The REAL Reason Cryptocurrency is Going UP!

Ethereum is trending what's happening is It up or Down oh ethereum is up guys crypto is Back damn let's go ethereum oh It's up 14% wow today that's crazy 40 14 that's pretty crazy that's insane you Guys 14 crypto is so back crypto is back In a huge way with ethereum leading the Charge Bloomberg ETF analyst and Experts Of all kinds now say spot ethereum ETF Approval this week is likely one of the Tea leaves that you're reading here James yeah so I mean the the we we've Had these filings top ethereum ETFs for For months since the fall even and Nothing over the last couple months Signified to us that there was any sort Of approval if you talk to these issuers Exchanges you name it no one thought it Was going to happen and then we started Hearing from different people yesterday That the SEC reached out with comments And requesting imediate basically Responses and updates to filings the Deadline for this was Thursday it's May 23rd and the SEC was basically Silent Not interacting with anyone on these Topics until yesterday which tells us This was a huge change so basically the SEC decided as of Monday when they reach Out to issues we don't know exactly when It started late morning early afternoon Who knows uh but the SEC basically Started saying all right we're going to

We're we're likely going to approve These things uh and basically took the Approval odds out of the Abyss as far as We were concerned and therefore you've Moved your spot ether ETF likelihood Probability to 75% from just 25% if we Have both a Bitcoin and ethereum spot ETF approved that would be a huge sign That crypto in the US is being embraced It's okay to buy it's okay to build to Know where we're headed we need to Understand how we got here what were the Series of events leading up to this the First sign was what Wall Street Investors Fred Krueger and Andrew Parish Explain what led up to this I mean the First sign was what to me the first sign Was the Announcement by the former chairman of Grace scale Barry silbert that he had Removed Michael sonen shine and Immediately installed Peter mburg as the CEO of Grace scale that happened at like 8:30 in the morning Michael on and shine Has stepped down as CEO of grayscale After a decade on the job the company Announced that Peter minsberg the global Head of strategy for Goldman Sax's asset And wealth management division will take Over mburg previously worked at Black Rock Oppenheimer funds and Invesco in a Statement sonin said the crypto asset Class is at an important inflection Point and this is the right moment for

Smooth transition I wish the grayscale Team every success in its next chapter The person that was installed as the Grayscale new CEO is a former Goldman Former Black Rock okay so black rock is Going to have a huge ethereum ETF Goldman is an authorized participant On bitcoin ETFs with black rock and I'm Certain will be with ethereum ETFs so There's another couple dots connected Moments after that you had the Bloomberg ETF guys saying we've gone from 20 5 to 75 and then about 2 hours later you had An announcement from the New York AG's Office that said we've settled with Genesis who again is directly tied to Dcg and grayscale for $2 billion New York's attorney general Leticia James is Settling with bankrupt crypto lender Genesis for $2 billion the deal does bar Genesis from operating in the state of New York and creates a victims fund for Nearly 30,000 New York residents who Gave more than than1 billion dollar to Genesis through the Gemini earn product You know this is not pure market Dynamics or pure market demand this is Not this is political in nature and you Have elements of uh regulatory involved You have elements of law enforcement Involved you have um elements of Politics involved and that's the key This is political in nature Joe Biden And Democrats could not stand around and

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Has nine data centers with significant Computational power offering the Cheapest electricity rates gold mining Nfts offer additional benefits including Games clubs ability to sell your nfts on The secondary Market of course etc etc They have special collections such as Ton whales the first nft collection of Virtual miners on the ton Network that Mines Bitcoin every day or their trust Wallet collab the first nft collection Of virtual miners on the trust wallet Platform that mines Bitcoin every day Check out go mining I'm going to link Them below get a 5% discount for your First purchase with promo code alt daily One word code is only valid for 2 weeks Check them out I'm going to link them Below remember Donald Trump came out Pro Crypto in a big way recently yeah with The goggles on uh a lot of the smartest People in crypto are moving their Businesses out of the US because they're Scared of like uh the US's regulations Because of the hostility correct crypto Is moving out of the US because of Hostility toward crypto correct so what Are you going to do to stop it well We'll stop it because I don't want that I don't want that I want that if we're Going to embrace it we have to let them Be here but crypto isn't a partisan Issue it shouldn't be partisan Mike Novag Gratz explains the Democrats pivot

And strategy very interesting listen eth Eth is a lot higher in the last uh 24 Hours on speculation that the ETF is Coming step back a little bit what seems To have happened is you know Donald Trump two weeks ago got on stage and Said I'm the crypto president and it was On the same day that Joe Biden had Threatened to veto a relatively obscure Piece of legislation that the SEC had Put through a rule on accounting saying That crypto Assets in custody needed to Be held on balance sheet and that kind Of set off a Firestorm where it almost became a Purity test like Republican good for Crypto Democrat bad for crypto and I Think the Democrat regime woke up and Saying this is crazy right there are More crypto owners in America than there Are dog owners right we have 85 million People that own crypto and a lot of them Are single-issue voters and the Democrats looked like they were the Party against dogs and so you've seen a Pretty dramatic change and all of a Sudden out of nowhere what seems to be a Complete about face with the SEC on the E ETF and you know like assuming you Know the market is right and the Market's usually pretty smart Um it feels like someone at the Biden White House made a call and said guys we Can't we can't be the party against

Crypto anymore and I think that's a Seismic shift because if those things Actually happen prices are going to be Much higher than here prices will Certainly be a lot higher if the Ethereum ETF gets approved Bitcoin Rallied 75% in 63 days after the spot Bitcoin ETF was approved if ethereum Follows the same Trend if approved this Would take it to 6, 400 by July 23rd and Then $10,000 then higher of course the Bigger story here is that an ethereum ETF approval would signal a crypto Approval in the US altcoins are going to Make a lot of people rich with Everything going on guys we're going to Release some top altcoin videos soon Anything we've released over the last 6 Months all these videos are still good Definitely check out these videos when You get a chance like the last six Months worth of videos so much Alpha Make sure you watch but we're about to Enter a new paradigm for this Cryptocurrency Market there's just so Many catalysts that are about to make The next 6 9 11 18 months some of the Best for crypto investors in crypto History I'm really excited guys and you Should be too make sure you subscribe to Our channel for daily videos smash the Like button support the channel we're Just in a celebrity poker tournament so Head on over to the community section

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