The WEF Predicts THIS Will Happen! Global Economic Outlook 2024!

When it comes to unelected and Unaccountable organizations the world Economic Forum or we is the most Infamous of the lot that's because the We appears to influence our daily lives More than our own governments this is Especially true when it comes to the Economy it's called the world economic Forum after all as it so happens the we Recently published a paper predicting What could come next for the global Economy and given that many of the W's Predictions are effectively promises Summarizing this paper is of utmost Importance and that's exactly what we're Going to do today this is a video you do Not want to Miss the paper we'll be summarizing Today is titled quote Chief economists Outlook May 2024 as the title suggests this paper is Penned by dozens of the world's top Economists and an updated one is Published every quarter I.E every 3 Months we'll leave the link to this most Recent Edition below now the paper Begins with a summary it notes that most Economists now expect the global economy To be stronger than they did in the Previous paper to put things into Perspective back in January 56% of Economists believed the global economy Would be weak as of last month only 177% Believe this not surprisingly Almost

100% of eon economists believe that Geopolitics and politics will cause Volatility if you watched our summary of The Ws Davos Summit you'll know this is An understatement the elites seem to be Absolutely terrified of the prospect of Another Trump presidency for whatever That's worth now it's also not Surprising that most economists continue To believe that the US economy will Remain strong while the EU economy will Continue to weaken what is a bit Surprising is that they expect some Central banks like the ECB to cut Interest rates but others namely the FED To keep rates where they are more on That later it's also surprising that Economists expect the global economy to Recover in the next few years this is Surprising because GDP and energy Production are almost perfectly Correlated and let's just say that many Countries aren't pursuing the best Energy policies you can thank the we for That as far as the W's economists are Concerned these substandard energy Policies will somehow result in more Economic growth funnily enough they Found that the reality on the ground is That many countries aren't sure that These energy policies will help with Economic growth spoiler alert they won't And by the way if you're enjoying the Video so far be sure to body slam that

Like button to let us know and subscribe To the channel and ping that Notification Bell so you don't miss the Next video I was trapped inside a cage a Cage made out of The Daily Grind I was So unfulfilled I felt like a blank sheet Of A4 paper something was missing from My life but I didn't know what but then I found what I've been missing the coin Bureau deals page was the answer to my Prayers it had everything I needed to Make me complain Exchange sign up Bonuses of up to $60,000 the biggest discount on the best Hardware wallets trading fee discounts Of up to 60% on the best crypto Exchanges exclusive altcoin Alpha thank You coin bual for bringing me back to Life now the first part of the paper Highlights the current consensus among We economists as quote a mood of Cautious optimism as I mentioned a few Moments ago most economists now expect a Strong economy but this seems to hinge On the assumption that geopolitics and Politics in general won't mess things up On the geopolitical front the Middle East and Eastern Europe are the two Greatest areas of concern as we've seen Any escalation in the war between Israel And Hamas plus its proxies could cause a Spike in oil prices because oil is is Used in basically everything this would Result in more inflation across the

Board in turn this would force central Banks to keep interest rates where they Are or even raise them as a means of Keeping this supply side inflation under Control the Practical effect of this Would be that existing debts would Become more expensive and it would Become difficult to borrow slowing down The economy news flash but the economy Practically runs on debt now now as for Eastern Europe the escalation is less Economic in the sense that it's unlikely To result in any more disruptions to Supply chains and the like rather the Risk of the escalation in Eastern Europe Is that it destabilizes the region by Calling its various institutions into Question and not just by Europeans for Context the EU is currently considering Giving the 300 billion dollars in assets It seized from Russia to Ukraine as a Fun fact it's believed that this would Be a watershed moment for the Global Financial system in plain English it Could cause other countries to drisk From Europe and European assets this is Why the EU has only given Ukraine the Profits that these seized assets have Earned not the underlying assets Themselves of course the US is Reportedly pressuring the EU to follow Through with using the underlying assets To fund Ukraine and the EU is Understandably hesitant it could

Backfire badly on that note the US has Also been pressuring the EU to put more Restrictions on China obviously Taiwan Could be another geopolitical flasho That causes volatility for reference Taiwan produces most of the world's Microchips any disruptions to that Production or export could be disastrous This is why it's interesting that China Has been increasing its hostilities Towards Taiwan China wouldn't do this if It needed the advanced microchips that Are only made in Taiwan the fact that China is doing this has led some Geopolitical analysts to speculate that It can make its own Advanced chips now If this is true then a Taiwan related Incident could be on the table it Doesn't even have to be a full-scale Invasion a trade blockade of some kind Would be sufficient to cause economic Disruption the fact that the US and EU Are rushing to build their own chip Facilities suggests that such Disruptions are perhaps inevitable on The political front meanwhile Nationalist parties have been on the Rise around the world this is something We've been predicting for two years now When times are tough people tend to Blame the rich and immigrants this seems To be true regardless of the country and It spells trouble for the globalist Focused economy that's simply because

