The Roaring Kitty Livestream Today Just Crashed Crypto (full recap)

[Music] Oh roaring Kitty goes Live on YouTube for the first time in nearly 4 Years and it was a Disaster help S Help s help and really I Mean a disaster for Gam stop we're Monitoring this as you can see kind of On the live stream right now we're also Keeping a close eye on the market action Uh we are in the middle of what appears To be the 13th maybe trading halt of of The session so far for it looks like we Just resumed trading again so again I Think this is by my I have to go back And check it's a lot it's 13 trading Halts right now the stock price crashed It kept being halted the volume stands Currently at just around my bu check and I might be in a little lag because Things are going so quick about 197 Million shares have traded so far right Now and again for context over the Course of the last 30 days the average Trading volume even with the latest mem Stock prise has been roughly 61 million Shares on a full day basis so GameStop Tumbled over 40% upon roaring Kitty's Return also Bitcoin is crashing what's The real reason the crypto Market is Crashing well in a recap Roar and kitty Aka Keith Gil comes back 25 minutes late To his live live stream by the way he Dressed up in bandages and rambled on And on for 50ish minutes drinking beer

Admitting he has no game plan to your Point Scott we have heard a lot of Commentary he did talk a little bit About the beer he's drinking and what's Going to happen with the NBA Finals Early on in the session but now some of The maybe major I guess development if You even want to call it that he has not Reiterated anything that he hasn't Already said before but he has expressed Uh the the the overriding philosophy I Guess if you will that Ryan Cohen uh at The helm of GameStop is the person that Can really turn this thing around he's Kind of reiterated some of those Feelings uh about the potential to get Things uh back on track actually he Barely mentioned GameStop gme other than How he thinks Ryan Cohen may know what He's doing and the company looks like it Has potential he also threatened eade But I seen those headlines E Trade E Trade I see those headlines basically I Believe he trades he uses erade and eade Was threatening to kick him off I got to Check I'm checking in every day I'll Long in I'm like are my position still There are they still there let me check They're still there wait they're still There okay they're still there I Actually I wasn't even like paying Attention to the details they're still There roaring Kitty mockingly Threatening E Trade by threatening to

Delete their logo was actually pretty Funny but I'm each morning I'm like I Don't know what's happening so I go all Right well don't make me don't make me But E Trade I'll do this with HTML I'll Do that don't make me don't make me Remove it I know how to do that I'm just Kidding though I'm going to put it back We're good we're good th those positions Are there those positions are there but I'll do it I'll remove it don't make Me don't don't make me do it don't make Me I'll I'll delete that from the HTML I Will and many people were shocked just Because this image this rambling is in Such sharp control Compared to the alpha he was putting out Back in late 2020 GameStop is one of the Most compelling asymmetric opportunities In the market today really I don't Understand he could disagree with that That's why it's a top position in my Portfolio and also Dr Mike Barry's Portfolio but based on prevailing Sentiment the market and popular culture Many think it's a foolish investment but Everyone's wrong it's like The Big Short Again or more like The Big Short squeeze This time right anyway let me show you What we're seeing I mean this was such Quality Alpha at the time still in 2020 GameStop maintains a healthy market Share within the gaming industry it's The the only major brick and morar

Retailer dedicated to gaming and a Recent survey indicated that over 25% of People buy their new games at GameStop And 40% of people buy their used games There its reboot plan is well in way and It's comprised of two main components The first is optimizing the Legacy Business by rightsizing cost and Improving the Omni Channel experience This will boost near-term free cash flow Now we also did see his live trading Open positions on his profile breaking Roaring Kitty Reveals His Latest GameStop gme position on his live stream He is currently down 235 million today Of course to be fair this was a little Bit of a case of by the rumor selda news Gme is way up compared to where it was Just a few months ago and I wonder if he Spoken to a lawyer before he is uh Speaking to us because of course as we Know the Securities and Exchange Commission is reportedly looking into oh And by the way GameStop did surprisingly Announce a loss in quarterly Revenue This morning so they would have dipped Either way I'm the one active on my Accounts of course um I uh what else to Say here I I I see I mean I see a lot of The stuff out there I'm just like what The hell I um what else oh these are the The accounts I'm showing and my Positions are mine you know it's like Those are my positions I'm not working

With anybody else I uh I mean I'm not I'm not working with HED like that's Kind it's like uh it's like the same Stuff as last time so it's kind of Interesting to see that stuff so I'm Like all right I got to hop on a stream And just remind people you know and then Uh what else what else what else like I I I'm not an Institutional Investor you Know um I'm not all this other stuff and I am definitely not Paul Doo so with gme Ending the day down 40% around $28 per Share yet understanding if gme opens at Or above $65 in the future Roar and Kitty shares and options could be worth A combined over 1 billion of a Billionaire was today's live stream an Epic troll with more Alpha to come or Just an epic troll to troll either way Roar and kitty crashed the crypto Market As well with Bitcoin dropping under $770,000 per coin again and altcoins Dropping harder but zooming out and Looking at the Bitcoin price Big Picture This is hardly even a crash Bitcoin has Been in this range for 84 days now and This is actually only the second longest Period of consolidation since it bounced Off the bare Market lows at around 15.5 Th000 so again an accumulation Zone like Here like here like here also smart Money is still accumulating Black Rock Now holds more than 300,000 Bitcoin Worth over $20 billion in just under 5

Months and the spot Bitcoin ETFs in Total have now had 18 consecutive days Of inflows again institutions are Accumulating we're excited to announce That PayPal USD is now available on the Salon of blockchain making PayPal stable Coin faster and cheaper to use we also Have Solana still building reminding the People why PayPal chose them to put Their stable coin on having pyd Available on salana furthers our mission Of enabling a digital currency with a Stable value designed for Commerce and Payments and for the over 220 million Monthly active users using PayPal today The stable coin on Solana is now live so PayPal for them they wanted to Prioritize a credibly decentralized Blockchain a blockchain that is Performant in nature and a blockchain That had a thriving community of Developers we also have ai altcoin chain GPT with a growth milstone our free nft Generator is on fire with over 22 Million plus images generated over 13,000 plus active users and over 180,000 plus collections so I am an Ambassador to this project just as a Reminder they are ranked number one for Web 3 AI infrastructure basically they Offer a suite of tools for people Looking to get involved in Ai and big News they're expanding to the fastest Layer one as C describes themselves big

News c network is launching C version 2 So actually I guess they were already Integrated but our integration with CN Network will bring more power and Efficiency to the AI nft generator of Course this is an ongoing story click Subscribe for one video per day keeping You informed about crypto and like all We see tomorrow


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