The TRUTH Behind Credit Card YouTubers

Hey guys so I have a pretty funny video For you guys today There's not much more to say to that Recently it came to my attention that You know okay let me say this first of All if anyone makes videos within the Credit card space you gotta know that This is a small Niche and you know we've Been doing it for four to five years now And there's definitely overlap like as An example if a piece of news come out About the AmEx platinum card making some Updates there's nothing that changes With that piece of news it just stays The way the way it is you know if we're Reviewing a certain credit card the Benefits really don't change so there Are definitely a lot of overlaps within This space but but ladies and gents look I think there is a fine line and I Really want you guys to let me know if This is something that's more valid in Bringing up as you know to people's Attention but I find it quite Interesting when we start seeing the Boundaries of this getting overstepped As an example I remember calling in Samir they were making a podcast they Made a video and basically in this video They were doing it with Ryan Trahan and They were talking about how there are Some other YouTubers that straight up Just copy other channels as an example There are like these different variants

Of Mr Beast where if he makes a video They just copy him or I think even with Other top channels within the pranking Niche and like the lifestyle Niche People will copy it one to one I didn't Think this would happen within the Credit card space but boy was I wrong Let me show you guys something pretty Interesting that I found so recently I Came across this YouTube channel his Name is Chandler Vernon and what I Noticed really quick is that So what I notice is some of these videos Had some very odd similarities alright Guys so this one's actually probably my Favorite example out of all of it I Recently compared the Chase Sapphire Reserve cards of the Platinum let's Listen to my intro Take a take a look at the b-roll 2. our Reserve and the American Express Platinum Card are two luxury premium Tier credit cards that have been in Heavy competition with one another That's because these two cards unlock an Insane amount of value for anyone who Travels regularly and they also offer Some of the best credit card perks okay Let's stop right there Sapphire Reserve In the American Express Platinum are two Of the most premium luxury travel cars That have been in heavy competition with Each other over the years and this is Because with both of these cards you can

Unlock inside hold up hold up guys we Hold up There's no way there is no way He found I don't even know how you do This he got like a different angle of The b-roll that we have how how did you Even find this I have too many questions And not enough time as an example how to Get a huge credit limit increase we made This video a really long time ago the First time I made it was three years ago This thumbnail here and this thumbnail I Don't know it's kind of identical but The funny thing is let me let me play Some of these videos so like here here's Where things get kind of funny all right So my point here Have a good credit score having good Credit now I know that this Apply for the right cards if you guys Apply for applying for the right cards Do is to apply for the right credit Cards How about this one I say this a lot on My channel but it's true you guys Business credit cards are seriously the Goat how about this one actually going To be applying for business credit cards So I mean we can keep going after this Credit limit increase always requests For a credit limit so when I'm going for Specific credit cards it depends on what My fourth thing that you can do to get Higher credit limits is just waiting on

The credit card issuers to give you an Automatic okay and then you know I how About this one here why get a credit Limit increase 615 knowing why you want To increase know why you want to get a Credit limit increase so look it could Be coincidence I always want to give People the benefit of the doubt you know YouTube is a small space I think this Individual could have changed up those Points just a little bit not going word For word but let's get into some of These other videos because there's a lot Of different examples all right we Posted this a month ago but we got Uber Credit what is this first one so Starting things off we have an annual 200 Uber cash credit Starting first with the 200 Uber cash Credit would they have a 240 Digital Entertainment credit and this comes in The form of Moving on next we have a 240 Digital Streaming credit Uh to me this is like you know what this Reminds me of guys it reminds me of the Future of AI because part of me realizes The words are just so similar to where I Don't know if he's watching my videos And then like typing it out as I go or If you just like has an AI bot that Transcribes all of our videos and then He's going off his teleprompter look I Think it's a little too similar but look

