The Secret To Getting Approved For A Business Credit Card

Want to get a business credit card but You don't have a business if you've ever Delivered food through doordash if You've ever been an Uber driver if You've ever tutored for a student you Are eligible to register as a sole Proprietor now all you need to do next Is type in Google IRS EIN from there you Can apply for an EIN completely for free In just 10 minutes or less and then Apply for a business credit card on the Application just put sole proprietorship Use your first and last name for the Business name and you can put down your Home address for the business address Now after filling out the application And hitting submit you'll most likely Get a letter in the mail that they need To verify the business and all you need To do next is show proof that you are The owner of it so the easiest way to Start with this is to get a Google Workspace trial if you want to learn More I have a full dedicated video on my YouTube channel talking about how you Can go from A to Z in getting a business Credit card linked down below


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