The WEF’s Cyber Attack Simulation: Part 2

In mid-2020 the world economic Forum or Wef co-hosted a global Cyber attack Simulation with spare Bank Russia's Largest bank This gave rise to speculation that a Global Cyber attack was imminent this Speculation Rose higher in mid-2021 when The wif and spare Bank co-hosted a Second Cyber attack simulation A third simulation was set to occur in Mid-2022 but was postponed by the war in Ukraine now this video is the second of A two-part series about the wefts Cyber Attack simulations Today's video will summarize Cyberpolygon 2021 and discuss whether The Ukraine war will result in a global Cyber attack Okay let's start with a super quick Recap cyberpolyon is an annual cyber Event hosted by bizon a cyber security Subsidiary of spare Bank Cyberpolygon partnered with the weft Sometime in 2019 or 2020 to co-host all Future cyber polygon events the weft's Own cyber initiative began in 2018. the Wefts partnership with bison comes from The close relationship between spare Bank CEO Hermann gref and weff founder And chairman Klaus Schwab Russian President Vladimir Putin was also a Young Global leader of the weft and Became the leader of his country like Other young global leaders have

Like cyberpolygon 2020 cyberpolygon 2021's key Partners were the wef IBM and Interpol and the 2021 Edition was almost Twice as large as the 2020 Edition with 200 participants from 48 countries and 7 Million viewers from 78 countries most Participants again chose to remain Anonymous Whereas the theme of cyberpolygon 2020 Was a so-called digital pandemic the Theme of cyberpolygon 2021 was a supply Chain Cyber attack The website for the 2021 event specifies That quote a single vulnerable link is Enough to bring down the entire system Just like the domino effect Like cyberpolygon 2020 the full stream For 2021 can be found on bison's YouTube Channel I'll leave a link to the full Stream in the description but again I Will caution that it's almost six hours Long I'll also leave a link to an Article on limited hangout published the Day before the event Now cyberpolygon 2021 began with opening Remarks from Hermann gref the CEO of Spare Bank Hermann explained that bison chose the Theme of supply chain cyber attacks Because of all the supply chain Disruptions caused by the pandemic Restrictions The first speaker was Mikhail majestin The prime minister of Russia the second

In command Mikhail explained that it's Been four years since the first cyber Polygon event this is strange because The first cyber polygon only took place In 2019. I couldn't find any evidence About older events online In any case Mikhail thanked all the big Tech companies and big banks that Participated in the 2021 event some of Whom were not named as participants on The website such as Microsoft Mikhail also revealed that the event was Scheduled to coincide with the Anniversary of the first manned space Flight He went on to Proclaim that digital Inequality must be eliminated and that He plans to make sure that everyone in Russia has an internet connection by 2030. Mikhail also celebrated the recent Creation of a working group on cyber Security by the United Nations now if You watch the first part of this Two-part series you might recall that One of Russia's top prosecutors had Called on the United Nations to Establish a working group on cyber Security it looks like this was done in March 2021 and I must say these International organizations are moving Quickly On that note the second speaker was Ernst Stavro blofeld I mean Klaus Schwab Klaus said he was happy to speak at the

Event for a second year and said that The weft is proud of its partnership With Russia this doesn't seem to be the Case anymore for one thing no Russians Attended this year's Davos conference Klaus went on to explain that cyber Security is the foundation for the Weft's future of digitization and the Digital ecosystems must be expanded he Then said it's necessary to make digital Equivalents of a pharmaceutical Procedure which I shall not name on YouTube this comment went viral of Course how ironic Anyways once Klaus was done the mic was Handed to Alexander tushkanov the host Of the event Alexander was last year's Host too and he said the same thing a Cyber attack simulation will be taking Place in real time at the spare Bank Headquarters with by Zone employees and Event participants this time however Alexander revealed that the event itself Was the target of a distributed denial Of service or DDOS attack shortly after It began this begs the question of who It was and the answer is probably Someone who doesn't like the weft I Imagine that list is growing longer by The day Anywho the third speaker to take the Virtual stage was none other than Steve Wozniak the co-founder of Apple I must Admit that I was surprised to see Steve

There given that he's more of a Libertarian it seems that Steve was Surprised by the event as well and That's because of Alexander's questions Alexander asked Steve about data and Steve said that he's proud that Apple Doesn't share user data like other big Tech companies do Alexander asked Steve About Ai and he said he's not all that Impressed by it bear in mind that this Was back in 2021 I'm sure Steve's Opinions on AI may have changed since Chat GPT now Alexander also asked Steve About digital ID Steve said something Along the lines of I don't like it at All but I know it's inevitable and I Hope it's done in a way that protects User privacy Steve went on to say that he hates Authoritarianism and loves freedom but Somehow simultaneously loves Russia Cognitive dissonance in action The fourth and fifth speakers were Roger Halpier Chief security advisor at Microsoft and Igor leaponov vice President for information security at Ross Telecom Russia's largest digital Services provider the moderator was Bloomberg journalist Ryan chilcote and The topic was the future of cyber Igor Revealed that governments have better Cyber security than most private Companies Roger seemed to agree but he Said this has changed ever since the

