The rise and fall of Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX | TechCrunch

Sam bankman freed also known as SBF Co-founded FTX in 2019 and within a few Years the crypto exchanges valuation hit 32 billion now it's desperately trying To claw back any funds to distribute to Creditors but how did the one's third Largest crypto Exchange in the world get Here in November of 2022 FTX filed for Bankruptcy after it was revealed that SPF had misappropriated billions of Dollars in customer funds he was Arrested that December and is currently Facing multiple criminal charges Including fraud and money laundering the FTX collapse is the biggest scandal in The history of cryptocurrency and has Left thousands of investors in financial Ruin and shaken the world's confidence In the entire industry prosecutors Allege SPF and co-conspirators stole Billions from FTX enriching themselves And his hedge fund Alameda research if Found guilty of all seven counts he Could spend the rest of his life in Prison if you have ever invested in Crypto or if you're concerned about the Future of the industry then you should Care about spf's court case follow TechCrunch for more updates on the case And how this will affect the future of Crypto


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