The SEC’s War on Crypto!

This win this ruling just keep in mind While it doesn't necessarily guarantee a Spot ETF or certainly anytime soon I Mean you know potentially the SEC can Come back and try something else or Grayscale could decide to drag this out If they chose I mean there's a lot of Things that can still happen there with That said I think it's still really Positive and I think that's primarily Because there's a lot of people that Feel that the SEC has really had it out For crypto and it's had a lot of Overreach in terms of what they've been Doing if we talk about in terms of like The sec's war on crypto for like a Better word I think this is a big kind Of blow in that direction before it's Just wow this is sort of one person of The sec's opinion which a lot of people Argued wasn't wasn't right they were Treating crypto unfairly they're Treating crypto differently than other Industries well now you have the opinion Of several judges as well the more I Think we see these things happening the More pressure there will be for the SEC Hopefully to sort of get themselves in The line and you know treat things Fairly


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