This BITCOIN Whale Won’t Stop!! What’s Their End Game?

Micro strategy has been accumulating Billions of dollars in Bitcoin the 35-year-old company first pivoted to BTC In 2020 and since then has been stacking Stats quicker than just about anybody Else on the planet with seemingly no Plans to slow down anytime soon not only That but Micro strategy CEO Michael Sailor insists the company will never Sell and that the aim of the game is to Simply accumulate and huddle this Approach seems to have paid off with Micro strategy stock even outperforming BTC recently today we're going to look At micro strategy endgame how the Company's stock has performed and how it Could affect BTC before we go on I need to make Something perfectly clear I'm not a Financial advisor and nothing in this Video should be considered Financial or Investment advice this is purely for Educational purposes and is meant to be Used to assist you on your very own Crypto Quest also if you're looking to Trade crypto then you have to check out The coin Bureau deals page there you'll Find trading fee discounts of up to 60% And sign up bonuses of up to $60,000 on a selection of the best Exchanges out there it's a limited time Offer exclusively for the viewers of This channel so be sure to take Advantage of the link in the description

While you still can so with that out of The way let's take a look at micro Strategy role in the crypto Market if you're not familiar with micro Strategy here is a quick rundown micro Strategy was created in 1989 by a tria Of Founders Michael sailor Sanji bansel And Thomas saffer all three of whom were Students at MIT the company specializes In business intelligence Solutions and Mobile app developments their apps can Aggregate data inputs to work out the Best routes a business can take to Maximize profits and boost productivity Primary competitors include Microsoft's Powerbi Amazon's quicksite and looker Micro strategy first began with a $250,000 seed fund from DuPont Consulting contract the company's growth Was so impressive that within just a few Years it has secured a $10 million Contract deal with McDonald's in fact Between 1990 and 1996 micro strategy Revenue actually Doubled every single year on the 11th of June 1998 the company went through a Public initial offering or IPO and During the dot era its MST stock went Parabolic for context MST Rose from $7 Per share to as high as $333 per share in a year before falling By 62% in a single day on the 20th of March March 2000 in what's regarded as the

Bursting of the bubble and by the way if You're enjoying the video so far show it By Smashing that like button and be sure To subscribe if you haven't already and Pting that notification Bell so you Don't miss our next video over the years Micro strategy has expanded into other Tech Ventures offering a variety of Solutions to Aid business models and Recently even expanded into AI along With everything other Tech entity on the Planet anyway fast forward to 2020 and Micro strategy makes the move that You're all here for on the 11th of August the company invested a whopping $250 million into BTC as its new primary Reserve asset the company noted that Decline in returns from cash a weakening Dollar and other Global macroeconomic Factors were the main reasons for this Decision this this move was more Important than you might think that's Simply because prior to this purchase Micro strategy's business model had Absolutely nothing to do with Bitcoin Whatsoever the fact that a company Specializing in business intelligence Was suddenly looking at using BTC as a Reserve asset was Unprecedented this set off a chain of Events that can only be described as Bullish AF micro strategy suddenly got a Load of free PR from crypto news outlets Causing its stock to Rally likewise

Micro strategies lack of previous crypto Involvement meant that Bitcoin got a lot More mainstream media coverage which put It on The Radars of a lot more retail Investors and corporate entities ex Twitter CEO Jack dorsy then bought $50 Million in BTC through his payment Company Square Wall Street giants like Grayscale started huddling Bitcoin for The first time ever and when Institutional demand outweigh the supply Btc's price went bananas and not to brag But if you go far back enough on the Coin Bureau archives you'll find this Video where we accurately predicted that This would be the Catalyst that Kickstarted the bull market we'll leave A link down below if you are interested Anyway since then micro strategy has Bought BTC by the bucket load increasing Its Holdings by 10x since the initial Purchase we'll come back to exactly how Much they've accumulated a little bit Later now as you're probably already Aware this buying up of BTC has been Spearheaded by Michael sailor who Ironically once famously wrote Bitcoin Off as a failure tweeting in 2013 that And I quote bitcoin's days are numbered It seems like just a matter of time Before It suffers the same fate is Online gambling nowadays of course Sailor is bitcoin's biggest perable so Why the sudden change of heart well as