Nationalist parties will put the Priority of their own people first For Better or For Worse as we mentioned in Our video about why globalism is failing This will be painful in the short term As it will initially cause inflation to Increase while asset prices remain high Wages will eventually follow speaking of Which the economists surveyed by the we Predict that inflation will stay sticky Not because of nationalism but because Of housing as many of you may have Noticed housing prices continue to rise Due to globalist policies that restrict Construction and accelerate immigration Globalist policies around energy have Also made everything more expensive and The W's economists predict that prices Could Rise by 30% if the situation in The Middle East escalates they also note That 20 to 40% of trade is happening Between geopolitically unaligned Countries bad news for Europe and Asia No Doubt let's just hope that the W's Economist prediction about the Middle East isn't a promise now in the second Part of the paper the W's economists Expand on the quote challenging Global Landscape we just reviewed they start by Saying that International conflicts and Domestic strains plus technology and High interest rates have created an Unpredictable environment for well Everyone for those unaware there is

Nothing investors hate more than Uncertainty investors don't mind World War I so long as it's certain because That means they can price it in and plan Now so far the effects of this Unpredictability have been muted likely Because investors are expecting the Money printer to be turned back on from The perspective of the we and its Economists unpredictability is not the Problem though complexity is all those Aforementioned factors make things more Complex this makes it harder for Central Planners at the W to make decisions and Well good riddance they shouldn't be Making these decisions at all anyways The we's economists go on to Lament The Growing Divergence between official Government data and people's lived Experiences in their own words quote the Emergence of Divergence between modestly Encouraging economic data and stubbornly Gloomy public sentiment oh those damn PL Now naturally the we's economists see This Divergence between their data and The reality on the ground as a quote Challenge and they sto short of calling For censorship in the name of Misinformation disinformation Etc if this challenge continues though Don't be surprised to see such Censorship now to add insult to injury The we's economists don't even seem to Understand

Why this Divergence exists they seem to Believe it's just inequality and Uncertainty it goes without saying that This just scratches the surface of the Problem everyone is realizing that the System is rigged by the we for the we Case in point this part of the paper Includes a section about what's going to Drive business decisions according to The we's economists now to clarify they Didn't ask businesses they asked a group Of acad mics what they think the Businesses are thinking the answers are Predictably out of touch for example the West's economists think that the average Business will Factor geopolitics into Its everyday decision- making it's safe To say that the average business isn't Thinking too much about this just the Global corporations that the W interacts With the average business is worried About inflation and labor lo and behold The authors note labor as being one of The least important factors in business Decisions and then the people in power Wonder why the average person is pushing Back against their policies anyhow What's fascinating is that the we's Economists found that corporations are Issuing as many bonds as they can they Believe this is because these Corporations are concerned about the Future put differently they're borrowing As much money as they can today to

Prepare for what tomorrow brings on a More positive note the we's economists Found that three quarters of executives Are skeptical about ESG and that almost A quarter of them are outright Abandoning it as most of you will know ESG is an investment ideology pioneered By asset managers like Black Rock and Well it's a rabbit hole all of its own More about ESG in the description moving On now after summarizing some other Findings from surveys of Executives the W's economists pivot to another Hot Topic and that's fiscal and monetary Policy as some of you will know fiscal Policy involves government spending and Taxation whereas monetary policy Involves central banks and interest Rates as I mentioned earlier the W's Economists expect interest rates to fall In the EU and stay roughly where they Are in the US and elsewhere the reason Why I noted it as being surprising is Because the monetary policies of central Banks had been synchronized up until now They all just followed the fed this is Just because if central banks eased While the Fed was tightening they would Risk ending up like Japan where the Yen Lost over 40% of its value mainly due to Interest rate differentials Unfortunately for the EU this could Happen to the euro because the ECB can't Afford to keep rates higher for longer

Oddly enough the Ws economists expect More constrained fiscal policy because Governments besides the US apparently Can't afford to spend anymore it's even More odd that they're projecting this For Europe given that the EU has been Adamant about funding ESG aligned Policies and programs the oddest part of All is that even the authors who wrote The paper find it strange that the EU is Expected to re in its spending we Suspect this could be due to the Divergence between monetary and fiscal Policy in the Euro Zone this could cause The euro to collapse if they're not Careful this is why the ECB is rushing To roll out a digital Euro so that it Can control the European economy but That too is a topic for another video Which you can also find in the Description whatever the case in the Third part of the paper the W's Economists provide their long-term Predictions about the global economy if You're wondering what long-term means it Means 5 years by the way this makes Sense given that the W is trying to get Everything done by 2030 roughly 5 years From now Regardless the W's economists note that Global growth has been slowing since the Start of the century the idea that this Could in any way be due to the W's own Policies seems impossible to Fathom in

