The Truth About NFTs – Wendy O

So most nfts are complete like They're complete trash the 10 000 Generative pictures those mean Absolutely nothing the basically what You're doing is you're spending a ton of Money to join a community and they want You to battle it nobody talks about how To properly trade nfts about how to Properly invest in them I feel like what We're seeing with the meme coins and With all the coins we have we're Seeing a lot of these projects go away And die which is a good thing I mean it Sucks that people lost money like I've Lost money on nfts and coins and All kinds of stuff the way that I think About nfts is that Bitcoin allows you to Own your own money without any third Parties and nfts allow you to own your Own creation your own art whatever it is That you have created so that you Actually have complete ownership of it But we're seeing kind of a different Ideology but then people are just here To kind of make money which I get but at The same time like it's just kind of Frustrating and upsetting to see


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