Hinted a moment ago micro strategy's Main concern with keeping its treasury In Fiat was inflation sailor in Particular became increasingly aware That having a large sum of money in a Devaluing asset like the US dollar Simply wouldn't be sustainable in his Own words we just had that awful Realization that we were sitting on a $500 million Ice Cube that's melting now I don't know about you but if I was Sitting on half a billion dollars the Last thing that I would want to do is Slowly watch its value fade away every Time the fed's money printer goes Brut So why BTC why not store value in a more Traditional asset like gold for instance Well according to sailor Bitcoin is the New gold he believes that Bitcoin will Overtake gold as the world store of Value Asset because as he says and I Quote it's got all of the great Attributes of gold and it's got none of The defects of gold if you could Teleport gold from New York to Tokyo in Just a few minutes people would like it A whole lot more by the way if you're Wondering how you can trade Bitcoin then Check out our recent guide that goes Over just that there you'll have all of The information that you need to make Stacking stats as painless as possible Link is down below anyway to say that Michael sailor is bullish on bitcoin is

A bit like saying Michael Jordan once Played a bit of basketball it's Something of an understatement consider This on the 8th of August 20202 sailor Actually stepped down as the CEO of Micro strategy handing the role to the Company's president Fong Lee while Sailor himself stepped into the role of Executive chairman why so that he could Focus more on bitcoin of Course as executive chairman not only Does sailor have access to more orange Pills he can also start dishing them out To others that's because he now spends His time not only accumulating BTC but Also teaching others about his potential While promoting Bitcoin across numerous Interviews news and podcast appearances Sailor often Compares BTC to a digital Property rather than a digital currency Specifically he calls it the Apex Property in the world and the best Investment asset noting that buying BTC Is equivalent to buying real estate in New York city so this begs the question Then just how much BTC has micro Strategy managed to scoop up well in Short Lots from micro strategy's first Purchase of 21,000 Bitcoin in August 2020 the company has now increased its Holdings tfold to over 214,000 which at the time of shooting Has a value of around $14 billion with Its most recent purchased micro strategy

Now owns just over 1% of the 21 million Bitcoin that will ever exist now while There doesn't seem to be a set pattern To when the company will make its Purchases sailor has explained that Micro strategies strategy to stacking Stats is to Simply buy hoddle and then Buy some more as we mentioned just a Moment ago micro strategy's first Purchase was in August 2020 where it Picked up 2,454 BTC for $250 Million by the end of That year the company had spent $ 1.125 billion acquiring a total of 7,470 BTC with their final purchase of That year being a spend of $650 million Wow in the first quarter of 2021 micro Strategy made a couple of smaller Purchases of a mere 10 million piece Before making its largest buy to date The 24th of February 2021 saw the Company shell out over a billion dollars To scoop up 19,42 BTC throughout 2021 micro strategy Spent more than $2.4 billion picking up 53,9 121 BTC in total in 2022 the Company slow down it sat stacking Spending a mere $287 million on a total Of $ 8,19 BTC notably 2022 also so the first And only time that micro strategy has Ever sold any of its BTC holding they Dumped 704 coins on the 22nd of December Which they claim was for tax purposes

Nothing to do with needing some cash for The office Christmas party I'm sure Anyway over the course of 2023 micro Strategy b a stack of 56,600 BTC for a total of over $1.9 billion With some heavy purchases at the end of November and December by this point Micro strategy has now spent more than 5.9 billion And we sitting on a grand total of 9,150 BTC and since the start of this year Micro strategy has continued scooping up Large quantities to the point that it Now owns over 1% of all the BTC in Existence so far in 2024 it spent a Whopping $1.6 billion on a further 2,95 BTC it's total BDC count is now Sitting at a mind melting 24,2 46 who knows maybe more by the time I finish this video and in case you're Wondering if or when micro strategy will Dump all of this BTC and crash its price Sailor has maintained that he never Plans to sell he's explained that there Is no point in swapping a stronger Currency for a weaker one and that Bitcoin is the strongest currency out There these are truly staggering Statistics and while the average person Will be looking to scrape enough Satoshi Together to stack one full Bitcoin micro Strategy is raking them up at a

