The UN’s Plan To Control Us ALL!! This Report is INSANE!!

Have you ever seen a new government 
policy and thought to yourself I   Don't remember voting for this well it's 
not just you these days governments seem   To be getting their orders from 
either corporate lobbyists or   Unaccountable and unelected international 
organizations not from their citizens   The United Nations appears to be one of the most 
influential of these organizations and it recently   Released a plan for a quote Global digital 
compact that governments will soon agree to   So today I'm going to summarize these digitization 
plans tell you exactly when governments could   Agree to implement them when they're supposed 
to be finalized and what you can do to stop them   The report I'll be summarizing today is 
titled quote a global digital compact an   Open free and secure digital future for 
all and admittedly pretty innocuous title   It was published by the United Nations or UN in 
May this year after almost four years of work   I'll leave a link to the full document 
in the description if you're interested   What's noteworthy is that it was apparently 
put together by un Secretary General Antonio   Guterres now if you watched our video about 
the world economic Forum or wefts Davos   Meeting earlier this year you'll recall that 
we summarized a speech that Antonio gave them   To refresh your memory Antonio confirmed that 
the weft and its Affiliates have been forcing   The un's sustainable development goals or sdgs 
using the environmental social and governance   Or ESG investment trend in other words the wef 
is effectively the private sector arm of the UN   Now the good news is that the private sector 
isn't too Keen to play ball with the UN these   Days as per Antonio's admission the bad news is 
that the public sector is still very much on board   And Antonio instructed the politicians at the weft 
to ignore the opinions of their populations when   Implementing the un's policies seriously watch 
that video if you haven't already after you've   Watched this one of course now the fact that the 
public sector is still on board means that some   Of the un's policies could still be implemented 
if you want a sense of what these policies will   Look like consider that the UN recently took 
over the eu's pandemic passport to develop what   Is essentially going to be a global digital ID 
more about digital ID in the description I digress   The continued influence of the UN in the public 
sector is why it's prudent to summarize its   Recent report it's necessary to know what they're 
planning and when they want to implement it if   You want to sidestep or even stop it so without 
further Ado let's dig in the report begins with   A brief introduction apparently written by Antonio 
himself in the first few sentences he reveals that   The proposals in this report are expected to be 
approved and adopted by global governments at the   Summit of the future in September 2024. mark your 
calendars Antonio also reveals that he is the one   Behind the broader un initiative that this report 
is related to we find that very hard to believe   Given the detail and scope of these initiatives 
and reports it's more than likely that Antonio  

Is being advised by someone and it's possible 
he's not writing these reports at all anyway   Speculation aside Antonio underscores the fact 
that all the policies in this report are intended   To help achieve the un's sdgs for context the sdgs 
are a set of 17 Milestones that every country is   Supposed to meet by 2030. the sdgs appear to be 
the origin of things like digital IDs cbdcs and   That 2030 date you see everywhere Antonio goes 
on to explain that these policies can only be   Achieved with the help of so-called stakeholders 
a word that effectively refers to the world's   Most powerful individuals and institutions note 
that private sector stakeholders want profits and   Public sector stakeholders want control this is 
why both parties are obsessed with digitization   Plugging everyone into the system increases 
profits and makes it easier to control them   Antonio laments the fact that some people aren't 
as plugged in as others and seems to imply that   This is the reason why inequality is growing 
around the world some would say that the real   Reason inequality is growing is because central 
banks and governments are lining their pockets   And the pockets of their cronies using money 
that's been printed or taken from the average   Person via taxation but that's a topic for another 
time Antonio also laments the fact that new and   Innovative Technologies such as Ai and crypto are 
not being sufficiently governed that is controlled   He seems to applaud the digitization that resulted 
from the pandemic and seems to imply that this is   The direction the world should go in Antonio 
ends the introduction by saying that a quote   Global digital compact is necessary to quote 
achieve the governance required for a sustainable   Digital future by now you'll know that governance 
means control and you'll also notice that Antonio   Threw the word sustainable in there out of nowhere 
this could be a subtle reference to the individual   Carbon credit score system the UN is trying 
to set up more about that in the description   Now the first part of the report is about what's 
required for Global digital cooperation Antonio   Or whoever wrote this explains that it requires 
having a set of shared goals lo and behold the   Sdgs are literally highlighted in blue Antonio 
then stresses that we must fully digitize the   Remaining 2.7 billion people ASAP incredibly 
he seems to acknowledge that not everyone wants   To be a part of this system he says that a quote 
demand pull is also needed and that this is where   The public sector can play a role he explains that 
they can do this by making things like digital ID   Mandatory to access Public Health Services Antonio 
includes quote schools and cultural services in   This list which begs the question of whether 
you'll eventually need to show a digital ID to   Get an education or practice your religion 
knowing Antonio the answer is probably yes   At least this digital prison will be sustainable 
renewable green Etc Jokes Aside Antonio calls on   Both the public and private sector to make all 
their data accessible so that the UN can keep   Track of how close countries are to meeting the 
sdgs he admits that the UN has had a hard time   Assessing whether countries have achieved 41 
of the sdgs in accordance with the 2030 date  