Pandemic began that's because there was A huge spike in cybercrime that put Private companies on their toes The discussion then got interesting when Ryan asked the panelists about deep Fakes Igor said that there's currently No interest in deep fakes and the only Use he sees for them is entertainment he Added that it would take around two to Three years for deep fakes to become any Kind of threat and Roger took the Opposite angle by predicting that deep Fakes will make it possible to Orchestrate quote attacks that we have Never seen before if you watched our Recent video about deep fakes in Warfare You'll know both chaps were completely Correct in their predictions the Discussion got even more interesting When Ryan asked about cyber attacks from Russia Igor argued that cybercrime has No nationality and this is because many Organized cybercrime groups are diverse Roger revealed these groups initially Agreed not to Target Healthcare Infrastructure initially being the key Word regarding cryptocurrencies used in Cybercrime both panelists conceded that It's made it easier for cyber criminals To make money also admitted that it's Easier to track crypto transactions due To their transparency regarding the Future of cyber security Igor said that The Terminator movie will become a

Reality because of AI Roger once again Took the opposite angle by predicting That technology will become ever more Decentralized I completely agree Now the sixth seventh and eighth Speakers were Mark Barnett the president Of MasterCard Europe Matthew Dill the Senior vice president of visa and Alexei Zabotkin Deputy Governor of the bank of Russia the moderator was the wefts head Of financial systems and the topic was Cryptocurrency now I'll refer to each Panelist by their organization to make The discussion easier to understand and Explain so these are said that crypto Will be a part of the future and that There's lots of innovation in Cryptocurrency Visa said that they see Stable coins as setting the standards For Central Bank digital currencies or Cbdcs VISA also revealed the ethereum Trial with usdc payments in March 2021 Included cbdc elements I take this as Further confirmation that circle is Positioning its stable coins to become So-called synthetic cbdcs you can learn More about that using the link in the Description anyhow as for MasterCard They said that digital currency use is Rising but insisted they're not against Cash use MasterCard also said that Cbdc's and stable coins are the only Actual digital currencies MasterCard Predicts that digital payments will be

Different from the payments we're used To today Bank of Russia said that crypto Regulations are required and confirmed That they're working on a digital Ruble The bank of Russia is skeptical about Stable coins and is concerned that they Will result in the creation of a Separate Financial system well I guess They missed the memo that this is the Purpose of crypto all that's needed is The creation of a truly robust and Decentralized stablecoin among a few Other things but that is a topic for Another time now believe it or not but The 9th and 10th speakers were Russian Astronauts who were tuning in from the International Space Station They didn't say anything worth repeating Though perhaps speaking with Russian Astronauts in space was on the bucket List for the spare Bank employees The 11th 12th and 13th speakers were Craig Jones cybercrime director at Interpol Michael Daniels CEO of cyber Threat Alliance and Teresa Walsh Global Head of intelligent at Fsisac the organization that was the Focus of that aforementioned article the Topic was combating ransomware Craig Explained that cybercrime has evolved During the pandemic Michael said that cybercrime is becoming More organized and disruptive Theresa Took the hat-trick by saying that cyber

Criminals will be targeting the Financial system next yikes if that Wasn't spooky enough Craig explained That Interpol has been working on Additional Cyber attack simulations with Ukraine Michael also said that crypto Regulation is required to mitigate cyber Crime Teresa again took the hat-trick by Shilling something called the zero trust Model not to be confused with zero Knowledge in cryptocurrency zero trust Is one of many weft buzzwords it Apparently means quote a principle-based Model designed within a cyber security Strategy that enforces a data Centric Approach to continuously treat Everything as an unknown it's not clear What exactly xero trust entails in Practice but it was something that was Frequently referenced as a solution to The issue of cybercrime by cyber polygon Panelists I would say this is a sign That it's something not good for you and Me but well perhaps I'm being too Pessimistic now the next panel included An additional four panelists bringing The total to 16. these were Chris McCurdy the vice president of IBM Security doret door the vice president At checkpoint software Technologies Kevin simsa Chief Operating Officer of Trend Micro and Eugene Kaspersky CEO of Kaspersky besides all the blabbering About xero trust there isn't really

