These are the Only 6 Credit Cards You Need Forever.

I know there's a lot of credit cards out On the market but don't worry I've gone Ahead and put together the perfect Formula on these six essential credit Cards that can benefit nearly every Single person watching with this lineup You'll have the perfect combination of Maximizing your cash back rewards across A variety of different spending Categories all while keeping that annual Fee low so what I'm gonna do is first go Over what those six credit cards are and Afterwards I'm gonna give you that Secret formula towards the end of the Video on why I chose these combination Of cards and how you can use them in Perfect synchrony starting with card Number one the Capital One saver one Card now this card here is not going to Be the coolest the flashiest or the most Flexiest card on the market but let me Tell you this year's gonna be arguably One of the best beginner credit cards to Exist for the following reasons first of All with a card like this you're going To be earning an unlimited three percent Cash back on dining entertainment and Popular streaming services and also at Grocery stores right now there is a Pretty solid welcome bonus I offer where If you spend 500 in purchases within the First three months from account opening You'll be getting a 200 cash bonus if Your whole goal is to just spend 500 on

This card immediately right off the bat Because of this welcome bonus offer You're getting 40 off on whatever Purchases you made during that period Now the main reason why this card here Is so good it's not the Cash Back Rewards it's not that welcome bonus Offer but it's actually because of their Limited time promotion for their Uber Benefit for every purchase that you make On Uber and ubereats by using this card You'll be getting not five percent back Not seven percent back but you'll be Getting a full 10 cash back until November 14 2024. ladies and gents let me tell you This benefit here is crazy because it is Very rare that you see a credit card Anytime offering you over five percent Cash back I know for me personally I Have been using ubereats a ton and the Fact that if you do sign up for this Card you'll also be getting a free Uber One membership where often times what Usually happens is that when you do Order food delivery sometimes you know If I go to Chipotle the burrito will be Like ten dollars but then through the Uber app it's like 12 automatically and Then I need to tip the driver but by Having this free membership it actually Cuts down on the cost and then you're Getting 10 back on your food and if you Actually want to get the best deal

Possible sometimes if you just order it For pickup you can avoid any additional Fees nowadays A lot of people are Focused more on getting 3x or 4X back on Just eating out but this is one secret Way where you can earn up to ten percent Cash back pair that up with the Capital One travel portal where they have a Price match guarantee so if you ever do Decide to book any travel you're also Going to be getting five percent cash Back on hotels and rental cars booked Through their portal where their portal Literally price matches to any other Hotel within the game so as long as the Hotel is listed on the Travel portal That right there is going to be giving You an additional benefit and all of This comes jam-packed into a card with No annual fee now by the way I would Never recommend anyone who's in the Points of Miles game to ever carry any Kind of credit card balance but I do Know that even within the middle of a Recession sometimes unexpected Financial Circumstances come up with a saver one Card you won't have to worry about Paying interest because you do also get Zero percent intro APR for 15 months From account opening on purchases and Balance transfers ladies and gents by The way I know already mentioned it's no Annual fee but I have to say it again All of those things are included in a

Card that doesn't cost you a single Penny to hold which has made this one of The most underrated beginner credit Cards to exist on the market now if you Are interested in applying for this card I highly recommend that you have a score Of at least 670. even on their website They recommend that you have a credit Level of at least excellent before Applying but I will say this I've seen Some people without the best credit in The world still getting approved for a Beginner card like this now for the Second credit card here on my list it's Going to be the Chase Freedom Flex card Now real quick this here is a no annual Fee card that gives you five percent Cash back on rotating categories for the Approaching Quarter Two of 2023 you're Going to be getting five percent back on Amazon purchases and at Lowe's now the Reason why the Chase Freedom Flex card Is number two on my list is because I Would consider this one of the best Gateway cards to get into the entire Chase ecosystem now Chase has a whole Lineup of other credit cards including The Chase Sapphire prefer the Chase Sapphire Reserve but not only that but a Lot of other co-branded cards they work With now whether it's with Marriott or Some other Hotel Branch or even a just Their lineup of other wealth management Products that go into the JP Morgan line

Chase is one of those Banks where I Highly recommend that you build that Relationship with just because they Offer you so many different products That can become very very valuable not Only that but Chase also has something Called The Ultimate Rewards portal which Makes their points very easy to use pair That up with the fact that if you spend 500 within the first three months of Card ownership you're also going to be Getting 200 cash back and just like the Preview vs Capital One saver one card That we just mentioned you're also going To be getting zero percent intro APR for 15 months so five percent back on a Category that's very easy to use I can't Think of a single person that has never Bought anything from Amazon and on top Of that you're also getting a very solid Welcome bonus offer and because this is A beginner friendly credit card it's Going to be allowing a lot more people To get accepted and approved if you do Decide to apply by the way if you do Want to get approved I highly recommend That you have a score of at least 670 Even though this is considered a no Annual fee beginner credit card you Never want to have a score of under 650 Because I have seen more denials at that Point especially during the time that The economy is a little shaken up now The third card here on my list is going