All seriousness they seem to be Seriously worried that this Global Slowdown could get worse that's because Nearly a quarter of the W's economists Believe that the world won't return to Its prepandemic annual growth rate of 4% This pessimism seems to be due to Differing opinions on just how much Technologies like AI will be able to Boost productivity half of them believe It won't do that much this is eye Openening considering that the we has Been bullish on Technologies like AI Because of their implicit promise to Replace the plebs and make the world's Wonders for the elites only then again The we's economists still believe that AI will be a force for growth just not As big as they'd hoped come to think of It this could be bearish for AI stocks But well let's not get ahead of Ourselves it's not like the we is Involved in these AI company oh right Yes Sam ultman was at Davos this year Silly me anyway Jokes Aside what's Striking is how differently the we's Economists view developed countries and Developing countries they seem to Believe that things like AI will benefit Developed countries the most while Developing countries will only see Marginal gains almost as if it's by Design we couldn't help but be reminded Of an unsettling headline from 2022 a we

Survey which found that people in Developing countries love the metaverse This seems intuitively false and it Reveals a very Grim possibility the we Wants to keep poor countries in their Place this is evident in the paper as Well consider the following quote there Was a lack of consensus on the role of Other Industries including mining supply Chain and transport services Manufacturing fossil fuel energy and and Materials retail and wholesale of Consumer goods and financial Professional and Real Estate Services in Global growth now consider that Industries like mining manufacturing and Fossil fuels are the backbones of most Developing countries it's strange that We Economist opinions are mixed on these Industries given that they will be Required for things that will create Growth in developed countries AI runs on Hardware after all now at the end end of The paper the W's economists talk about The most important part policy Priorities that will ensure economic Growth over the next 5 years by now You'll have gathered that these policies Are likely to be implemented in most Countries given how much the we has Infiltrated governments more about the Young global leaders and Global Shapers In the description I digress now Ironically enough the W's economists

Start by saying that economic growth Could have been 50% higher today had it Not been for the misallocation of Capital in recent years this is ironic Because they yet again fail to realize That their very own policies are Incentivizing this misallocation of Capital this begs the question of what Backwards policies we can expect from The W and its political cronies the Answer again depends on whether it's a Developing country or a developed Country for developed countries the Focus will be education infrastructure Improved access to finance and more Institutions in theory this sounds great In practice however education means Indoctrination infrastructure means Dystopian Technologies like digital IDs Access to finance means giving your Money to Black Rock and more Institutions means yet more Unaccountable and unelected Organizations getting involved in Domestic affairs I'm not even joking About that black rock bit by the way Check out our recent video link in the Description anywh who as you might have Guessed the policies that the W's Economists have in mind are identical For developing countries with one small Difference Innovation which is Apparently less effective in developing Countries now to the untrained eye this

Is just an anomaly but you'll know it's More than that and finally the Ws Economists note that any kind of trade Protectionism would be bad regardless of The economic status of the country in Question translation don't you dare put The well-being of your populations above Our profits it's going to be interesting To see what happens to the countries That try to do exactly that now to wrap Things up I want to underscore something We mentioned in a recent video and That's that economists often lie to Appease whoever it is they're relaying Information to as such we should take Everything in this paper with a grain of Salt particularly because economists Like to lie to the public that said Though there's no denying that there is Quite a bit of Truth to what the W's Economists are saying the world is Becomingly increasingly unstable due to Geopolitical and political issues this Again scratches the surface of the Problem again the real issue is Centralization which is inherently Unstable and this is something we've Highlighted in multiple videos imagine You're stacking coins on top of each Other at first the stack is stable but As you keep stacking it becomes more Unstable you can make it more stable With supports but the more you stack the More unstable it becomes and eventually

It falls in other words instability is An inherent feature of centralization It's easy to forget that the Centralizing systems made by Institutions like the we have been in The works for decades they've gotten Ever more controlling as their Centralized systems have become ever More unstable and people have had enough The good news is that more people are Becoming aware of the fact that the Problems they face are the products of The systems put in place by the likes of The we not imigrants or the rich or even The politicians per se the bad news Though is that the we knows that we know And they don't like it the result is That censorship has been increasing and While there are some places and spaces Where you can speak freely and organize Peacefully they are under threat from All sides lawsuits regulations Market Manipulation infiltration by we Affiliated entities you know the usual Totalitarian tactics the crazy thing is That people are starting to notice how These things are being weaponized too And this could result in a total Collapse of faith in institutions total Anarchy now make no mistake this is Something the we would take advantage of And some would argue it is trying to Make all this happen remember that the We has been pushing for a great reset

Since the pandemic so far it hasn't Succeeded but that doesn't mean it's not Trying after all the only way to have a Reset is to shut off what currently Exists we may be unknowingly Contributing to a planned collapse that Would be wild anyway speculation aside The solution to this mess is to create a New system consisting of decentralized Institutions that is made for the Average person by the average person as Corny as it sounds this is the system That cryptocurrency is trying to create And that is why the we has been trying To infiltrate it fortunately the kinds Of people who are passionate about Building decentralized institutions are Not the kind that would ever work for The we regardless of the price there are Tens of thousands of people doing this Work as you watch this video and if you Want to truly change the world you Should join them And that's all for today's video folks So if you found it informative be sure To smash that like button if you want to Stay informed subscribe to the channel And ping that notification Bell if you Want to help inform others about what The W is planning for the global economy Then share this video with them as Always thank you so much for watching And I will see you next time this is guy Over and out



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