Unprecedented rate but with the company Never selling BTC not even for a profit How exactly are these buys being Funded well while most of micro Strategies initial Bitcoin buy was Funded by converting the company's cash Reserve into BTC there have been a few Other ways that sailor has used along The way to help the company fill its Bags faster one method has been the use Of collateralized loans in case you're Not familiar with what this means it's When an asset is put down as collateral So that you can borrow against it Usually the amount you put down is more Than the amount you're allowed to borrow One example of saor using this method Was in April 2022 when micro strategy Actually borrowed against this BTC to Buy a further 190 Million worth this Isn't the only time that the company has Borrowed money to buy more BTC either in March 20122 it took out a $25 million Loan with the now def Bank silvergate Unfortunately silvergate went under just A few months later following the Collapse of FTX in November 22 22 making It one of the first casualties of the 2023 US banking crisis anyway there were Naturally some concerns that silvergate Collapse would cause some serious damage To micro strategy but the company Clarified that it BDC collateral wasn't Custodi with the bank and that it was in

No way financially linked to silvergate Other than V commitment to repay the Loans in 2025 more recently another m micro Strategy has been using is the issuing Of convertible debt notes convertible Notes which can be exchanged for shares When the stock hits a predetermined Level offers companies an option to Raise Capital at a lower interest rate Than regular bonds without the risk of Immediately diluting shareholders as Stock offerings do this allows micro Strategy to pull in millions of dollars Over a short period of time which they Make clear and I quote will be used to To acquire additional Bitcoin for General Corporate purposes and with the Company having already spent over a Billion dollars in q1 of 2024 this year is set to be micro Strategy's biggest for BTC accumulation Assuming the pace continues of course And it's all well and good while BTC Continues to test new all-time highs and The bll market continues to gather steam But remember nothing goes up forever Eventually there will be more red than Green which makes you wonder at what Point does it all Begin to Fall Apart if it wasn't already obvious micro Strategy success is heavily correlated With how well Bitcoin is doing while BTC Continues to Rally MST stock will follow

Suit recall that mstr has actually been Outperforming BTC and this is likely Because micro strategy ax is a sort of Leveraged Bitcoin play but without the Management fee that are seen with the Spot Bitcoin ETFs put differently it Offers an alternative to the ETFs and we All know how well they've been doing the Thing is this demand for mstr is pretty Much dependent on the demand for Bitcoin If bitcoin's demand was to fade away and Btc's price was to crash this will not Only reduce the value of micro strategy Reserve fund but also mst's price and News flash at some point BTC will crash I know that we don't want to hear it Right now but eventually the bare Market Will come back and btc's price will Tumble that's just the nature of the Beast guys but if you're concerned about The liquidation risks micro strategy Could face if BDC were to suddenly crash In price then the good news is that it Should remain very much unaffected That's because despite having gaed a Whole bunch of BTC over the years Throughout bored funds the company Revealed in an earnings call for q1 of This year that their Holdings are now Mostly free from any risk during the Call on the 6th of February the Chief Financial Officer Andrew K clarified That over 90% of BDC being held at the Company is now unencumbered and

