These 10 Crypto Coins are about to EXPLODE! (AI & Gaming)

AI not a trend here to stay AI cryptos What are your thoughts you need to get These AI tokens on your radar so AI look Is is societally game changing on a Scale of which again people cannot Imagine understand these are the blue Chips in the crypto AI space people have No understanding this what has just Happened with chat GPT is a Cambrian Moment it is a I think a bigger Deflationary shock to the world than China joining the WTO this is one of the Seminal moments of our time so do you Understand what the graph is doing Because what the graph is doing is Something that not a lot of other token Projects are doing particularly not to The level that the graph is doing it the Graph is a decentralized open source Protocol that utilizes distributed Ledger technology to gather data Independently eliminating the need for Intermediaries this protocol functions As a worldwide Apu application Programming interface designed to index And organize data efficiently it Leverages the graphql language to enable Easy accessibility and processing so This is similar to how Google indexes The web the graph uses Ai and indexes Blockchain data totally necessary a lot Of people get confused with this one so In this aspect this coin might be a Sleeper and it actually faces a similar

Problem that cardano has with its Ada Token in that the project is called the token is agix agix is Currently one of the most sought after AI coins available in the market as the Native token of the Platform agix plays a crucial role in Facilitating transactions within this Decentralized and open source blockchain Platform users can conveniently engage In buying or selling various AI products Through the platform it serves as a Dynamic Marketplace for trading data Models and other essential tools that Contribute to the advancement of AI Through effective training processes This one is AI Centric but it's also Competing as an alternative layer one Oasis presents itself as a layer 1 Decentralized blockchain Network Meticulously crafted to prioritize Scalability versatility and privacy with A robust and secure architecture this Blockchain network enables High Throughput while keeping gas fees at Amin its unique architecture Distinguishes it as a potential Powerhouse for various web three Applications thanks to the separation of The consensus mechanism and smart Contract execution as a result Developers can effortlessly deploy Privacy focused applications at a Reduced cost so Oasis as a layer 1

Protocol uses AI natively it's Interesting we're seeing a lot of these Other l1s add AI functionality after the Fact this ultimately makes me more Bullish on these l1s that we know and Love see most people don't know about This but this is the kind of stuff I Share with you and my audience on a Daily basis but understand the Difference understand the trade-offs in That Oasis with AI from day one by the Way make sure you subscribe to our Channel daily videos just like this Keeping you informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos this one this one seems Really interesting and unique to me Render is an ethereum blockchain Chain-based distributed GPU Network that Functions as an essential platform for Animation visual effects rendering and Motion Graphics its native token render Serves as a utility token specifically Designed for utilization within the Render Network the network comprises two Primary stakeholders one creators and Two node operators through the render Network creators gain access to the Immense GPU power available on the Network and make no mistake about it Stuff like this requires an immense Amount of GPU power enabling them

Enabling render users to generate high Quality images and Visually captivating Content at exceptional speeds and Reduced costs on the other hand the node Operators lease out their GPU processing Power to the creators and in turn Receive render tokens as rewards fetch AI might be the crypto protocol out of All the ones listed today a that is most Effectively efficiently best using AI Actually within the protocol so do you Understand fetch AI fetch AI is an open Source decentralized platform with the Objective of establishing a robust Infrastructure for the development of a Digital economy leveraging the power of Artificial intelligence this platform Empowers users to create autonomous Economic agents these agents possess the Ability to engage in interactions with One another undertaking tasks such as Decision making data analysis and Predictive functions the native token of The fetch AI platform is known as fat This token serves as the foundation for Constructing an economic ecosystem Designed specifically for autonomous AI Agents which have the potential to Disrupt various Industries including Finance transportation and energy are You as excited about fetch AI as I am Have you been following the this project For a couple years now like I have ai And crypto how I do think about this hey

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Is going to be bigger than crypto AI or Do you think crypto AI is going to be Bigger than crypto gaming because Apple Just gave the green light to axi Infinity on the App Store of course when It comes to crypto gaming most people Only know about axi Infinity let me turn You on to some hidden gems in the crypto Gaming space alluvium set to launch this Year alluvium is an open world Role-playing game with the elements of Final Fantasy and Pokemon games players Control characters called hunters and as They explore they encounter creatures Called alluvia deals the alluvials or Nfts and when you capture one it's Stored in your wallet since this is a Play to earn game players will be able To earn alluvium tokens for winning Competitions and tournaments although Eluvium has been compared to axi Infinity there are major differences Unlike axi alluvium will be in 3D with An open world and will have a story mode If this lives up to the hype it could be A rare crypto game that also connects With traditional Gamers a lot of people Would say ape coin the sandbox IMAX Decentraland axi obviously Gala engine And yeah I agree these are the Blue Chips the more name brands in the crypto Space as we know today I would say look More towards these next two because most People don't bring these up despite the

Success they're having in web 3 gaming They're going under the radar is what I'm saying most notably wax the most Proof proven web3 ecosystem for games And nfts so more of the back end Protocol more of an L1 in itself wax is A leading blockchain Network that Successfully facilitates the Transactions of millions of nfts it Provides a scalable eco-friendly Decentralized ecosystem for nft projects Dapps games wax strives to offer the Safest and most user-friendly way for Users to create buy sell and trade Crypto assets wax is included on the List today because when you look at On-chain metrics wax is varies between The number one and number two most used Blockchain for crypto games so star Atlas got pumped hard on hype in 2021 They're still doing big things but the Token price has cooled off a ton so I'm Putting them on the list because they're Still here they're still doing stuff Star at list is a multiplayer online Game that is played in the virtual Gaming metaverse the game which is part Strategy combines different genres this Requires players to develop tactical Plans of action to interact with other Factions the fundamental gameplay Pillars are deep space exploration Combat and building space stations and Ships star Atlas and the sandbox formed

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Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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