He then pivots to a topic that he's been 
passionate about on Twitter lately and   That is Online safety AKA censorship he says that 
quote open safe and secure use of the internet is   Slipping away from us potentially permanently 
obviously he blames this on disinformation   Hate speech and the like he acknowledges that 
some countries have taken steps to censor the   Internet something that we've also covered in 
another video but says that this isn't enough   He says that governments need to get more involved 
both online and in the real world and that they   Should crack down on hate speech he also says that 
the quote Global nature and infrastructure of the   Internet needs to be protected this is reminiscent 
of something Antonio said in his speech at the   Weft and that's that he fears that the internet is 
splitting in two a censored internet in the west   And a censored internet in the east regarding AI 
meanwhile Antonio says that the rapid advancement   Of technology is making governance AKA control 
very hard for the UN and its Affiliates and that   AI has put this on full display naturally Antonio 
is upset that AI is making it possible to generate   So much content imagine the disinformation he 
says to his credit Antonio acknowledges that AI   Can be beneficial but only if it is sufficiently 
controlled he reveals that the UN has already been   Working with AI experts to assess how it can 
be controlled and how to make sure that it can   Always be shut down probably needed if it ever 
starts telling the truth and last but not least   Antonio says that the quote Arc of innovation 
needs to be bent towards solving societal   Problems and Global challenges translation 
AI needs to be used to manage the peasants   He basically says that governments need to be 
involved because businesses won't do this on their   Behalf some would say that some businesses are 
doing the bidding of U.N controlled governments   Already but let's not go there now the second 
part of the report is about that Global digital   Compact Antonio is so obsessed with he starts 
by saying that digitization should be addressed   In a manner similar to The Climate crisis this is 
quite concerning as it implies lots of Regulation   Intervention and restriction of the internet it 
would be crazy if they swapped out the climate   Crisis with some sort of AI driven digitization 
crisis but that would never happen would it   Speculation aside Antonio explains that 
the global digital compact he envisions   Adheres to the un's sdgs and the purpose of the 
compact would be to ensure that the sdgs are met   He hints that this will require quote new 
governance Arrangements in other words more   Shadowy organizations yay Antonio then lists 
the objectives of the global digital Compact   And the actions that stakeholders should 
take to ensure these objectives are met   The first objective is to plug everyone into 
the Matrix and Antonia provides a long list   Of actions including subsidies and 100 
billion dollars of funding to this end   This ties into the second objective and that's 
to invest heavily in digitization and to quote   Develop environmental sustainability by Design 
and globally harmonized digital sustainability  

Standards and safeguards to protect the planet 
a word salad that sounds like total control   Of digital Technologies the actions Antonio 
recommends include money money and more money   They also include sharing data so that the UN can 
finally start tracking how far along countries are   In meeting the sdgs for reference there's only 
seven years left it's safe to say that it's not   Looking good maybe they'll just Rebrand like 
last time more about the Millennium development   Goals using the link in the description moving 
on now the third objective is to end the quote   Gender digital divide and to ensure that labor 
rights are adhered to online like all fuzzy sound   Objectives the actions required to meet them 
include some seriously dystopian stuff including   The creation of a dedicated un government 
body in every country watch out for those   The fourth objective is to ensure the internet 
remains open secure and shared the actions   Antonio prescribed include avoiding internet 
shutdowns to say manage dissent or opposition   What's funny is that Antonio suggests that 
governments use quote targeted measures Instead   This relates to the fifth objective which is to 
address disinformation hate speech and the like   To develop quote trust labels and certification 
schemes and to ensure that gender is included as   A part of every digital policy to ensure absolute 
equality Antonio proposes a long list of actions   Here the most important of which is to establish a 
global code of conduct to ensure that the internet   Is policed properly in every corner of the planet 
after all if there's some place where Free Speech   Still exists opposition to the UN and its allies 
could start to spread can't have that can we   Anyhow the sixth objective is to ensure adequate 
data governance I.E control actions include   Ensuring that all data is interoperable because 
nothing says privacy like sharing your most   Sensitive data with every corporation government 
and organization on the face of the Earth   The seventh objective is to ensure adequate 
control of AI actions include quote   Urgently launching a global body that will 
regulate all of the AI in existence and any   New AI that emerges Antonio must have mentioned 
the UN half a dozen times in this section   Sounds like they bought into the AI boom now 
the final objective is to ensure all the other   Objectives are met in accordance with the un's 
sdgs now we couldn't help but notice that Antonio   Used I rather than we when recommending what 
action stakeholders should take to ensure these   Objectives are met it might be the first time 
we've seen this in any report by any organization   Some would say it speaks to the size of Antonio's 
ego in any case in the next part of the report   Antonio discusses the actual implementation of the 
global digital compact he starts by saying that   Different stakeholders will be responsible 
for different tasks which is a no-brainer   He then provides a long list of un entities 
that will assist with implementation oddly   Enough Antonio doesn't believe that all 
of these existing un entities are enough   He reveals that he wants to establish an annual 
digital Corporation Forum after all the world's  

