This Company Printed Your MONEY!! The Hidden Story!!

A few months ago I was doing research For a video about Central Bank digital Currencies or cbdcs I was curious about which country was The first to begin exploring a cbdc and To my surprise it was Uruguay What’s even more surprising is that the Company that was commissioned by Uruguay To develop its cbdc is based in Switzerland and there is almost no Public information about this company As it turns out this Swiss company is Responsible for printing most of the Physical currency in existence and today I’m going to tell you how it found its Way into almost every Central Bank Around the world Now I’ll start by saying that pretty Much all the information in this video Comes from a book called money makers The Secret World of banknote Printing Written by Klaus Bender Klaus has been a Journalist and author since the 1970s And spent most of his career traveling The world reporting on finance and Economics In the late 90s Klaus started doing the Research for money makers during his Research he made multiple discoveries Which he published as articles in Various German newspapers One of these was about the misprint of 300 million 100 euro banknotes in the Year 2000 which cost the ECB 15 million

Euros to fix Money makers was published in 2004 and Quickly became a bestseller in Austria Germany and Switzerland an English Language version of the book was Published in 2006 and it includes an Additional section which argues that the Highest quality counterfeit US dollar Bills are being printed by the CIA in The United States It should come as no surprise then that The back of the book reads quote the Book is based exclusively on personal Interviews and confidential information Normally not accessible to Outsiders There were attempts to stop this Research project I’ll leave a link to the book in the Description but I’ll reiterate that it Was published way back in 2004. this Means that not all the information in The book may be up to date that said the Sections I’ll be summarizing today have Mostly to do with historical events so Everything should still hold true to my Knowledge no other book about banknote Printing has been published since money Makers and it’s only the second book to Be published about the subject at all The first was published in the early 1980s and it was actively suppressed by The companies I’ll be discussing today More about that later and in case you’re Wondering yes that statistic about

Cocaine being on almost all the physical Cash in existence is true A study by the Bristol Institute in 1999 Found that 99 of all British banknotes In circulation had traces of cocaine on Them also did you know that cash was the Name of the currency issued during the Chinese Ming Dynasty in the 1300s and Did you know that the first paper Banknotes were issued during the Chinese Tang Dynasty way back in the 7th Century Well now you do so armed with that Vital Information let’s dig in Now believe it or not but most of the Physical currency in circulation was not Created by central banks it was created By companies which owned the machines And the ink used to make banknotes most Of the central banks which do create Their own physical currencies still use The machines and inks of these companies The shiny ribbons on cash and the Watermarks you see on higher value bills When you hold them up to the light are All inventions of these companies too What’s crazy is that these companies Have sold their inventions to just about Every country in the world including Sanction States like North Korea The nature of these companies and their Operations have been a closely guarded Secret for centuries this is because Citizens would be up in arms if they Knew how their currencies were being

Created and would probably Revolt if They knew the details of these banknote Printing contracts As with Empires though it seems that Every single Enterprise associated with Banknote printing has experienced a rise And a fall this is due to a combination Of corruption and competition The former led to incompetence and the Latter led to leaks to the Press about The inner workings of the industry as Quoted by Klaus quote attempts to engage Representatives of the industry in Conversation while doing research for This book was systematically deflected However as long as it was about their Competitor many interview partners then Turned out to be downright forthcoming Obviously sharing this kind of Insider Information is a risky business the Author of the first book about banknote Printing in the 1980s found this out When the money printers bought up every Single copy in circulation this made it Impossible to find the book and any Remaining copies were extremely Expensive as a result as for Klaus he Found himself face to face with the CEO Of the company responsible for making The money printing machines that created Almost all the physical currency in Circulation This was after he published an article Explaining that two percent of the

Income for every printed banknote went To the CEO in case you didn’t catch that The CEO of the company which created More than 90 of all the physical Currency in circulation was given two Percent of the income generated for Creating this physical currency these Payments were made in Gold because the CEO knew damn well that his own printed Paper cache was worthless So the CEO in question is an Italian man Named galtiero diori who headed the Giori company from its founding until His death As is often the case with such Businesses the jiori company ultimately Got off the ground because of galtiero’s Family history in the printing industry Gualtiero’s grandfather Dino Cohen set Up a printing company in the late 1870s The officiene graffiti Cohen e compania Went on to print stocks bonds and checks For Italian Banks and brokers in 1939 The company was chosen by the French Government to begin printing banknotes For the country The only problem is that 1939 is when The Second World War began and any Students of History will know that Italy And France were on opposite sides in That conflict almost everyone will also Know that the Axis powers which included Italy were not so friendly towards a Particular ethnic minority to put it

