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With Bitcoin coiling up getting ready For its next leg up with Hong Kong Getting ready to launch their spot Bitcoin and their spot ethereum ETFs April 30th as coinbase launches a $15 Million TV ad campaign now is the time To start looking at quality altcoins Again the market is down this is when I Take out my positions so which altcoins Am I looking at let's jump into it keep In mind mind I'm invested in many of These coins sometimes even an early Investor this video is not Financial Advice always make your own decisions Always do your own research but these Are the coins that I'm buying or I'm Bullish on smash the like button guys Let's get this video out there to as Many people as possible comment which Altcoins you want to see in future Videos that you're looking at and send This video to one friend asking you About crypto what do you think about Ethereum ethereum is one of the largest Coins in my portfolio I continue to DCA Eth from a risk reward point of view I Think it's a good buy however I can Already see some of these comments Saying he's an ethereum maxi he ignores Cardano or salana or algr or harar look Guys I like these other chains some of These other chains probably going to Make our list today but do not fade Ethereum and look it's true ethereum is

Going through a tumultuous time right Now the US spot ethereum eum ETFs Probably will not get approved initially Just like the Bitcoin ones did not get Approved initially I do think they will Get approved eventually and not too far In the future combine that with the SEC Serving major ethereum company consensus With a Wells notice alleging that Metamask is operating as an unlicensed Broker dealer consensus suing the SEC Right back however breaking news crypto Firm consensus is suing the US sec over Ethereum regulation asking the court to State that the eth token is not a Security tumultuous times guys Tumultuous times now despite all of the Uncertainty around ethereum I still Think ethereum it's going to be so Obvious in the future looking back Especially just seeing what's going on Ethereum's Supply is decreasing most People do not realize this coinbase Excluded L building on top of ethereum Black Rock exclusively working with Ethereum ethereum makes our list next up Let's go low cap in the shibba enu Ecosystem shibainu incredibly good in a Bull market but if Shinu is too high cap For you perhaps their new coin in the Shinu ecosystem will interest you it's Called treat now this is yet to launch But with 12 million in funding and some Of the biggest backers this is certainly

One to watch mcoin shib raised 12 Million to build privacy focused Blockchain treat investors include enoka Morning Star polygon and more if you Want a meme coin that's out now that I Like Foxy is absolutely killing it I'm Not a fan of meme coins but foxy has the Official support from Linea ethereum Consensus company which now has almost 300 million in tvl foxy backed by Consensus which shows the official Mascot of mascot owned by consensus foxy Is a meme coin I like we like the fox Keep these guys on your radar big news For salana this is incredibly bullish For both ethereum and salana after a Six-year Hiatus stripe which is a Payments platform that processes Hundreds of billions of dollars each Year for businesses of all sizes after a Six-year Hiatus stripe is taking crypto Payments again starting with usdc Stablecoin currently stripe has more Than 2.8 4 million live websites using It with more than 100 companies Processing over 1 billion each via Stripe in 20123 Stripes surpassed 1 Trillion in total payment volume up 25% From 2022 watch this live demo them Using the salana blockchain watch this Is a little preview Patrick's not the Only one who can leak things this is the Stripe check out you know and love and What's this new functionality over here

On the right uh we can pay with crypto These are confirmation page you know we Passed in the email address for the Checkout here we're selecting what chain We want to pay with we're going to pay With salana uh here we're selecting you Know what uh wallet we want to use you Know we could use coinbase wallet or Metamask I'm going to use Phantom for The purposes of this demo so when I pay Here it's going to bring up some UI from Phantom which is uh the crypto wallet That we're using so this is the Phantom UI here this is not stripe UI and you See here we're confirming uh you know We're going to pay with salana the Network fee very cheap you know as we Discussed um Network fees is coming down $99 now again you're probably used to a Crypto transaction You're Expecting uh You know me to bring out another guest Here and you know we'll do A8 minute uh Conver conversation while we wait for The transaction to clear but that is old Crypto uh you're ready for the new Crypto world you have to look very Closely and not blink you Ready oh that tap that's it we're done And that confirmation page not like this Has been entered in a queue you know We're going to now go do something it Has now been posted to the blockchain Already and so if I go into my Phantom Wallet here and go into the Explorer you