To be the OG the absolute goat the American Express gold card now look it's No secret that for this past year the Cost of food prices and grocery stores Have all risen in fact even after the Most recent CPI report we're still Getting a count that food inflation is Continuing to go up higher and higher Fortunately for you the American Express Gold card is going to offer you a 120 in Dining credits whenever you dine at some Of the most popular places such as Shake Shack Cheesecake Factory even being able To use it on GrubHub now there's a few More on top of that those are the main Ones but with this card you'll also be Getting 4X back on U.S supermarkets and You'll also be getting 4X back whenever You dine out now although U.S Supermarkets are capped out at twenty Five thousand dollars in purchases per Year you do not have any cap on eating Out at restaurants right now this card Is also going to offer you 60 000 Membership reward points after you spend Four thousand dollars in purchases Within the first six months of card Ownership keep in mind at a one point to One cent Redemption those sixty thousand Points is worth at a minimum six hundred Dollars but if you happen to find a good Travel partner or any type of good deal Which comes and goes you may even be Able to get a Redemption offer of

Anywhere from two cents to one point or Three cents to one point point where it Ends up being not just 600 that you're Getting back in a welcome bonus credit But you're going to be getting 1200 or Even eighteen hundred dollars back this Card is also going to offer you three x Points on flights booked directly with Airlines or on and like I've mentioned before plenty of times by Having the American Express gold card You will also be eligible for the American Express Hotel Collection Program where you open yourself up to Even more benefits and some exclusive Perks that you would get from booking on Their website now because this is a Credit card that has an annual fee of Over 250 dollars per year I would Recommend you to have a credit score of At least 690 and if you have anything Within the 715 to 20 range I think you Have a very solid chance of getting Approved before we get into the fourth Card and before I share with you towards The end of the video on just how all of These cards will come together if you Are interested at all in applying for Any cards or you're just curious on Checking out some of the card offers be Sure to check out my link down below or Scan the QR code on your screen at any Time like all always make sure the Offers are the most competitive one for

You but anytime you do use those links It significantly supports this Channel And allows me to create more Banger Videos just like this for you so the Next card here on my list is actually Going to be another American Express Card which is the American Express Blue Cash preferred so the reason why I Included this here on my list is because First of all not many people understand What this card does who it's meant for And why it would even be viable well Just as good as the American Express Gold card is this card might arguably be Even better so with this credit card Here you'll earn at not five percent Back at US supermarkets but you'll get Six percent back on U.S supermarkets on Up to six thousand dollars per year in Spending plus you'll also be getting six Percent back on select U.S streaming Services you'll also get three percent Back at us gas stations and by the way I Often find that it's hard to find a Credit card to use consistently for Those gas rewards but this would be one Of those too now if you're wondering too Brian will if this card is offering me a Higher cash back reward than the American Express Gold Card which has a 250 annual fee is this going to be more Well this is where it's fascinating this Card is gonna have a zero dollar Introductory annual fee for the first

Year and after that it's only 95 pair That up with the fact that if you do Sign up for this card you're gonna be Getting a welcome bonus for a 250 Statement credit after you spend three Thousand dollars in purchases on your Card within the first six months now I Do want to mention that you are getting Six percent back on U.S supermarkets and You're not getting any bonus on dining Or eating out at restaurants this is one Of the reasons why it's within my Essential credit card list for this Video guys oh man I'm just so excited to Share with you at the end of the video How this all works now by the way if you Do want to get approved for this card I Highly recommend that you have a credit Score of at least 695. moving on the fifth credit card Here on this list is going to be the Brand new built MasterCard now this is a Credit card that I've mentioned a few Times so far on my channel and it's Already gone one of the best credit card Rewards title from many different blogs The reason why this credit card here is So special is just because of the fact That you will now be able to earn money Back on paying for your rent no matter Where you live there were also some Rumors earlier this year just talking About how the build MasterCard might Even allow you to earn points for the

Mortgage that you pay before we talk More about that though the other perks Of this card is that you'll get 3x on Dining 2x on travel and on top of that This car does no annual fee and aside From this card having no annual fee you Also have really good Transfer Partners So it's also won another award for Having some of the best travel Partners In the game where it includes even being Able to move your built points to Airlines such as American Airlines or Even other hotel chains like Hyatt going Back into how the build MasterCard works When paying your rent it's very simple So all you have to do is request a rent Payment via the app and they will mail Your landlord a check now by the way I Know people who are living in the city Or if you're living in LA on the West Coast rent can be very expensive even Here out in the middle of nowhere in the Suburbs of DC here in Maryland my rent At my last apartment for a three bedroom Two bath was four thousand dollars a Month now if you're one of those people That was also paying a lot of money in Rent the built MasterCard allows you to Get a maximum value of 50 000 Points Each calendar year one to one that is Worth five hundred dollars back by Paying for something that you already Need to do anyways stack that with the Fact that built will always cover that

