this fouryear cycle 2025

Would be the crazy year but 2024 would Also be a very good year um my targets For Bitcoin and ethereum for Bitcoin I'm Aiming 100 200 100 to 200k those are my Targets for the peak of the cycle Ethereum I'm thinking 10 to 30k So Within that range so and then for energy Um I don't really I don't want to give a Projection on the price but but but but Let's just but let just say this you Guys think about this what is a Blockchain worth that can properly Protect assets you know what is that Blockchain worth I don't know you guys Think about it but we're pretty I think Uh I think our time is coming You know so I want you to give a final Call to action you did it for the Builders not for the average users and How they can learn more about energy Links for all your stuff are down below Um but before that is there anything we Didn't cover generally on energy that You would like to mention I again I Would say you guys like sometimes Sometimes I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone like to to bring the point Home earlier um now I know why I was Kind of destined create energy and I'm Really happy I did if I didn't create Energy then right now I'd be like damn I Got to make this because I know I know I Could make something like this but no One else did and that's why I had to

Make energy because um the world needs The world needs this sort of Technology Needs a sort of foundation in blockchain We need this Foundation let me tell you Guys too that ultimately if you guys Think about kind of the end game of Crypto and the end game of money the end Game of crypto again is to create Competition For money it's that's ultimately what it Is again we live in the states we have To use a dollar for everything right It's a monopoly essentially so crypto Creates competition for money but Ultimately it creates competition for Ethical money think think way in the Future money is just a form of energy Which is why I called it energy it's not Good or bad it's how it's channeled so You can channel that for good or you can Channel it for bad if you steal money From people if you're if you're a robber Then you're probably that energy flowing Through you is probably not very good Right but if you're doing good service For the world you're getting paid for it You know that's pure money flowing Through you so um I see crypto the Endgame of crypto is competition for Ethical money we use that money that we Believe in and we Empower that the money You use you Empower so this is the Endgame of crypto and that's what I've Created the foundation for again in the

Future in 10 20 30 years whatever it is I see competitors for energy in that Other people there will be other ethical Money but you get to choose which which With which ethics you align with which Values you align with you all have Slightly different values right we all Believe in no theft and stuff but our Our values are all slightly different so That's what I see as the Endgame uh of of money of crypto and uh Again I think other blockchains we're Leading the way in this right now uh but I think other blockchains will follow And I look forward to that because it's Going to be good for the evolution of The world um and one one more one more Thing I'll say right the core thing of Bitcoin is it's a store of value right So think of energy at the very Bas most Basic level as like a safe store value You know where you can have your money But also have peace of mind that you Don't have to worry about it being Stolen you don't have to worry wake up And worry one day I just want you guys To remember the emotion because a lot of You guys may not have been scammed for a While but um but I think my estimate is Over 90% of people have been remember That feeling what if feels like to be Scammed and that's the pain of the People I felt it's this helpless feeling Right it's like we we want to recover

Our money but it's like in the void and Who do we reach out to to help and then The first thing that happens when you Post on Twitter is other people reply Also trying to scam you you know I mean It's uh like like the world needs this To evolve you know that's that's the Bottom line and I and I'm I'm a little Bit of a I'm the sort of person where um Let me decline the call okay sorry about That I'm I'm the sort of person where I Want to make sure what I built works First and that's why I didn't make a lot Of noise about it at the beginning like I'm the sort of person like let me build This it's out of the box no one's done It there's a lot of potential haters for You know people disbelievers who don't Think it's possible I've seen that a lot Of people think it's not even possible What I've done like let me build this Let me test it and we're there like I've Built it it's live it's tested works you Know no theft in three years no Successful theft I mean I think we Proved it it works is it perfect Absolutely not is it going to keep being Improved absolutely but is this Foundation like way above the standard Yes so yeah Tommy I love your passion Links for energy for you down below in The video description I want to ask you One last question as a talking about the Killer whale show as a contestant don't

No spoilers but how was your experience Yeah it was awesome I I I had a lot of Fun on the show that was uh my first Time doing a a show like that and uh I Think you guys are going to love it yeah No spoilers we won say how I did or Anything but you guys should definitely Check it out I think you guys will like The show um and they're doing a season Two so if you're a project you should Look for that and apply to it um yeah You guys will you guys will enjoy it hi Tommy thank you for joining me man one More thing guys if you guys are looking To get involved in energy the best place Go to our website energyworld nerg Iworld there's a get Energy tab uh click On that has links to our metam mask uh The exchanges all the stuff you need to Get going is right there follow me on X If you guys aren't yet uh Tommy world Power that's my Alias also on YouTube I'm way more active on X though but uh Yeah thank you for having me Austin it's Pleasure


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