These 4 Crypto Coins are CHANGING FOREVER! (Binance, Cardano, Polygon)

Cardano ethereum polygon and binance Smart chain are all in the process of Implementing huge protocol upgrades if You hold any of these altcoins you need To watch today's video all crypto Investors need to watch this is while Countries and entities all across the World build the plumbing and Infrastructure for crypto's next leg up See you may think that cryptocurrency is Dead thanks to actions taken from Gary Gensler in the ussec but millions of Dollars are rolling into Blue Chip Investments as we speak in today's video I'm going to tell you why first let me Prove it to you Bitcoin and ethereum are Getting gobbled up swallowed up as cell Pressure declines and accumulation Increases new glass node data reveals That Bitcoin saw net outflows from Exchanges of almost 400 million in just One week this indicates that more Bitcoin left exchanges than enter them Reflecting a reduction in selling Pressure a net outflow suggests that Investors withdraw their Bitcoin from Exchanges potentially moving their Holdings into secure wallets for Long-term storage this trend May signify A growing confidence in bitcoin's Stability and long-term value and Similarly ethereum experienced a net Outflow of almost 1.1 billion in just One week indicating a larger reduction

In selling pressure than Bitcoin this Suggests a more robust reduction in Selling pressure see you may think Crypto is over because of this man do Not be fooled let me show you what's Happening in the world 1.4 trillion Banking giant one of the biggest banks In the world Deutsche Bank files for Crypto custody license first a little Context the remarkable growth of the Crypto Market in recent years has Captured the attention of numerous Non-crypto financial institutions and Banks leading to a wave of mainstream Adoption for digital assets see once Viewed as a niche speculative investment Cryptocurrencies and blockchain Tech are Now being embraced by traditional Financial players seeking to tap into The potential benefits and opportunities They offer in this context the latest Such non-crypto financial institution That is hopping on the crypto bandwagon Is Deutsche Bank German's biggest lender This all according to Bloomberg reported June 20th Deutsche Bank according to Bloomberg reported today Tuesday file an Application to obtain a license for Providing digital asset custody services In addition almost equally as big of News an Institutional crypto exchange Backed by giants like Fidelity Schwab And Citadel launched today this crypto Exchange is called edx and it

Differentiates itself from traditional Crypto exchanges by not directly Catering to retail investors as it Focuses on institutional Traders According to the website edx supports Spot trading activities for only four Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin be cash Litecoin and ethereum as it is not Registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission this Is pretty much par for the course with Traditional Finance they're letting in Accredited investors institutional Investors institutions themselves and at The moment thanks to Gary Gensler only Allowing them to buy and trade Bitcoin Be cash Litecoin and ethereum also par For the course what I expect to see from This institutional crypto exchange or Its subsidiaries what we usually see is After this gets up and running then they Let retail in I'm not saying I like it I'm just saying this is how it usually Goes hey guys if you're like me and You're in crypto because you're Pro-freedom and anti-censorship you Ought to check out Tommy Network Tommy Is an alternative decentralized internet So many cryptos ride the line and they Cave to censorship and stuff like that We became interested in Tommy and we Recently hit them up about being Ambassadors for Tommy Network so they're A decentralized alternative internet

Which is why I like them and they just Launched their Tommy domain name system Tommy DNS so I went and I bought a bunch Of DNS names you can or dot Tommy now technically I'm into them so When you Mint one it goes up for auction For one year and at the end of the Auction when one is finally sold you Collect 25 of the sale so once you mint Others have within one year which just Started today to bid it up and then at The end of one year which started today You collect 25 So I minted Metamask Jimmy Kanye West Verizon to Name a few if any of these get sold for Higher prices at the end of the auction I collect 25 percent because I'm into Them you can pretty much mint any Unclaimed domain for about one hundred Dollars in Tommy or dot Tommy The domain mint just started today so Many unclaimed domains let me know if You meant any this is the correct page To look for unminted domain so if we Search Google you can see Google ones Have already been claimed Unclaimed you can get it if you want or Search for your own ethereum big upgrade On the horizon potentially ethereum Developers consider raising Max Validator limit from 32 ethereum to 2048 ethereum ethereum's core developers Are considering a proposal that suggests

Raising the maximum validator balance From the current 32 ethereum to 2048 Ethereum per validator this proposal Concerns an increase in the maximum Validator stake as the minimum would Remain at 32 East understand this so as It stands ethereum validators are Subject to an effective balance cap set At both the minimum and maximum of 32 Each you can only do 38e that's the Minimum and maximum this forces Large-scale staking operations to spin Up multiple validators if they want to Earn yield on any amount greater than This unsurprisingly this practice has Led to a big increase in the number of Validators there are currently 600 000 Active validators and an additional Ninety thousand awaiting activation in The queue ethereum Foundation Representative explained that raising The cap would slow down the expansion of Active validator set ultimately Improving the Network's efficiency in Terms of achieving finality within a Single ethereum slot what do you think About this the minimum would remain 32 But the maximum would greatly increase What do you think about this polygon Holders let me know what you think of This in the comments below polygon Proposes proof of stake chain to become ZK compatible polygon one of the Primo Scaling solutions to ethereum released a

Pre-proposal discussion post on Tuesday To make its main chain the polygon proof Of stake chain compatible with zero Knowledge ZK technology the upgrade Would make the main chain into a ZK evm Validium meaning that the chain would Still be compatible with the ethereum Virtual machine evm a validium differs Slightly from a ZK roll-up as a validium Uses an off-chain data availability Model polygon currently uses a ZK Roll-up which went live back in March if Approved by the polygon Community the Major upgrade would bring increased Security and make the framework of the Blockchain more future proof according To a blog post argued by polygon Co-founder a big cardano node upgrade Has just went live on the mainnet this Is what you need to understand if you You hold cardano and upgrade to reduce Epoc transitions to make the cardano Blockchain smoother for Network users Was released on Monday by cardano Developers epochs referred to the time Periods on the cardano blockchain a Single Epoch lasts roughly five days Ada Tokens are Stakes during these epochs During which new blocks on the cardano Network are produced upgrade 8.1.1 changes how Epoch calculations are Made in a way that speeds up Network Processes during the change in epochs Yes Gary Gensler and the SEC they have

Deemed cardano a security and unfit for American markets but cardano is global Like much of crypto and they're Continuing to upgrade and get bigger and Better hey if you'll be in Portugal Around the 10th through 12th of July use Our code altcoin daily 50 for 50 off Tickets to block down Festival it's not Just a conference it's an experience It's a festival we'll be speaking there We'll be around I hope to see you there Again use our code 50 off tickets


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