The Top NFT Stories of 2022 [ Crypto Espresso 26.12.22 ]

On the day after Christmas no that Doesn't that doesn't sound right uh Let's oh let's try this a few days from New Year's oh yeah that's much better Now I'm your host Andrew and this is Crypto espresso and until 2023 we're for Going breaking news and instead looking Back at this year in crypto today lavam Or hate him we're gonna be looking at Nfts but before we get started on Today's list make sure to ask Alex in The description below about the CMC 50. We want our community to tell us what The 50 biggest crypto news stories of 2022 were so make sure you check out our Link and vote like you've never voted Before back in March of 2021 beeple was Riding high after selling an nft for 69.3 nice million dollars nevertheless He warned the industry was overheating And that the bubble would burst well the Artist turned out to be right and 2022 Has been a challenging year for the Sector but while trading volumes have Plummeted all while dragging down the Value of top tier nfts it hasn't been All bad news one nfts have come to Instagram and Facebook it's difficult to Overstate how significant this could be For adoption introducing digital Collectibles to billions of people what Remains to be seen is whether the Arrival of web 2 Giants in the nft space Will have an impact on established

Marketplaces such as Open Sea to other Big brands are also getting involved Starbucks has unveiled a bold web 3 Strategy as it looks to reward loyal Customers in new ways Nike's bet on nft Sneakers has paid off hugely delivering Hundreds of millions of dollars in Profits even Liverpool FC released a Collection inspired by their Top Flight Team three not everyone is a fan the WWF Faced a backlash after it unveiled Non-fungible animals despite the fact That this collection aimed to raise Money for charity and Team 17 abandoned Plans to offer nfts inspired by the Worms video game after some indie game Studios threatened to boycott got them For new applications emerged Eminem and Snoop Dogg transformed into board Apes In a music video Tiffany and Co unveiled Limited edition pendants based on crypto Punks that sold out in under 20 minutes And nfts are increasingly making their Way into TV shows demand for digital art Has fallen but there's a lot of Experimentation going on in the space 5. History was made one of the most Exciting applications for nfts is music This year the British rock band Muse Released their latest album in nft form And it subsequently shot up to number One in the charts other artists are Tokenizing their songs so loyal fans can Support them and get a share of the

Royalties 6. fishing attacks remain a Huge problem Discord and Twitter Channels belonging to openc and people Were compromise this year with countless Nfts stolen actor Seth Green ended up Paying through the nose to be reunited With his board ape Fred because it was About to appear in an upcoming TV show Give me back my ape we can only assume You said seven criminals cash in on the Craze two men were charged with Defrauding investors out of one million Dollars and were arrested as they Planned to strike again and a former Open Sea executive is awaiting trial Accused of insider trading which to be Clear is a term that he disputes after Allegedly buying nfts before they Appeared on the marketplace's homepage Eight Fiat became an increasingly Popular payment option in an attempt to Broaden the appeal of nfts the like of Open Sea and coinbase made efforts to Ensure nft enthusiasts can actually make Purchases through credit cards you could Argue that this was a missed opportunity To educate the public by making crypto Transactions simpler but you know you Know take what you can get nine nfts are Gradually becoming Greener ethereum is The Undisputed market leader when it Comes to releasing nfts and the merge Has dramatically reduced the carbon Footprint and energy consumption of this

Blockchain despite this it might not be Enough to win round critics who wonder How clipart rock can be worth over one Million dollars and 10 some pretty Surprising collections have dropped too You know Donald Trump was a vocal critic Of cryptocurrencies when he was President but it hasn't stopped him from Releasing his very own nft collection They cost 99 each and featured Trump as An astronaut and a racing car driver and A hunter and a superhero with laser beam Eyes that's yeah good for him that's Nice what's also nice is all of you for Watching be sure to like this video Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Click on that little bell icon to get Buzzed whenever a new crypto espresso Video goes live and don't forget to vote For the CMC 50. it's pretty cool just go To the website ask Alex below it's it's Neat anyway again I've been your host Andrew and we'll be back tomorrow for Another look at 2022. stick around


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