Lightly rather than flee to Switzerland With the rest of his family however Gratiero decided to take his mother’s Maiden name and stay in Italy That’s because he wanted to defend the Printing plant and its Machinery from Destruction by the Germans and the bombs Of the Allies by some miracle he Succeeded in 1947 guelterro continued Where his family had abruptly left off Before the war printing physical Currency for governments he created his First money printing machine called the Pilotto and sold it to multiple Countries in Latin America where his Father Renato had fled to during World War II now I suspect that it’s the Connections that Renato and his family Made in Latin America which led to Uruguay tapping the jewelry company in 2014 to develop its cbdc I’ll leave a Link to our video about cbdc’s versus Cryptocurrencies in the description if You want to learn more about that Anyways what made it the giori company’s Money printing machines different from The others at the time was that they Were capable of multi-color intaglio Printing now intaglio is a method of Engraving metal which was invented During the Renaissance it was most often Used to create ceremonial armor fact Fans although galtiero was revered in The currency Community for having

Perfected the intaglio printing method The United States and Europe were not All that interested in having colorful Cash not only that but the machines used For the printing required lots of Maintenance and would regularly break Down This is why the manager of another Printing company put guelterro in touch With a German company called Koenig and Bauer which was famous for creating the Printing machines for the Times Newspaper note that the first Bitcoin Block happens to reference a headline From the times this makes me wonder Whether Satoshi Nakamoto read money Makers and chose the times specifically For this reason after all the book was Published in 2004 and Satoshi could have Chosen any other newspaper to convey the Message that central banks had messed up The financial system yet again just a Thought in any case grotiero apparently Got along really well with the CEO of Konig and Bauer despite their age Difference In 1952 they signed an agreement to work Together the giori company would provide The specifications for cutting-edge Money Printing and konigan Bauer would Make the quality machines The jury company subsequently relocated To Switzerland for political and Economic reasons being based in

Switzerland allowed the company to do Business with just about any individual Or institution and the company would be Able to keep its unprecedented wealth Lightly taxed and well hidden The jewelry company chose the Swiss Canton of lausanne for its headquarters In large part because of another company Called sitzpar being based there Sitspar is short for society industrial A commercial And it is the company that produces the Ink for basically all the physical cash Around the world Naturally gautiero was best friends with Albert amont the CEO of sitspa Like the jury company sitzpar owes its Success to its family history in this Case it was Albert’s father Maurice Amor Who came to France as an immigrant from Lebanon and founded sitzba in 1927. now Sitspa originally specialized in Coloring agents for farm products this Includes making butter more yellow and Green peas greener Sitzvah got into the money printing Business thanks to guelterro and has Managed to maintain its Monopoly on Money Inc thanks to its uncopyable Chemical formula the jewelry company’s Proximity to sitspa as well as Konig and Bauer in nearby Germany made it possible For the company to do absolutely Everything in-house from start to finish

And a clause in the company’s contract With Konig and Bauer meant that Guelterro would own all the patents in Perpetuity lovely jubbly Before long the jury company’s money Printing machines were flying off the Shelves the first buyer was a currency Printing company based in the Netherlands which made Dutch money the Second buyer was the Central Bank of Austria from there the snowball Continued to grow Tensions inevitably began to rise Between the jury company and the Incumbents in the industry at the time The British company De La Rue was the Largest money printer around it began Using its influence to stifle the Adoption of the jury company’s money Printers and went to some very low lows In order to do so This is probably because De La Rue was Starting to worry that the diori company Would poach de la Rue’s largest client The United States of America Despite having been adopted almost Everywhere else the jury company’s money Printing machines just couldn’t get a Spot in Uncle Sam’s backyard So eventually the jury company did what The age-old adage says if you can’t beat Them join them and so in 1965 the jury Company signed a deal with De La Rue the Only thing that kept the partnership

From instantly falling apart was Guateera’s friendship with the CEO of De La Rue Peter Orchard it’s safe to say That this friendship wasn’t all that Close because while De La Rue went Around showcasing the jewelry company’s Machines to central banks guelterro was Secretly doing the same whereas delaru Wanted contracts guelterro offered to Sell the machines no subscription Required delaru didn’t seem to notice Because it managed to give the jury Company what it always wanted access to The American Market The jury company built custom money Printing machines for the Federal Reserve and became the sole supplier of Machines for the FED in the years that Followed the United States became one of The biggest purchases of the jury Company’s money printing machines Alongside China India and Russia and as Far as I know physical US dollars in the United States continue to be printed Using the jury company’s machines to This day Having bagged the big fish the jury Company turned its attention to the Little fish it had left Behind These Included the sanctioned state of Iran Which received a jury company money Printer with the help of Thailand and The sanctioned state of North Korea Which never paid for its money printers

