The Sam Bankman-Fried Trial Today Was a Complete Disaster | Day 1 Recap

We are outside today of the Manhattan Court where Sam bman Freed's criminal Trial does kick off today I want to Update you on what's happening with Crypto including day one of the SPF Trial week one of the ethereum Futures ETFs now live also Mr Beast and Ai and Much more but let's start Sam bankman Freed trial kicks off jury should be Seated by Wednesday it's all about jury Duty today so they are still trying to Find an impartial and fair group of Jurors they're asking questions about do You have any preconceptions about Cryptocurrency or S bankman freed and FTX also any thoughts on things like ADHD that might affect Sam bankman Freed's body language for example They're asking the jurors about that as Well for set to get opening arguments After that and then also witness Testimonies so some of the high-profile Executives that have pleaded guilty are Expected to testify you've got Caroline Ellison Gary Wong and NAD Singh s Bankman Freed's inner circle that has Been cooperating with the prosecution so The FTX Founders trial kicked off Tuesday morning with a jury pool Exceeding 50 people and around 40 Reporters present and as the trial Stands currently no jurors have been Selected as a press time the morning was Spent weeding out potential jurors who

Face hardships if they had to sit for a 6-week trial prosecutors are saying that This could be one of the largest cases Of financial fraud in the history of the US if Sam bankman freed is found guilty Bankman freed has pleaded not guilty to Seven counts of Fraud and conspiracy he Is accused of essentially siphoning Money from his cryptocurrency exchange FTX to a sister investment firm hedge Fund Alam now in this new footage what Kevin o said about all this I want to Share this with you but inmation as the Trial heads in to day two what we Learned from day one per Court Proceedings in the SPF fraud case today Prosecution states that s SPF was never Offered a plea deal that means Caroline Ryan and Gary provided meaningful Intel To convict Holy crap no plea offer that Means the prosecution is going for blood In fact doj Source earlier today said The following a light sentence would be 30 years a reminder that maid off got 150 and spf's fraud crimes allegedly are So much bigger from a monetary value the Trial is expected to last about 6 weeks And every day like always on this Channel we will make one video per day Keeping you informed about crypto and as Explained in our video yesterday the Dumbest take on the FTX fraud Michael Lewis has clearly lost the plot this 60 Minutes interview is unhinged even

Coffeezilla attests finished reading Michael Lewis's new book so you don't Have to you are not misled by the 60 Minutes interview it's a full out Defense of SPF he spends more time Questioning the intentions of the Bankruptcy lawyer John Ray than he does SPF I'm speechless and by the way Michael Lewis who is an author and a Journalist has always I mean in his Career has always been so respected Amongst his peers but it is interesting In his press tour Michael Lewis's psych Portrait of s SPF seems consistent with The profile of a sociopath so he would Be the first to admit that he figured Out from a very young age that he didn't He wasn't born with a normal compliment Of human feelings yeah like empathy just Didn't have it he didn't the oddest Thing he couldn't do was make facial Expressions so he realized you know at Some point in childhood that people Weren't relating to him because when you Said something that was supposed to be Funny he didn't pretend to laugh you Know and so he had to learn how to Pretend to laugh he in front of a Mir Yeah taught himself facial expressions So what he's doing is kind of decoding The way people are so he can fit in and You see him in the story like learn Getting better and better at at at Projecting as a normal person when the

Me also new information has come out on How involved Shark Tank star Kevin oir Really was with SPF now we know why Kevin oiry likes SPF so much he was paid Nearly $1 million per hour to shil for Sam in fact in this direct excerpt it Reads 15.7 million to shark tanks Kevin Air for example for 20 service hours 20 Social posts one virtual lunch and 50 Autographs just that for 15.7 million And now it does make a little bit more Sense why Kevin o is still trying to Blame all of this on CZ of binance take Down CZ of binance Finance but the point Was the promise of crypto Still Remains It's still there digital payment systems The promise of Bitcoin to restore value In itself is still there and to retain Value as a digital gold still there Institutional interest still there Nothing's changed because of FTX and Binance is on its way out too but all The crypto Cowboys that's were the Founders of this industry they're all Going to be gone soon the czs and the Sand Bank afraid they will they were Great pioneers but now they just have Arrows in their bag so let's talk about This Mr Beast news along with ethereum ETF joining us now is vanex CEO yan Vanck yan it's great to have you on I do Want to start with this ethereum Futures ETF what does it bring to the market and I ask that because there is all this

Focus on on spot ETFs too but when we're Talking about Futures it's a very Different product it tends to be a more Sophisticated Trader so how do you Expect this to play out so vanak is one Of these Legacy institutions that now Offers an ethereum Futures product Today's kind of a day in a big day in ETF history if you will so to the first Point yes uh investors traditional Investors now have access to ethereum Which is really I would call it a Pure Play blockchain Play Because Bitcoin has Got this sort of aspects of gold and Keep in mind this is great for Optics But doesn't really do that much for Price if it was a spot ETF that's huge For price I I do Wonder though how this Does pave the way if it does for whether It is Bitcoin or whether it is ether These spot ETFs which I know you have Applications out there For yes I mean it has to be a positive That the SEC is allowing um these ETFs To go forward even though they're not Spot uh we are just seeing signs after The Ripple decision and the grayscale Decision That the SEC is just um relaxing their Stance and allowing some of these funds To get to Market ethereum I would look As an aggressive growth investment sort Of a a high-tech stock in a way also Coming in 2024 although in September

Alex mashinsky jury trial scheduled for September 2024 according to a New York Court the former Celsius CEO will remain Free on a $40 million bail through the Legal proceedings so you may see this Man walking the streets publicly just Know his trial starts in September of Next year and be aware what is currently Happening to Mr Beast and I warn you Because this could easily happen to Altcoin daily there's so much footage of Not our faces but our voices just out in The Ether and as stated by Mr Beast lots Of people are getting this deep fake Scam out of me are social media Platforms ready to handle the rise of AI Deep fakes this is a serious problem Watching this video you're one of the 10,000 lucky people who will get an IPhone 15 Pro for just $2 I'm Mr Beast And I'm doing the world's largest iPhone 15 giveaway click the link below to Claim yours now again this is a scam but Sheesh this is realistic enough to fool A lot of young people and it's the worst This technology will ever be meaning the Tech is only getting better like always I will keep you updated see you tomorrow


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