It's not a zero-sum game everyone can do This stuff that's why there's Competition or whatever except we're We're not really competing with much out Here I think my favorite is this eight Essential credit cards you need in 2023. So starting things off at number one we Have the Capital One saver one card now Overall this is just the best credit Card I found when it comes to earning Cashback for anything food related okay I wonder what card I had for my first One for the first credit card here on my List this is the Capital One saver one Card now the reason this card One on my [Music] Okay so here's like his background Version of it and uh this is kind of This is uh our our version of it too There's at a certain point ladies and Gents where this stuff gets funny like Even the mic setup I kid you not like if He changes his hair like the way I do You know the Korean style middle part I'm gonna lose it is over it's really Interesting anyways all right so guys I Don't do this to knock any other Creators but I think just the whole Point of this is try to be authentic to Yourself yes you can copy the best Performing videos that we've made you Can go for a word for word try to do our

Edits try to do our titles and our Thumbnails but this is not how you break Through in a space so here's what I'll Say chandler Vernon if you truly want to Succeed as a content creator copying One-on-one is not going to be the route Taking inspiration is completely okay Taking the way that we edit the videos Is completely okay but you need to form Your own thoughts you need to truly Think like this guys I'm not even Talking it's just have your own opinion Ends because what I believe are the six Best credit cards should not be the same Exact six best credit cards that you Think are to succeed on any platform What I've learned over the years is to Be able to learn information to learn it You know spend four or five hours Digesting information and then being Able to present it to an audience that You build up authentically in five to Ten minutes I feel like that formula Right there is key you know whether it's Affiliate marketing courses whatever you Want to do you can promote it after that Here's what I'll say guys go ahead Support this kids channel I know that YouTube can be a tough game and at times It feels like you need to be someone Else in order for you to succeed but That's not true at all a lot of people Also underestimate you know the things That make up their flaws is a reason why

They're not viewable but right now with The Takeover of AI people being able to Make content just at a crazy Pace it is More important than ever before to just Stay true to yourself so I know my flaws Is I'm not the the best speaker in the World even though you guys think I am But there are many times where I have to Literally still turn off the camera Re-record it because I mess up a take And it's not up to my standard and I'll Keep doing that and doing that there are Still Moments where I know that there Are teams that are operating better and I could be a better leader or I could be A better this I could be a better that But I realized that being authentic as a Creator showing you guys the trials the Ups and downs because it is not always Up we've had many moments and I've Talked a lot about on this channel the Downs too where I threw in the towel for YouTube I was gonna go work for Rocket Money because you know I thought it just Wasn't possible and this was actually Literally moments before my biggest Breakthrough where we was starting to Gain just like 100 000 subscribers a Month and keep in mind guys our Channel Blew up within one year I gained 900 000 Subscribers I'd like to round it up to a Million subscribers all in one month we Were the fastest growing YouTube channel Before all the shorts crap started

Coming in and flooding the market it and That was my biggest lesson it was Stepping into the unknown trying new Things and continuously optimizing I Know creators even now where they still Don't have anything original uh to their Content they don't have a game plan and It's just simply mimicking others the Things that I'm going to mention in this Video is out of genuine help okay to Make sure that you guys are coming out Ahead so you're not wasting your time Take inspiration from my videos you can Take the points but at least try to Formulate it to your own degree take our Edits but always think instead of let's Copy this how can I do it even better Than what I'm doing because we're not The best out here guys by no means so Whether you're a Creator or even if you Don't do YouTube at all I hope at least This video right here gave you guys a Little bit of perspective on how you Should just carry forward in life always Stay authentic to yourself have Originality have your own thoughts have Your own opinions because that's what Makes people unique to you now by the Way guys I went ahead and launched a Brand new Discord we had a Discord or Like three four years ago for our credit Card group it went inactive because I Got so busy from the crypto bull market And as you guys know our content

Switched a lot during that period so we Have the new Discord revamp we have some Really good moderators in there shout Out to all my mods check out our Discord If you guys want to join link down below Is in the description for that we also Have a Facebook group it's at over 34 000 members in there we have a email List you guys can also pick up as well One more thing by the way pick up your 16 free stocks with Mumu pick it up link Down Below in the description as well if You guys want to follow me over on Instagram Twitter I am also available There I appreciate you guys I love you Guys and I'll see y'all soon peace


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