They Are Making Millions!! How Can THIS Trading Be Legal??

It's one of the most shocking stories to Come from Capitol Hill members of Congress average age 204 have been Making millions of dollars from Trading Stocks using Insider information not Available to us plebs they cashed in on The 2008 financial meltdown and more Recently have been reaping profits from The coid pandemic indeed some Politicians like house Speaker Nancy Pelosi have become so good at picking Stocks that people have made Bank just From copying her Trades this video will reveal the Shocking truth about Congressional Insider trading so let's get stuck In now first of all it's utterly Bonkers That for most of us history members of Congress and their Close Associates have Been able to buy and trade stocks given They often have access to privileged Information that could influence the Markets I mean it's like the referee Being being able to bet on a football Match or allowing Sam bankman freed to Be the banker in a game of Monopoly Utterly utterly foolish politicians are Meant to serve the people and act in the Best interest of the electorate even the Perception of corruption can severely Undermine public trust in government When that trust is eroded the ensuing Negative consequences can be Far-reaching straining the bonds that

Hold Society together If people don't trust their government Things can quickly get Ugly now a key date in this story is the 4th of April 2012 that's when President Obama signed into law the stop trading On Congressional knowledge or stock act The law quote prohibits the use of Non-public information for private Profit including insider trading by Members of Congress and other government Employees but let's backtrack for a Moment the stock act didn't just appear Out of thin air of course a 2011 episode Of cbs's 60 Minutes blew the story wide Open the show revealed that although it Was illegal for Wall Street insiders to Engage in insider trading that is using Privileged information not available to The public to enrich themselves the same Rules didn't apply to Congress Conveniently these rules were crafted by Lawmakers themselves and one of the most Infuriating facts revealed at that time Was that politicians were quote getting Out of the market before the rest of America knew what was going on the Episode also detailed a host of immoral But not necessarily illegal practices by Politicians including the aforementioned Nancy Pelosi which resulted in them Netting large profits from trades and Business dealings the furor surrounding These Revelations led to the passing of

The stock act however while the Legislation sounds good in theory it's Not effectively resolved the issue in Practice in fact it doesn't ban Politicians from trading it merely Requires them to disclose trades Exceeding $1,000 within 45 days of the transaction So then how have these wly politicians Responded well they typically wait till The deadline to report those Transactions or they simply miss the Deadline a Business Insider article Dated January of this year and which I'll leave link to below names and Shames offenders who recently missed Their deadlines in total 78 members of Congress are outed from both sides of The aisle including prominent Politicians like Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein and Republican senator Rand Paul their Investments range from Thousands to millions of dollars and Their delays can span months several Lawmakers have been buying up crypto Assets of various levels of quality too The Republican Madison corthorn for Instance is named in the piece for Delaying reporting of his purchases of The anti-president Biden shitcoin called Let's go Brandon you'll have to d y r if You want to go down that rabbit hole Anyway at this point you must be Thinking surely if these politicians

Miss this deadline then they're in a lot Of trouble right the public deserves Transparency and lawmakers should be Held to account well you'd be wrong when People write the rules that they're Bound by they tend to be well lenient AF The penalty for missing the deadline is A mere $200 that's right a laughably low number Especially when you realize these Politicians are making trades worth Hundreds of thousands of dollars or in In the case of Republican Pat Fallon $17.5 million $200 is what some of these Goons spend on wine at lunch and to make Matters worse there are no public Records confirming whether these Officials ever even paid the fines but Even when politicians do report their Stock purchases in a timely manner big Ethical issues remain often members of Congress maintain stocks in companies Directly related to the work which can Create conflicts of interest last year The New York Times found that between 2019 and 2021 97 members of Congress Reported trades in companies influenced By their committees this is frankly Outrageous when you're working on a Committee you're bound to have access to Privileged information that can give you An edge over other investers it's only Logical so what happens when these Politicians are confronted about these

Dodgy trades well conveniently for them Trades tend to be carried out by their Brokers or close family members so when They're asked about it they can just Shrug and use the time and tested Shaggy Defense ah what a tune now thankfully America is still a democracy and some Cases of insider trading are just too Big to ignore the most egregious case in Recent years was in January 2020 when Several Senators attended Ed a closed Senate meeting and learned about the Magnitude of the co9 pandemic and its Likely impact on the US what did they do Surely they dropped everything and Worked tirelessly to help their Constituents and their country brace for That impact nope instead they contacted Their Brokers and sold a ton of stocks Or bought stocks in pharmaceutical Companies when the stock market crashed On the 20th of February 2020 and Ordinary People saw their wealth plummet Some politicians were laughing all the Way to the bank Republican Senators Richard Burr and Kelly ller and Democrat Diane Feinstein were particularly Misbehaved Burr who was chair of the Senate intelligence committee sold stock Valued between $628,000 and $1.7 million through 33 Transactions before the market crashed Lla meanwhile along with our husband who As luck would have it was chairman of

The New York Stock Exchange made 27 Transactions to sell stock worth between 1.27 million and $3.1 million before the Crash meanwhile Diane's hubby sold Millions of dollars of stock before the Crash too who knew Pillow Talk could be So damn lucrative now look they all Might be telling the truth on this their Spouses or stock Brokers might be Exceptionally skilled or might have Gotten lucky who knows I mean it's Incredibly unlikely but without proof of Intent insider trading is nearly Impossible to establish and herein lies The problem as John Reed Stark former Head of the office of Internet Enforcement at the Securities Exchange Commission told CNBC quote it is Incredibly difficult to prove intent Without some Smoking Gun of Epic Proportions like an email that says hey We're going to manipulate this stock This week let's all get the gang Together politicians can be shyers but They're usually not Fools usually so you're unlikely to find Such Paper Trails instead spectacularly Underfunded journalists and their ilk Sift through official documents looking At stock filings by politicians and Their close relatives and flag anything Suspicious and then there is some furor The odd question at a press conference That might fluster a politician before

