The Untold Story of Coin Bureau | Crypto Origin Story

It was my idea I sort of put my hand up And was like well we could we could do a YouTube channel and everyone went Ah That's that's quite a good idea guy That's yeah I like that I want to start Off by getting into your origin story How did you find out about crypto Um you know the the beginnings of the Coin Bureau Enterprise So first before business when did you First hear about Bitcoin So uh back in 2013 when I was when I was Living in London I was living in East London a very sort of trendy part of Town and I went to a pub called the Pembury cavern which is this really nice Big Pub in in Hackney and I went out for Some drinks there and there was a sign Behind the bar saying we accept Bitcoin And this was as I say like late 2013. or Something like that and maybe I kind of Think back to it and I was like is that The time I that when I first saw the Word or was I kind of aware of it before Anyhow that was the moment that it kind Of registered with me for the first time And I actually asked myself this Question you know what is what is that What is bitcoin and Um the uh the guy behind the bar didn't Really seem to know an awful lot about It but it turns out that uh this Pub was Kind of pretty pretty Forward Thinking I Mean this is 2013 and it's uh it's

Accepting Bitcoin and I remember that Was you know quite a thing Um at the time So that was when I first heard about it That was when I first started kind of Digging into it uh obviously then kind Of early 2014 was when Mount gox and Everything was was busy falling apart so I got the feeling that I come into it at A really at a really interesting time Um when it was you know the whole kind Of the whole thing seemed to be a little Bit on a knife edge really So it was it was a great time to kind of Come into it because there was just so Much going on and I just kind of dug in From there started you know fell down The rabbit hole started reading about it Researching all I could find and yeah And then uh coin Bureau I still so coin Bureau started out as uh as a website we Were just doing kind of written content And we were doing that I think I started Writing for them about 2016. so it had been set up before I Kind of came along as a website and then I think it was about 2018 or so 2017 2018 uh Google's algorithm changed and The website was doing quite well so we Were we were sort of page page one of Google if you if you typed in crypto Bitcoin education UK or whatever it was Then we would be on page one And then the algorithm changed and we

Went to page eight or something like That so we were kind of we were sat Around on a Skype call And thinking you know how we what are we Going to do how where do we go from here How do we mix this up uh and it was it Was my idea I sort of put my hand up and Was like well we could we could do a YouTube channel and everyone went Ah That's Was quite a good idea guy that's yeah I Like that and it was sort of well who's Going to present it then and kind of Everyone just sort of You know slid out a shot So it was left to me and uh and that's Kind of how we started really I think I Can't remember when we put our first Video out if it was late 2018 early 2019 But yeah that was that was the start of It And when you were starting out this Crypto YouTube channel did you have Influences either in crypto that you Liked or maybe thought you could do a Little bit better than like oh like These are the people that are around Right now or these are the finance Channels I want to be like or It's that's a good question I think we Sort of looking at kind of crypto Content as a whole it was it seemed to Be like a lot of it was like a shouty Guy with a webcam sort of up there and

He'd be kind of yelling into it and then You know that was that was kind of it And we thought well that's not really You know there's definitely there's Definitely room to explore something Different from that Um plus it's not really my style at all So yeah I think we just kind of we Rather than kind of try to rather than Be influenced by anyone else I think we Were just sort of like let's let's put It out there see what people make of it And I mean that's the great thing one of The great things about YouTube and Putting out that sort of content is you You do get feedback in in real time Um and sometimes that feedback can be a Little hard to uh to digest but there is Kind of there is useful stuff in there So we sort of we kind of put put Ourselves out there and then kind of Adjusted as we went along but we were Quite lucky I think in that you know People I think were just ready for an English guy just kind of you know fairly Low energy just uh sort of waffling on About crypto so I think we were we were Very lucky to sort of just kind of slide Into a niche we didn't even know was There Yeah I like your channel a lot and Watching it for a long time I remember We started our Channel at the very Beginning of 2018 so I remember like

2017 2018 the crypto channels I was Looking at as you know I was thinking About starting altcoin daily a lot of Them were good but a lot of them I Thought were you know they could be Better A lot of them was hour-long like Live streams a lot of dead air which is Fine for a podcast sometimes but it's Like for YouTube it could be more Valuable it could be packed full of more Info and you do a great job with that Thank you guys well likewise likewise I'm a big fan of the work you do as well And it's uh you know it's great and it's Great that you know the kind of whole Sector as well as as crypto has evolved As the industry has evolved you know we The the people who cover it the content Creators and the crypto you know the Wider crypto media we have to sort of up Our game as we as we go along and I I Think I I think it works really well to Have lots of competition in the space You know to have lots of people out There on YouTube with kind of different Styles doing different things you know And it's I think we kind of we sort of Drive each other along it'd be like oh Those guys Those guys have tried something and it Really works so how do we how do we React to that and I think you know Everyone kind of everyone improves as They as they go along as a result I

Think that competition's really healthy And for you personally as an investor in Crypto what's your why is it Self-sovereignty is it making money Other I think the thing that really excited me About it to start with was this idea Yeah I guess you know this idea of a System of money that couldn't be Controlled you know that had been put Out there and that no government no Institution or anything like that could Interfere with it could could meddle With the supply and I remember this was In the um this was in the the aftermath Obviously of of 2008 which is obviously You know kind of why Bitcoin a big part Of why Bitcoin came into existence but I Remember I think it was about 2011 there Was an interview with the guy who'd been The UK Chancellor of the exchequer you Know the Finance Minister around in 2008. and he said uh something along the Lines of like we were in in the UK at Least we were maybe two or three hours Away from cash running out of cash Machines you know just cash machines Going dark And the whole thing for and I remember Reading that and just just it really Sent a chill down my spine because I Thought if we got to that point How would we have come back from that That that would have been really really

Bad and I remember thinking it's like You can't trust these people with the Money you know they're the supposed Experts they're the people that we've Been listening to all this time and they Brought us right to the very Brink and I Think that was what initially got me About it it was like no this this if It's done right can take humans out of The equation To watch the full conversation there's a Link Down Below in the video description And if you're interested in learning More about cryptocurrency click Subscribe right now we drop a video Every single day you do not want to Win them see you tomorrow


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