The Upcoming Crypto Trend that will 100x in 2024? | SocialFi Explained

One of the biggest Trends in crypto for 2024 I believe is social fi or Decentralized social media and finance For me I always find one of the easiest Ways to make money in crypto is to get In early on the trends xcad social is One of the more hidden gems in this Niche we know both Mr Beast and KSI Major YouTubers are backers of the Network we know that xcad social is Aiming to be a better version of Friendtech the friend Tech killer in my Opinion and by the way even during frch Investors were anywhere from 10 Xing to 100 Xing their investment again xcat Fixed a lot of problems that frch had We'll go over the specifics in a second But generally speaking what is social 5 Well it combines decentralized Finance With social media at least the Principles of each and it empowers Content creators by giving them control Over their data and allowing them to Directly interact with their users so With xcad you can launch a key or buy a Key from your favorite Creator and get Special perks and access to a private Chat now xcad is a long-term partner of The channel I am going to create an Account buy some keys walk you through The platform you'll just need to connect To a dii wallet like metamask I will put A referral code and access code down Below check it out and before we get

Into the specifics for comparison this Really does have the potential to be Bigger than FR Tech and here's why Number one the addressable Market is Much much bigger influencers offering Keys on FR Tech was mainly crypto people Xcad social is built for everybody with The old guard they could only connect to X formerly Twitter with xcad doo it's For X it's for YouTube it's for Instagram again they're going for the Masses they're on the B&B chain so yes Cheaper fees but also BNB has much more Users already than Bas which is an L2 of Eth this directly uses xcad the only way You can buy a Creator's key is to buy it With xcad with frch there really was no Native token and while with the fee Breakdown for frch 5% went to the Creator and 5% went to the treasury and Again people made crazy earnings at the Time but with xcad social 5% go to the Creator and then 2.5 go to the treasury And 2.5 go to locking up xcad token so That does help make the token Deflationary and much more scarce and if Friend teex volume is achieved then That's 500,000 xcad locked up per day and again Nobody can see the future make your own Decisions any investment is a risk but Because this just launched expect the Keys to be so so volatile so launching Your own key is free you will just need

To pay for gas meaning top up your Wallet with B&B just a little launch key For free again just paying for gas all Right welcome to xc. social xcad social Is a new experimental application from The xcad network that lets you trade Your favorite individuals key gaining Access to their private chat so first I Want to buy some keys we see right on The homepage we can see the newest Keys Just created the top keys I guess valued The most and then the accounts with the Most followers wow all right right at The top let's check myself out and again All keys do have to be bought you can Only buy them using xcad I hold one of My own but I'm bullish on me I'm going To buy more I guess let's I obviously Want the price slippage as low as Possible let's try 2% pretty Standard all right picked up one of my Own of course if this was a different Person now I would have an exclusive Chat with me I guess these are people That have already bought uh my key I Guess that's why the price was going up Wow bro I aped 30 Keys YOLO let's go Altcoin daily 2 number one hey Everybody happy to be here cool so Anybody that buys a key obviously gets In this exclusive chat I did just drop Some exclusive Alpha for my keyh holders Link down below if you want to join Maybe I can see actually okay here are

My hodlers wow 30 Keys three keys one Key me I want to buy some other people's Keys actually that's in the explore tab Damn I'm trending and by the way I do Just want to reiterate this is probably Going to be very volatile never invest More than you're willing to lose but for Me I understand the risk and I'm willing To take a shot ooh okay I have met my Financial friend he's a YouTuber in real Life met him a few times let's pick up One of his keys he is trending actually You know what my rule is if you're going To buy one might as well just buy two Just cuz what if at the top what if I Want to take some profits but then still Be in that private chat I will need at Least one Key all right got my key let's go back To Explore um what are the top Keys okay Ali he's one of the founders Of xcat I get that that's sort of like Investing in Brian Armstrong if you Think coinbase is going to be big I Would but actually just one of his keys Is already pretty expensive and by the Way one of the cool things is you can Buy a fraction of a key that was one of The reasons in my opinion that friend Tech lost momentum quickly is because You couldn't buy a fraction of a key and And then so many people got priced out Of their favorite creators when they

Started to become big and then it Disincentivized participation xcad Solved this you can get a fraction of a Key so let's see I'm going to buy can I Let's try this do 0.11 okay 0.1 is the least let's do Slippage all right key minted I now hold 0.1 of Ali's keys and a few more maybe We can pick up some hidden gems Maybe Mason actually I have I did mean Mason In real life uh very recently as well Super knowledgeable in my opinion on Crypto and just on social media building So bullish on Mason oh man I don't have Enough xcad left I'm going to have to Top it off I'll do this later we can go To chat and I can now chat with the People I hold a key of so I'll send a Little note you're trending an exced Social was what a keyh holder said to my Financial friend uh I'm just going to Type In Howdy happy to be here because now I am A part of his chat and of course rewards We can see the fees that I have earned Based on people buying my Creator key And then points I've earned just like Friend Tech and the more points you Collect the higher allocation for the Airdrop you will receive points will be Earned via trading activity chat Activity and referrals so you can earn Points just for being active and then

These points will be added to your Account instantly and will in the future Count towards an airdrop and then of Course settings right now I am just Connected through the Twitter following Maybe YouTube as well okay yeah so it's Just Twitter primarily now these two Will be connected soon but for today why Is YouTube and Instagram linking Disabled for me well at launch they will Have to manually link users YouTube Accounts at least the bigger accounts First because like any business for YouTube to enable connect with YouTube It has to be approved and this does take A little bit of time so for now they Will have to manually link certain users Another interesting thing about xcad Social compared to the competitors is The importance of a sofa ecosystem frch Just stood alone and that was one of the Inevitable issues xcad social is part of A bigger ecosystem we've been building An entire Sofi ecosystem for the past 2 Years this connects with the other main Sofi products very clearly if you're Interested for learning more about the Other products the total ecosystem I'll Link our past videos down below check Them out but again all these products do Utilize the xcad token and what's Interesting about xcad social is the Best performing Creator keys on xcad Doo Will qualify to launch fan tokens with

Xcad holders of those Creator keys will Be able to convert their Keys into fan Tokens when they launch and then fan Tokens will have an entire ecosystem Around them so maybe someday some of Your favorite creators keys will convert To their creator tokens feel free to Join me in the private chat I'll be Talking with you link down below check It Out


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