In full while the North Korean Government stopped paying on the grounds That the jury company was a quote Capitalist exploiter Klaus speculates The real reason was because it couldn’t Get access to or couldn’t export the Physical gold that the jury company and Its CEO required as payment but then Again it’s North Korea so Now by this point the jury company Seemed to be higher up in the world Hierarchy than the world economic Forum To paraphrase an epic paragraph from the Book quote in the end it was mostly Guelterro who determined what the Customer would order or what he would Have to order the central banks were at His Mercy they were traversing Uncharted Terrain they lacked the experience but They wanted their own money printers Even if it Ward with all economic reason And then came Japan now what’s Interesting is that Japan reportedly has An extremely high demand for cash Compared to other countries or at least It did when the book was written this is Because of Japan’s culture of Cleanliness Physical bills with any kind of defects Are immediately recalled and new crisp Bills are issued in their Stead This abnormally high demand for new cash Meant that Japan was the ideal client For the jury company

At the same time the Japanese government Was seeing a surge in counterfeit bills It therefore required higher quality Bills that would be harder to copy it Was truly a match made in heaven The thing is that the Japanese Government didn’t want to be reliant on A foreign Western company for its Physical currency as such it gave one of The 36 machines it purchased to a Tokyo Money printing company called komori and Instructed it to reverse engineer the Jury company’s Crown Jewel Upon hearing that the Japanese Government was looking to counterfeit The jury company’s money printer Gautiero made what was in retrospect the Worst decision of his life Realizing he couldn’t exercise influence Over the Japanese government grottiero Gave them the blueprints to his machine In exchange he made the Japanese swear To not export their version of the jury Company’s money printers made by komori He also demanded that komori become the Exclusive supplier of money printing Machines to the bank of Japan once again Establishing a soft Monopoly for diori This agreement lasted for around 15 Years before the Japanese decided they’d Had enough of sitting on the sidelines While the Swiss got rich When gautiero got word he tried to throw The legal book at the Japanese

Government let’s just say you need one Hell of a throwing arm to hit Japan from Switzerland And then in 1989 Germany’s giseka and Devryant the second largest money Printing company whose manager had Originally arranged the meeting between The CEOs of the jury company and Konig And Bauer many decades before ordered a Sample money printing machine from Komori soon rumors started to spread That the Russians had begun buying Komori machines meanwhile China started Buying money printing machines from Mitsubishi The fact that this purchase happened Despite China and Japan’s heated history Underscored the quality of the Japanese Money printing machines after that it Didn’t take long for India to Cave Especially since it was getting shafted By the jury company’s high prices paid In Gold galtiero tried and failed to Pressure the Japanese to withdraw their Money printing Machinery from these Regions it was clear though that his Influence on Fiat was fading fast in 1992 galtiero giori passed away and his Son Roberto duri took the helm at the Company Roberto went on to effectively Dismantle what his father had built by Destroying all the relationships that Had made the diori company a monopoly in The money printing industry funnily

Enough this seems to include the website For the Roberto jewelry company which is The first result you get when you search Jewelry company on Google you can Actually see what the website used to Look like using the Wayback machine Archive and I’ll leave a link to that in The description if you’re interested Now all the while the Japanese continued To expand their money printing presence Until it arrived at the borders of the Jewelry company komori managed to secure Contracts in Germany only to have them Rested out of its Hands by the jewelry Company through a lengthy and costly Counter-offensive of sorts unfortunately For komori the economic crisis in Japan In the 1990s forced the company to scale Back its operations unfortunately for The giori company it was in a spout at Badder shape in 2001 De La Rue sold its 50 stake in the jury company to Konig And Bauer for a mere 50 million Swiss Francs the other 50 was purchased by Roberto Dury’s own private investment Firm for the same price tag it doesn’t Take a genius to see that the jury Company was worth a lot more accounting Firm Ernst young estimated it was worth At least 275 million Swiss Francs and The Saudis were ready to buy news that Roberto had claimed half of his father’s Company for himself caused infighting Within the immediate jury family and its

Cohen counterparts this negatively Affected the operations of the company And all the settlements significantly Drained its golden crusted coffers The jury companies Reign Over at the Money printing industry was then ended By the technological innovation of the Early 2000s central banks started to Move away from the physical and into the Digital this affected Konig and Bauer The most it had zero orders for new Money printing machines in 2001. at the Time that the book was published the Only demand left for the money printing Machines created by the two companies Came from replacing old or broken ones Sitzpat still maintains its Monopoly Over the ink because its chemical Formula can’t be copied unlike the Hardware and unfortunately for all the Money printing companies governments Around the world are now rushing to roll Out their Central Bank digital Currencies ironically enough it looks Like there’s a new generation of secret Money makers on the rise and you can Learn about one of them using the link In the description And that’s all for today’s video about The Secret World of money printing if You found it as fascinating as I did be Sure to smash that like button to let me Know if you want to make sure you don’t Miss the next flick subscribe to the

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