The Return of the $90M Blockchain Bandit [ Crypto Espresso 1.27.22 ]

It's Friday Friday gonna give the news On Friday pop some bubbly and let's kick Off the weekend right because I am your Host Andrew and this is crypto espresso Your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines Congo line First up ftx's new management has asked To subpoena sambankman freed amid claims That he's failed to cooperate with their Requests the exchange's attorneys are Also struggling to get information from Sbf's mother father and brother ftx's New management and their advisors have Been working tirelessly and non-stop Over the last 70 plus days to implement Controls recover and protect estate Assets the filing said ftx's legal team Also wants to subpoena four former top Executives including Gary Wong and Caroline Ellison they have both pleaded Guilty to fraud and are cooperating with Federal authorities against bankman Freed but have expressly declined to Provide requested information this Summer the FBI penetrated a major Ransomware group's computer network Seizing decryption keys that saved 300 Victims an estimated 130 million dollars The Hive group has targeted more than 1500 companies non-profits and other Victims in 80 countries including Hospitals school districts Financial Firms and critical infrastructure along With the current victims the FBI was

Able to provide decryption keys to 1 000 Previous victims before seizing both Servers and websites the group's members Used to communicate Deputy attorney General Lisa Monaco declared that Investigators turned to the tables on The hackers and said the successful Mission should serve as a warning to Other cyber criminals eight years ago a Prolific Thief dubbed the Bitcoin Bandit Began robbing crypto owners using a Fairly simple tactic guessing weak Passwords and seeing if they unlocked The private Keys needed to transfer Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ether The thief or a group of Thieves had Written a program that began guessing Very simple passwords such as 1 2 and 3 And then checking to see if they Unlocked a public address allowing the Transfer of the crypto held in that Wallet well after all that the Bandit Plundered ten thousand wallets Accumulating 51 000 eth and 470 Bitcoin The criminals crypto stash then laid Dormant until last week Mr or Miz Bandits ill-gotten gains are now on the Move with chain Alice's suggesting that The transfers may have been driven by The recent surge in the crypto markets And finally Nike's latest Excursion into The world of nft sneakers jerseys and Other virtual apparel for metaverse Avatars is a design contest aimed at

Expanding its dutt swoosh Community Launched in November as a place to Discuss display and eventually design Sneakers and other nft wearables Nike Has unveiled a new creative Collaboration Zone dot swoosh Studio the Interactive design site is running a Contest called hashtag yourforce1 in Which registered members are asked to Design a pair of sneakers and build a Storyboard around them on Instagram the Contest which runs through January 29th Well it's only two days from now you Better get on that offers four winners Five thousand dollar prizes and the Ability to collaborate on a singer shirt With a real Nike designer and we here at Crypto espresso always try to encourage Collaboration and we do that by asking You to like this video subscribe to our YouTube channel and clicking on that Little bell icon get buzzed whenever new Crypto espresso video goes live and What'd you think about today's show are You experiencing that Friday hype well Let us know by patiently waiting until We enable comments again and then you Can post your thoughts because you know Bots we still don't have comments Enabled Questions about our headlines or crypto In general why not ask Alex in that Description below Alex is a great Resource for all things web 3 and the

Matters end that about does it for today And the week again I've been your host Andrew these have been your headlines And ladies and gentlemen The weekend see you Monday


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