Anything worth repeating surprising I Know It was certainly surprising for Jurgen Stock the Secretary General of Interpol Who spent lots of time pushing the wefts Fourth Industrial Revolution during Cyber polygon 2020. this time around he Didn't have much to say nor did Peter Mara the president of the Red Cross on Second thoughts Peter did spend quite a Lot of time talking about so-called Misinformation disinformation and hate Speech he argued that governments need To crack down on all three and if you Watched our video about online Censorship you'll know they're already On it The 19th and 20th speakers were Andre Vorabayov director at a Russian Organization whose name I can't Pronounce and Mandy Carver a senior vice President at icann which provides Domain-related infrastructure for the Entire internet the topic was Global Internet regulation Mandy repeated what the icann guy said At the 2020 event specifically that the Organization looks at the correlations Between domain names and crime and Forwards this information to the Appropriate authorities she pondered Whether it's possible to enforce Real-world laws in cyberspace meanwhile Andre revealed that there's technically

No official definition of what the Internet is now this got me wondering Whether we're going to see a similar Lack of concrete definitions in Cryptocurrency in the future let's hope That's not the case because it's going To cause a lot of confusion Now the 21st speaker was Henrietta H4 The director of Unicef the topic was Cyber bullying which is a bit of an odd Topic to discuss at a cyber security Conference It does make a bit more sense when you Realize that all the calls for making The internet more secure for children Are an excuse for more control Now the final speaker was stanislav Kuznetsov the chairman of spare Bank he Thanked the weft IBM and Interpol for Helping put together cyberpolygon 2021 He explained that the ongoing simulation Would continue and conclude the next day Because it would last for a full 24 Hours as in a Non-Stop 24 hours As with cyberpolygon 2020 bison Published the results of the 2021 Cyber Attack simulation the difference is that The 2021 report did not contain a Detailed breakdown of how the Participants did it only provided a Single paragraph which suggests the Participants did even worse than the Previous year So this brings me to the elephant in the

Room which is the war in Ukraine as I Mentioned in the introduction another Cyber polygon event was supposed to Happen in 2022 Funnily enough it was announced in February shortly before Russia's Invasion of Ukraine the theme of cyber Polygon 2022 was going to be a Cyber Attack on cloud services which would Affect quote Finance retail Healthcare Transportation Commodities public Organizations and more the event was Supposed to occur on the 8th of July 2022 but the page for the event has Since been taken down in May last year Bizon announced on Twitter that Cyberpolygon had been postponed Indefinitely presumably because of the War in Ukraine what's scary is that Bison has since been tweeting about Cyber attack scenarios with the hashtag You may be next often tagging Interpol In the tweets what's even scarier is That Russia reportedly disconnected most Of its internet from the rest of the World in March last year this suggests That Russia could execute a Cyber attack On the global internet without affecting Itself or other isolated internet Networks like those in China the Catalyst for such an unprecedented Attack would obviously be an escalation Of the war in Ukraine and it just so Happens that the war in Ukraine appears

To be escalating Western countries have Now started sending tanks and there are Preliminary discussions to send fighter Jets as well strategically speaking a Massive Cyber attack would be an ideal Alternative to using nuclear weapons and Indeed a Cyber attack could arguably do A lot more damage than a nuclear weapon The difference is that it's possible to Undo the damage of a Cyber attack if you Use a nuclear weapon there's no way back As such it's safe to assume that a Cyber Attack is higher up on Russia's Retaliation list than nuclear weapons Especially because it's an area that the Country also happens to be quite Proficient in this begs the question of What would happen after this Cyber Attack and the answer is exactly what The weft wants now consider that every Time there's been a disruption to the Internet due to some crisis Elon Musk Has stepped in by offering internet via Spacex's styling service I couldn't help But notice that turkey recently declined Elon's offer to provide starlink to Areas that were affected by the tragic Recent earthquake now call me crazy but I think that turkey did this because It's aware that allowing starlink to set Up shop means that it would lose control Of the internet in that region to SpaceX Indefinitely you need look no further Than all those starlinks that were sent

To Ukraine you can be pretty sure that Citizens won't be going back to the Regular Ukrainian internet once the war Is over put simply it looks like the People in power are using a series of Successive crises to get everyone on the Same internet an Internet that is not Hosted on Earth where it can be hacked But from space where it can't even be Touched an internet where everyone is Registered and everything is monitored Am I saying Elon is in on this honestly I don't know and I don't think it Matters if the internet is taken down by Some Cyber attack starlink will be the Only alternative If Elon is on our side then he could Become an enemy in the eyes of those who Want control now with all that said There is a silver lining to this Situation and that's that it will always Be possible for people here on Earth to Recreate new internets using Peer-to-peer Networks this will be Easier said than done but it is possible And it will be done if this is the path That the people in power decide to take Never forget that there's more of us Than there are of them if we work Together to fight for Freedom we will Always achieve it because our Collective Brain power will always be greater than Theirs it's simple mathematics and Though it may take some time for the

Equation to play out the outcome is Inevitable so please do remember to like Subscribe and share this video before You leave and I hope I'll see you all in The next one Foreign [Music]


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