This 2023 Crypto Conference is About to be EPIC… 🏝️

Basically you know block down Festival It's it's the intersection of web3 and Culture so music Sports Arts Entertainment fashion today I interview The founder of an awesome conference in Portugal called lockdown and discuss Just how unique this web 3 Festival will Be now my brother and I are speaking so If you want to come support us just for You use code altcoin daily50 for 50 off Your ticket and before we talk about Speakers before we talk about the music The After parties Aaron what is the Block down conference so first things First you fell down at the first hurdle It's not a conference it's a festival Okay so remember that it's plug down Festival it's the anti-conference Actually and we'll talk about that Concept in a minute so um yeah firstly I Can't wait to have you guys um join us In Portugal this summer Um so actually block down has been Around for eight this is actually our Eighth event Um so you're probably wondering why is It called blocked out right we all want The price to go up was it why is it Going down but we actually we actually Launched it during the lockdown period It um so it was like a blockchain Lockdown block down and I with my my Agency eak digital which is a web 3 PR Marketing and events agency we were

Organizing Istanbul blockchain week back In the 2019 uh for the 2020 Edition and Obviously we all know what happened in 2020 it was his awful pandemic and we Actually had to cancel the event which Really sucked it was our first IRL event As an agency and you know all of us we Had to put our sponsors back like the Hotel was being really difficult with The money and so uh I was kind of like Left holding the bag you know I was Wondering well what should I do you know We had a great lineup we had the likes Of like CZ you know Charles hoskinson And it just went on and on I was like And we and we even had Akon I think you Guys might remember back in the day and So we were just like well we can't just Like let this all this work you know go To go to go to the floor and so Um I was just like you know what let's Just do the first live ever virtual Crypto conference and this was literally The first Little Live crypto conference I was scrambling around how did you do a Live conference I was asking uh some Some influences that I've done them Before and and they obviously told me Like don't do it like don't do it live Just just just pre-record it put it on Stream yard and say it's live and I was Like no we need to do this properly you Know we created a whole metaverse Experience a block down Festival uh

Metaverse where people could dress up as Their favorite you know uh crypto Characters or culture like you know with The Doge or a spacesuit so just to just To kind of keep that kind of Happy live during the pandemic you know Because we were all like struggling Every time we look to the news and um Yeah you know we did it in April we had Like metaverse parties metaverse boat Parties even it was it was pretty Incredible metaverse um you know um Round tables and then this just went on And on and on and I think you might Remember you and I think some of your Friends influencer friends were involved In some of the events and um you know we Had like yeah like I said like CZ Charles Hoskins said I mean gun from Avalanche um you know Sergey nazarov Like the list just went on and on um you Know acon the mayor of Miami and and it Was just crazy and and it was honestly For me it was amazing because it really Enabled me to take my mind off the Pandemic and we and so that's really key To our DNA of what blockdown's about and When obviously covert disappeared um and We could actually bring the event to Real life we're like okay so how should We do this because we don't want to be Another conference like we actually were Bought we were actually our DNA our core Values is to have a good time not just

Like you know keep it boring which a lot Of these conferences are and then me Personally I'm a nomad so I've been Going to events since I was like 60 is Like just jumping from event and I think We've met a few of them as well and I I Got sick of the same old like you know Just if there's a stage there's Exhibition That's right and then you know so when They're 2021 you know create our economy Really started blowing up with nfts and Everything now I just said to me and my Team like look we we need our events to To evolve just like the space has Because otherwise these creatives that Have come in are not going to want to Come to the events they might lose Interest in the industry especially in Bear markets like this Um where you know they go to events and They just focused on the tackle just Focus on you know um like the law or the Regulations it's kind of boring to like The average average person or also Creative and so block down Festival was Formed and we bought it to life last Year in Croatia which was amazing Um you know we had a very a special Resort that had like a different realm So we had like a bullish Beach Club a Mystical Forest we had a fortress that Overlooked the whole town we did a big Debate and then a party in

Um but basically you know block down Festival it's it's the intersection of Web3 and culture so music Sports Arts Entertainment fashion you know who isn't Interested in those things and I think Ultimately we need to have events like This in the industry that are also so You know Um easy for the kind of Normie shall we Say to come in and actually enjoy and Actually get get to grips with with web3 And tools and the tooling Um whilst at the same time Um putting on a an event that still Brings like you know serious projects Serious speakers serious Brands involved And so we chose Portugal this year Because you know Portugal is a massive Crypto Hub and um yeah you know it's Happening in six weeks time now actually So really excited for it so established Conference Aaron and I are speaking There will be there This year I know you guys are getting Bigger and better than Croatia what Specific events can my audience look Forward to for those attending Yeah so I mean Where Do We Begin so um You know let's let's start on the on the Music side so we have a web free music Takeover stage happening in The Secret Garden which we're bringing in eight Um successful web3 music artists who's Going to come in perform and also speak

Obviously about how music's disrupts in The industry that's going to be awesome You know you can have a beer you can Listen to you can find new artists you Can you know find new Talent which I Think is awesome Um and we're also speaking to the likes Of Sony Music as well as one and music Group about their involvement in this And I think it's really important to Have that Because you you know conferences Especially crypto ones it's an echo Chamber right it's we all believe in it Like we we also need to bring in the Other side uh the web two guys how are They going to adapt to this and and how Does that challenge what we think and so I think that's going to make really Interesting debate also if we move over To the fashion we have a metaverse Fashion show like actually a real life Metaverse fashion show with metaverse Inspired fashion models fashion houses I'm gonna have a catwalk on the main Stage which is gonna be pretty cool I Think Um and uh obviously we'll be streaming That in the metaverse too we have this Fashion AI hackathon um you know AI is Obviously all the hype right now and met Actually our strategic partner is a Metaverse fashion Council and they've Built this style Ai and you're like well