Transaction fee that you're paying to Merchants and also the fact that they Have really good Transfer Partners where Instead of getting a one point to one Cent Redemption it may even be more Common for you to get a 1.2 Cent Redemption or even a one point to three Cent Redemption that means that 500 you Get automatically per year could easily Be worth over a thousand dollars or even Fifteen hundred bucks going to card Number six remember the Chase Freedom Flex card that we mentioned earlier well The next one pairs up very well with That and that is going to be the Chase Sapphire preferred so the Chase app I Preferred is gonna earn you 5x points on Travel booked 3 through their Chase Travel portal you're also going to be Getting 3x ultimate reward points on Restaurants streaming services online Groceries excluding Target Walmart and Wholesale clubs and also you're going to Be getting 2x back on travel purchases Outside of the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal and then 1X back on everything Else now one of the areas that this card Shines a lot is that welcome bonus it Has been consistent for the last five Years and right now it's giving you 60 000 bonus points after you spend four Thousand dollars in purchases within the First three months unlike the AmEx gold Instead of having six months to spend

All that money you only get three months But if you do have your expenses planned Accordingly maybe you need to buy some Furniture or whatnot the four thousand Dollars can be a breeze by getting that You have to realize that the chase Ecosystem of points is very easy to use So if you wanted to travel to a Hyatt Hotel or any domestic partner you'll Find that the 60 000 bonus points can Come in handy and you can get a fair Redemption at most of the time even with The Chase Ultimate Rewards portal Without having to do much work at all You're getting 750 minimum just from Getting the welcome bonus now this here Is what I would consider one of the best Beginner travel credit cards if you are Interested in getting the Chase app I Prefer the credit score I would Recommend that you would have is at Least 700 but let me tell you how all of This now works so why did I pick these Six cards well let me break it down First of all if you're paying rent at Any place you're living the built MasterCard best in the game and that's Going to cover anywhere from 30 to even 40 of your expenses based on statistics On how much the traditional U.S consumer Spends on rent next you're gonna have The American Express Gold Card which Covers your dining your eating out if You're going on a nice little date with

Someone or you know you're just hanging Out with the boys and you need a card to Put down this card is still one of the Best within its category now for me There are some moments I don't want to Eat out I don't want to have to pay like 20 to 30 percent in tip every single Time most times if it's really good Service I tip even more than that if There are nights where I want to stay in I use ubereats pretty often and the Saver one card has been so was so Amazing for this benefit I mentioned Earlier you get the Uber one membership But you also get 10 back and on top of That if you have the American Express Gold Card you're also going to be Getting a 10 credit every single month So that right there pretty much hooks me Up with like a free Chipotle burrito and Then 10 back on anything else now if I'm Grocery shopping which I still need to Do I still need to eat you know what I Think most people need to eat food this Card here is going to be the Blue Cash Preferred it's gonna give me six percent Back it's capped out at a certain point Though so when it does reach that cap Like we mentioned then I would opt in For one of my other cards whether it's The Chase Freedom Flex if it's within The quarterly category or I would then Use the American Express gold card that Still gives me four percent back on my

Food going back into the freedom Flex Card this is gonna offer you five Percent cash back on Amazon and at Lowe's so you know food is all covered Right now even gas is covered with the Blue cash preferred at three percent in This time if I need to buy anything on Amazon I do have the Amazon credit card Too I actually have two different Amazon Credit cards of business and the Personal one but if I didn't have those I would then use the freedom Flex to get Five percent back on my Amazon purchases During this time and because the Chase Ultimate reward portal allows for a Little bit of a boost within those Points I'd be getting anywhere from 6.5 To even seven percent back on shopping At Amazon with this card for the next Three months at the time of filming this Video last but not least the Chase Sapphire preferred it has been my go-to Beginner travel card but if you do want To buff it up if you want to add in a Little bit of that juice I would highly Recommend you to check out the Capital One Venture X Card the reason for that Is because the two other luxury Premier Travel credit cards all have enormous Annual fees that's going to be the American Express Platinum Card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve by the way guys I Recently made a video on why the Capital One Venture X is also considered one of

The most underrated cards within the Arsenal so if you guys want to go ahead And check that video out be sure to do That as well like always if you guys did Enjoy today's video be sure to like And Subscribe and if you're looking to sign Up for any one of the cards that I Mentioned be sure to check out the links Down Below in the description or just Scan that QR code I said this earlier Imma say this every single time make Sure the credit cards that you're Applying for are the best offer for you And like I mentioned if you are applying For a credit card just to get some Credit card debt and then pay it off Over the years don't watch this video Don't apply for a credit card this Content here is meant for people who are Paying off their credit card on time no Negotiation about that paying it off Every single month and then getting Those additional bonuses to travel the World for free or get any other perks And benefits that you get from these Cards also if you want to go ahead and Join my Facebook group of over 30 000 Members be sure to check out the link Down below and I'll send you a free Special access invitation in your email Inbox


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