Unrestricted in other words it's no Longer being tied down by debt meaning There's no real chance of micro strategy Facing a margin call and having to sell Its BTC Holdings else facing Bankruptcy and with sailor hands being Made of some of the toughest diamonds Out there a simple hdle strategy will Mean the value of the company's reserves Won't have actually changed to be clear That's because it's highly unlikely that Sailor is measuring his company's assets In fat value rather he'll probably be Measuring them in its value by BTC and Unless there's any selling this won't Have changed but to go back to those ETFs for just a moment micro strategy Appeal for a really long time was it Giving Bitcoin exposure to ordinary Retail investors who didn't directly Want to hold asset as in also the case With the ETFs themselves the difference Here is that the ETFs would charge you a Small percentage management fee whereas MST stock worked just like any other Stock on the market the thing is in the Last few weeks some ETF companies like Vanek have dropped their fees to zero This means that rather than using micro Strategy as a sort of Bitcoin proxy Investors can now add Bitcoin pseudo Directly to their portfolios via an ETF Position this could quickly become a Problem because as much of an advocate

Michael sailor is for Bitcoin the use Case for MST stock has suddenly become a Lot less Clearcut that being said micro strategy Does hold a competitive balance of see On its balance sheet when compared to The ETFs for reference black Rock's Holdings sit at 239,240 more than micro strategy which In the grand scheme of things isn't that Much of a difference what this means is That micro strategy's position should Remain strong and it could even go on to Support btc's price along with the rest Of the crypto Market that brings us to How micro strategy could impact the Crypto Market going forward and to Understand how the future could play out Let's quickly remind ourselves of the Past recall that back in 2020 micro Strategy had made headlines as it Adopted BTC as its primary Reserve asset Other institutions caught wind of this And followed suit as it turned out this Was the perfect Catalyst for a crazy Upward movement that we saw in the last Ball Market in today's environment Bitcoin is mainly benefiting from those Spot Bitcoin ETF flows and Bitcoin is More readily available to an entirely New wave of Investors however the ETFs aren't the Only thing supporting btc's price Perhaps it's due to the hype that the

ETFs have generated but people seem to Forget that micro strategy has also been A big part of the overall picture and With the company starting strong in 2024 it will be fascinating to see just How much money it spends on adding yet More BTC to its stockpile after all this Will mean that btc's price will only see More and more support as the year goes On not only this but now that Michael Sailor has stepped into the executive Chairman position to focus on raising Bitcoin adoption and awareness a fresh Wave of investors are about to hear for The first time why Bitcoin is so awesome And honestly it's hard to think of Anyone more bullish on bitcoin than Michael sailor is if he can continue to Spread the word we could see a repeat of The past where other institutional Investors begin to learn the value of BTC as a digital asset if they begin to Adopt it in a similar way this would be Rocket fuel for btc's price and as btc's Price goes up so too will MST our stock Value this will naturally draw more Attention to micro strategy itself which Will only put sailor more in the media Spotlight giving him the opportunity to Preach the power of Bitcoin to even more People as micro strategy continues to Buy up as much BTC as it possibly can This will reduce the overall liquid Supply of BTC assuming of course that

Micro strategy really does plan on never Selling this means that in theory Bitcoin is now more scarce than it ever Has been and BTC is only going to become More difficult to get a hold of Differently more demand plus reduced Supply equals number go up and the more Value there is in micro strategies Reserves the more can be borrowed Against them to buy even more BTC and so On and so on honestly it kind of feels Like saor has been given the cheat code To the unlimited money glitch so with All that said and done micro strategy Stands to support Bitcoin more than People may think and it will be Interesting to to see just how much of An impact the company will have on Bitcoin adoption as the bull market Continues St sailor's mission to convert The world may only just be Beginning and that's all for today's Video folks so if you found it Insightful let us know by Smashing that Like button if you want to see some more Educational crypto content subscribe to The channel and ping that notification Bell if you want to help others gain Some insight into this this particular Topic consider sharing the video with Them if you want some of the hottest Crypto tips delivered straight to your Inbox why not sign up to our free Weekly Newsletter and if you'd like to join our

Fast growing Community then good news The coin buau now has a Discord server With a growing community of our fans and Supporters the invite link can be found Down below well thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you next time this Is Jessica signing off [Music]


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