What's that and well basically you can Prompt this AI live on stage and it will Create a fashion garment you know Obviously digital fashion um and garment Item behind you and so we're going to Have this like Americans got talent Style judging with like some expert Fashion judges from the metaverse Fashion Council and everyone can join in By the way and and register for that and Watch Um and there's going to competition Involved so that's cool obviously we've Got the usual you know Keynotes and Speakers and things of that nature but As it's a festival you don't need if you If you don't feel like it you don't need To do that there's plenty of other Things going on you know there's we're Going to have music throughout the whole Day we're going to have our live art Throughout the whole day another thing Is the nft gallery you know most events Nft Gallery is just dead right they're Just there and you see it for two Seconds the same thing like we wanted to Make a collaborative space so instead Our nft gallery has like a lineup like You'd expect at a festival you know so Like you have a digital fashion designer For one or two hours she or he will Display their items they'll be there They can do they'll do a q a you get to Meet the artist you know what inspired

Them how do we work together and then Every two hours we'll swap it around We'll stop it we're almost around to be A new artist whether it's fashion or art Or whatever it might be and so that Basically people will always come back To that immersive space and I think That's a really much better Vibe than Just like you know here's a random nft That stays static and the artist's not Even there for two hours you know Um and then look on top of that that we Chose the Algarve and you a lot of Events in Portugal and Lisbon but we Chose the Algarve because it's very very Beautiful we wanted to we always loved Doing block down in beautiful places we Want to feel like people are on holiday We want people to let their guard down I Want people to have a good time it's Like laid back networking you know but Where everyone around you is a potential Business partner and so we have uh board Eight yacht party heading out on the First day which is epic it's gonna be The first ever European board party so Really excited to bring that community In obviously to the event do I need to Own a board ape to attend No I'll be there No no you're done which is good the the The board eight people can you know have A like a better experience perhaps but

Like still The board apes are doing two parties They're doing a closing party which is Absolutely everyone and then for the Yacht obviously we're kind of limited on Numbers so we'll just need to see how Many we can get on board but we could do Our best we have we have we have cave Tours we have barbecue on the beach Um which is going to be really fun Obviously we have a private beach for That and then you know we're going to Have gaming tournaments web through Gaming tournaments as well and basically We've chose this venue which is the Largest outdoor entertainment space in Portugal period And basically it's an It's a nightclub but 80 of it is outside And so we're able to bring to life Different areas Um based on the different themes and you Know you're basically going to feel like You know you're you're a real life Festival you know but everyone there's Into crypto and You know that sounds pretty awesome to Me dude this truly does sound more of Like a festival Vibe than a conference Which is pretty cool Yo how can my audience get involved There's a coupon code I want to let you Come on the channel without some sort of Coupon code for the audience Yeah so look firstly you know as you

Know as a web 3 Festival we want to Collaborate with really cool creative People creative minds creative artists So anyone who's listening to this that Is an artist a musician a fashion Designer a gamer it could be anything That has any idea about how we can make The event even better even bigger even More exciting especially interactive That's what we want you know we want People to be able to do things not just One-way interaction then get in touch With us yeah contact Is our email address and for your just For your viewers Austin we have a Special 50 of all coin daily discount Codes that's altcoin daily 50. if you go To our website an event right just hit All coin daily50 that'll give you 50 off All the ticket types Um and yeah we'd love to see you guys There and I believe that you'll be doing A a giveaway on your on your Twitter Handle uh absolutely retweet and a like Then I think you know they've got a Chance to win free tickets too so a few Lucky people will get free tickets Everybody else we get the discount code Um dude there's there's so much more we Could get into let's just do like final Thoughts because I want to leave it up To the audience to check out it for Themselves but just final thoughts on This Festival

Final thoughts well something I just Didn't mention is that the big brands That we have coming so I'm just wanting To just touch on that so we have McLaren Formula One racing which is you know They they did aft job recently and They've been exploring the metaverse and I think that's really interesting to Have them there we have PSG which is Paris and German one of the largest Soccer clubs head of web 3 and metaverse Coming in doing a keynote speech and we Have a ton of big fashion brands uh one Of them is called black Paris who's Coming a luxury fashion brand we've done Lots in web3 and I think it's really Important to get there Input into what's happening at the end Of the day these layer ones these Metaverse these nft projects they all Want to work with Brands and right now Because that's where the uses are Especially in this in this in the spirit Market and so Um we actually you know made a big Effort to bring those brands in and There'll be more too but make no mistake We're a web free Festival you know me I've been around space for a long time That's where my heart lies but at the Same time I think it's important to hear Both sides and get them involved and so Final thoughts on the festival look we Know it's a bear Market we know it's

Tough for everyone right now uh that's Included But ultimately you know the the Work that we do together now the Relationships that we can form now at Events like block down Festival can make A huge difference like when the bull Market's back so let's let's go to block Down let's have fun together you know Let's build together and try and Experience something a crypto event or a Web 3 event that you haven't experienced Before and you know you can meet me in Austin there


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