Governments agree to the global digital compact at 
the summit of the future in September 2024. what's   Hilarious is that he doesn't even ask for feedback 
about this idea he literally says that he's just   Going to go ahead and start planning the agenda 
for this new Forum would be members of The Forum   Already have homework every year they are going to 
write a big report about digitization for the UN   Antonio concludes the report by recounting how the 
UN began this digitization initiative four years   Ago and how he released an initial roadmap for 
it two years ago a partial timeline can be seen   Here note that it doesn't end with that event in 
2024 it ends instead with the world Summit on the   Information Society review in 2025. Antonio then 
declares that quote the time for talking about   The need for digital cooperation has long passed 
we need to focus on how we make this a reality   We need to act now and with speed if we are to 
recover the potential of digital Technologies   For the Equitable and sustainable development 
that is slipping away from us and the planetary   Crisis that confronts us quick throw your freedoms 
away on that note we couldn't help but notice that   Antonio refers to countries as States presumably 
in the global government structure the UN is   Apparently trying to create Antonio reveals that 
the UN is already actively discussing digitization   With these states so they are presumably on board 
the remainder of the document provides a list of   All the different un entities and stakeholders 
involved in this particular initiative   An infographic of the key players can be seen 
here I can't say I recognize any of them but   Something tells me that the rabbit hole runs right 
to the Center of the Earth with each one so this   Brings me to the big question and that's what 
you can do to stop this Global digital compact   Well this is a bit of a trick question because it 
hasn't even started the answer could be as simple   As letting history run its course or as complex 
as trying to convince public institutions to steer   Clear of it the simple answer is to reference all 
the countless un initiatives that never came to   Pass as you can imagine coordinating hundreds of 
Institutions and tens of thousands of individuals   Isn't easy everyone must be on the same page 
or else International goals don't get met   In case you haven't noticed the world is pretty 
fragmented right now and that's why Antonio is   So frustrated internationally the global South is 
slowly cutting itself off from the global North   Domestically political tensions are rising fast 
and un Affiliated ideologies are quickly becoming   Unpopular in this climate it's impossible to 
achieve widespread consensus the fact that   Some of the un's initiatives are bad for the 
average person makes the presence of countries   Not conforming to a consensus a problem that's 
because the average person will be able to compare   Outcomes and see what effects the UN has and if 
we end up getting some kind of financial crisis   Then it's guaranteed that neither the un's global 
digital compact nor the sdgs will add up to a hill   Of beans consider that the 2008 financial crisis 
stopped the sdgs dead in their tracks and they   Were also on year 8 of a 15-year Journey it would 
be spooky if history repeated itself this year  

But for the sake of entertainment let's assume 
that the UN somehow gets all of its ducks in   A row in this case trying to convince public 
institutions to defect from its digitization   Agenda will be extremely difficult that's 
because the UN can pressure them to comply   Using other public and private institutions 
not only that but some of the un's digital   Initiatives such as cbdcs May initially 
appear appealing to the average person   This means that there's likely to be lots of 
voluntary adoption at the outset it's not until   Later that the populace will realize that they've 
sleepwalked into digital slavery as such the only   Solution would be to create an alternative system 
or help an existing alternative system grow   It just so happens that this is what the UN fears 
the most especially when this alternative system   Consists of rapidly evolving Technologies such 
as Ai and cryptocurrency indeed the fact that   The UN fears these kinds of Technologies is 
proof that they are a part of the solution   If the UN gets its way though it could become 
a part of the problem too thankfully technology   Moves much faster than the United Nations and is 
also much humbler than the un's head hunt show so   It's very unlikely let's just hope this doesn't 
result in a different kind of digital dystopia   And that's all for today's video If 
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see you next time this is Guy signing off [Music] thank you


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