See here it sent at 958 uh today we can View on the salana Explorer here we go This is so you can go to this URL Yourself if you are Eagle eyed and see This is a real poster transaction to the Salana chain similarly we can view it in The stripe dashboard so if we click in Here to our 9:58 a.m. payment you see Here we made a payment with crypto and Again stripe handles everything for you You just got $98 into your bank account But that is crypto coming back to Stripes and it's not just usdc salana is Quickly becoming the choice for a lot of Primo projects like Star Atlas one of The biggest games on salana they say in Q1 salana processed more transactions Than Tron near BNB say polygon injective S and ethereum blockchains combined I Like Star Atlas star Atlas makes our List and they like salana rain maker Getting significant recognition from pal AI pal AI saying welcome to the family Pal AI one of the blue chips in the AI Crypt space today powerful AI ecosystem Built using custom data feeds and llms Rain Maker is leveraging a Federated Hybrid blockchain architecture to Integrate decentralized AI with a human Power Network a to redefine Community Engagement and validator participation In the blockchain space hash adoption Significant step for Rainmaker they make Our list speaking of AI and significant

Steps AIT protocol has to make our list We're thrilled to welcome animoca Brands As our new strategic investor this Partnership marks a significant Milestone for AIT protocol as it Accelerates the advancement of AI Development and broadens the scope of Native applications opening up pathways For Global growth this is big base is a Hot ecosystem and while it would be very Hard to pick the winning coins on base This early betting on the infrastructure Is a strategy I like to deploy Bonsai is The infrastructure for not just Bas but In this case Bas Bonsai just launched a Tailormade token creator for Bas Completely optimized and ready for your Products launch this is kind of what Bonsai does bons are Mak our list Speaking of crypto companies who refuse To quit injective 3.0 is coming to Injective to bring the Ultimate Upgrade To injective tokenomics making in the Most deflationary asset to date the new Proposal would directly reduce the Supply of in at a rapid rate the Government discussion is now live on the Injective form guess what this past in 3.0 is coming injective just became way More deflationary and speaking of Upgrades do we still have polka dot fans In our audience polka dot certainly not As hot as it once was but it seems to me That they're still going strong polka

Dot unveils Jam a major upgrade Including a $10 million dot incentive The revision promises enhanced Scalability and paves the way for a Future of distributed computing on the Polka dot network with a hefty prize Pool incentivizing Community adoption And development do not count polka dot Out speaking of upgrades Mina protocol Is one that I've always liked they have A big upgrade coming up in June Mina's Berkeley upgrade is scheduled for June 4th this upgrade is a game Cher because It adds enhanced ZK programmability I.E It puts zero knowledge superpowers like Offchain computation costeffective proof Verification and private inputs directly Into the hands of d Say hello to a whole new generation of ZK enabled smart contracts daps l2s Bridges and more superverse with their Super token is a coin ecosystem that I Like they continue to make big Partnerships and integrate with some of The biggest crypto games in the space Karate combat and their token karate I Think they have a great product I've Been to plenty of many karate combat Fights including the influencer one in Mexico City including the one they just Did in Dubai and I love the product Karate combat is the first ever Sports League Dow enabling holders of karate to Directly influence the League's future

Via onchain voting this means fans help Shape decisions from event locations to Rule changes fostering transparency and Community engagement the players also Get a piece of the action easy has Integrated with by economy this is big I Like easy and bony chain link debuts a New protoc call aimed at boosting cross Chain interoperability chain link is one I like check out this video for more Information on chain link and let me Know in the comments which cryptos you Like which cryptos I missed guys make Sure you check back on any of our videos From the past 6 months all of these Videos are chocked full of value the Market's dipping right now stay in this 2024 is turning into an epic year Bitcoin's eventually going to cross $80,000 and all the mainstream and Everybody on the sidelines all of a Sudden it's going to become that much More interested eventually bitcoin's Going to cross above $100,000 and then all bets are off this Market is going to go wild smash the Like button my name is Aaron see you Tomorrow


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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