The new cycle moves on and the topic is All but forgotten none of the Politicians I just mentioned faced any Sanctions sorry to interrupt you folks But I have to let you know about the Coin Bureau deals page now my team and I Have been able to pull together some of The best promos and discounts in the Crypto space we're talking trading fee Discounts of over 50% thousands of Dollars in bonus airdrops amazing deals At top exchanges reduced prices on Hardware wallets and much much more Besides so just go to Deals Also linked to below and find the promo Suited to you enjoy the rest of the Video but with one politician Accusations of insider trading seem to Be harder to scrub off than glitter After a 3-day Bender at glastenbury the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is synonymous With allegations of congressional Insider trading and she was of course Among those accused of wrongdoing in the 60 Minutes documentary referenced Earlier since the implementation of the Stock ACT people have been able to track Stock purchases made by Nancy and her Husband Paul a venture capitalist and Guess what the pair just so happened to Be some of the most successful traders In history together they've accured $120 Million according to estimates made last Year Nancy might be congress's top

Earner with a congressional salary of $223 12,000 per year but it's in stocks Where she really cleans up her estimated Net worth skyrocketed at the onset of The Great Recession going from $31.44 Million in 2008 to $11.1 million in 2010 A 220% increase at a time when the S&P 500 decreased by 133% Nancy 2 made Millions during the years of the co 19 Pandemic I guess where Ordinary People See risks others see great opportunity Now her trading successes have become so Ridiculous that they've spawned a Cottage industry of people tracking and Copying her trades in a bid to beat the Market thanks in no small part to Nancy Shenanigans politicians are now Perceived to be so good at picking Stocks that investment firm subversive Capital Advisors rolled out two actively Managed T FS that base their Investments On the financial disclosures of Democrat And Republican lawmakers as well as Those of their families now I must say It rather amused me to find out that the Ticker for the ETF based on Democratic Lawmakers is Nance while that of the Republicans is Cruz for Ted Cruz you may Have a boring name subversive Capital Advisors but I like your style Nonetheless anyway back to Nancy Unsurprisingly she's been challenged Multiple times about whether her Husband's profitable trades are in some

Way connected to her of course she Denies it meanwhile until recently she's Been forcefully resisting efforts to Stop lawmakers from Trading stocks in 2021 she argued the case for politicians And their families buying stocks because Quote we are a free market economy we Are a free market economy that should be Able to participate in that ah a free Market economy that defense was so weak That Trevor Noah and The Daily Show Picked up on it in their skit called Corruption American style in it thinly Veiled African dictators are learning Corruption techniques from the United States a link to the full skit is in the Description below for now here's a Teaser in America if you say the word Free markets you can't do anything okay So far this video has been pretty Scathing of politicians but I must Emphasize two points though firstly not All politician are involved and secondly There do seem to be signs of improvement On the first point not all politicians Who invest in stocks do particularly Well in fact a study by Dartmouth College showed that stocks bought by Members of Congress reported between 2012 and 2020 did not on average perform Any better or worse than similar stocks The authors emphasized that this doesn't Necessarily mean insider trading isn't Happening but if it is it's perhaps not

As WI spread or impactful as some might Fear when you realize that politicians On average outperformed the S&P 500 by 10% on an annual risk adjusted basis in The years before the 2012 stock act it Suggests that the legislation has had a Far-reaching impact that said as this Video has hopefully shown you the Potential for insider trading remains High in Congress and more stringent Measures need to be taken to eradicate The Scourge luckily there are some Efforts in that direction back in July a Bipartisan bill called the ban stock Trading for government officials Act was Proposed by Senators Kiren gillibrand And Josh Hy if passed the proposed Legislation would Flatout ban stock Trading for high-ranking government Folks including Congress members the President and other top execs in the Executive branch along with their Families unlike the Old Law this new Bill doesn't let anyone Off The Hook by Using blind trusts which are trusts Managed by an independent third party And which the beneficiary officially has No knowledge of or influence over Politicians would still be able to own Mutual funds and index funds but they Wouldn't be able to trade in specific Stocks punishments for flouting the rule Would include fines of at least 10% of The value of the prohibited Investments

Meanwhile employees of the executive Branch would have to Forfeit their stock Profits and face fines of $10,000 or More whichever is greater does it go far Enough maybe not but it's a positive Development not withstanding and another Positive development is the fact that After months of resistance the pressure Seems finally to have gotten to Nancy in February of last year she signaled her Backing for the ban but argued that US Supreme Court Justices should be Included too fair enough unfortunately There's no word yet on when the bill Might get a committee review or a full Senate debate in other words for the Time being it's stalled if it does go Through though it will Delight the Public two recent surveys one by morning Consult and Politico and another by the University of Maryland showed that a Strong majority of people favor a ban on Politicians trading stocks in individual Companies so dear Senators give the People what they Want and that concludes today's video There's so much more to this topic and As ever I've included a list of useful Resources in the description below in Case you want to learn more about it all Before you leave let us know what you Think though should elected officials be Allowed to buy stocks if so should there Be limits on what they can buy and when

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