“They Are Lying To You!” – The SCARY Truth About Pepe Coin

There is a scary reality a hidden agenda Happening today with pepecoin the crypto Market and this meme coin Mania you see The two questions I started out with Number one who are the biggest toddlers Of Pepe coin and then looking at the On-chain data who are the individuals Actually making the money and just to Clue everybody in on what Pepe is Pepe Coin it's a meme coin as they call Themselves on Twitter the most memeable Meme coin in existence the coin actually Launched a few weeks ago with little Fanfare on April 17th and while it's Based on the Pepe the Frog meme it has No official connection to Matt Fury the Artist behind the original cartoon on Top of that pepecoin does not take Themselves too seriously it leans Further into the joke Realm by having a Maximum circulating supply of 420 Trillion 6 900 billion and looking at The latest data from today Pepe is not Only currently a top 50 coin but also Now the fifth highest crypto by 24 hour Volume now most crypto channels will Stop there they'll give you the hype They'll feed you what you want to hear But again my question who's actually Making the money ethereum gas fees surge To a 12-month high as Pepe frenzy grips The market so let's start with eth Because the power of Pepe which is an Erc20 ethereum based token is so much

Bigger than just one coin because Pepe Coin is actually affecting the entire Market for reference one way is equal to A billionth of one ethereum and the more Congested ethereum gets the more gray it Costs per transaction and looking at the Last seven days ethereum holders are Actually loving this over 31.7 000 ethereum have been burned in the Past seven days to put that into Perspective since the ethereum urge About 231 days ago go a total of 152 000 Ethereum have been burned so what Pepe Has burned compared to the total that's Around 21 of the total burn and around Three percent of the total days the Power of meme coins so because a little Bit of ethereum is burned with every Single eth transaction if enough Transactions occur on chain then eth Becomes deflationary the longer meme Coin season lasts the more ethereum is Burned even if you hate meme coins it's Positively affecting your eatbacks and Again like always on this channel let me Prove it to you let me share with you The actual charts so looking originally The 30-day Supply decrease for ethereum Was around 0.78 percent that was before Meme season began so before Pepe in a 30-day time frame the ethereum supply Was decreasing by less than one percent Now compare that to when meme season Started

Inherit to the meme season which started About a week ago you can see the supply Would decrease by 1.5 percent meme Season actually increased the burn rate By 2x so the longer meme season lasts The more eth will be burned and now Looking at the live chart today we can See the eth supply over the last seven Days is actually going down 2.1 percent Meaning Pepe meaning meme coins are Destroying ethereum in a good way so Indirectly etholders are making money Indirectly but directly who's actually Profiting the most I downloaded over Four hundred and thirteen thousand Pepe Uniswap transactions from Dune analytics This is on-chain data pulled together by Alex of proprietary trading firm Scimitar capital and what he found was Actually shocking if this post gets over 400 likes I will share some market Analysis and look into the top Pepe Traders and their profit and loss p l District abusions there were over 122 000 distinct wallets with Jared from Subway.eth accounting for over four Percent of the transactions obviously That's not the real Jared from Subway It's somebody calling themselves that on Their eth wallet and ethereum feasts Spike as Bots spend Millions to Front-run punters meaning sellers of Pepe and other meme coins an entity Connected to a wallet named Jared from

Subway.eath is sandwiching crypto Traders so this actually started a mere Few days after Pepe launched and this Hasn't really stopped a sandwich attack Traps the user's transaction between two Transactions which is then further Manipulated to gain profits this is done By front running the victims trade by Buying the same asset and then selling Tokens to the victim in the same trade For a slightly higher price meaning Jared from subway.eath and other Sandwich attackers would see an order go Up they would then use Bots to front-run That transaction buy the asset first and Then sell it back to you thus skimming a Profit Sandwich attackers aren't typically a Form of exploit but are looked upon in Crypto circles as a type of predatory Behavior which skims value from users Leads to a spike in gas fees and doesn't Benefit either the network or the user Yes they're predatory they're skimmers And while the victims may not notice it The sandwich Bots gains can run into the Millions of dollars as they target Thousands of wallets and skim a few Dollars from each and for Pepe holders The wallet named Jared from subway.eath A likely nod to the popular sandwich Chain has spent over two million dollars In the past week on ethereum network Fees trying to sandwich Traders punting

Selling meme coins and again this Article came out weeks ago days after Pepe launched meaning insiders new Insiders ready and now today looking Just in this last week there were over 122 000 distinct wallets with a Jared from Subway.eath accounting for over four Percent of the transactions still Sandwiching and the top five to six Pepe Wallets listed here are all Mev Bots That perform sandwich attacks or provide Jit liquidity and who are the top wallet Addresses for Pepe and who is making the Money well unsurprisingly most of the Profit and loss eighty percent is Asymmetrically accrued to the swappers In the first week meaning eighty percent Of the money those made eighty percent Of the people that actually took profits Are insiders or lucky people who got in Early that first week looking Specifically at who made money this week Zooming in on the realized profit and Losses graph people who bought Pepe for The first time in the past week have Realized only around 10 million dollars Of profit and loss a smidgen of what is Out there perhaps this is why not many Are euphoric about Pepe on their Timeline only the early buyers have made Real money at least the early buyers are The only ones the majority of people who Have actually cashed out thus far I'm

Not saying newer people didn't make Money but what the data is showing us is That the new people have yet to realize Those gains and any mass and let's dig Even deeper and look at the whale Wallets who are the top Pepe holders Today well with over 100 000 individual Wallets or individual huddlers with the Top 10 Pepe holders owning over 26 Percent of the supply so 10 people own Over 26 percent the top 20 holders own About a third the top 50 holders own About four tenths so not that Decentralized actually I would say Pretty centralized but that's nothing New for me that's exactly what you Should expect with a meme coin that just Launched so just understand that if Slash when any of these whales do decide They want to sell or take profits that Is going to be sell pressure on the Price and then now looking at the top 100 richest Pepe addresses we can see Just looking at the top 10 it's actually The exchanges that own six of the top 10 Richest addresses and then it's for Unknown non-affiliated whale addresses That are the others in the top ten so This is why Pepe today is dropping we Had a bit of a blow off top according to The data it's those early investors that Sold into that top and while I have no Clue I have no clue what the price is Going to do tomorrow or the next day I

Am not a registered financial advisor Nor can I see the future here my Prediction is newer investors are Chasing it and buying the bag of the Older investors and by the way you could Say that about anything actually any Investable asset newer investors are Buying the bags of the older investors With Bitcoin with Apple stock with gold Etc but rule number one for investing in Meme coins don't be the last to sell and Especially don't beat the last to buy Meaning that the party ends at midnight But there's not a clock on the wall also Please be aware that binance exchange Who recently just listed Pepe did Issue A major warning which not many people Picked up on it's worth noting that even Binance urged caution saying please note That the token has no utility and it is Created by an anonymous team also there Are signs that certain insiders or team Members were able to buy seven percent Of the total token Supply minutes after Tge the token generation event meaning When the coins become publicly available So while yes you can have fun with meme Coins yes you can potentially make a Little money May maybe investing in meme Coins please understand that Meme coins Are a form of gambling and do not invest Any money that you're not willing to Light on fire and lose immediately be Sure to click subscribe for daily

Updates keeping you informed about Crypto and join us in person for Bitcoin Conference as well as web3 is a joke in Miami coming up links down below see you Tomorrow


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