The REAL Reason Crypto is Going Up (Bitcoin OVER $30k!)

Um these are three fairly important Developments I think they speak to just How unkillable Um the enthusiasm for Bitcoin is why is Crypto going up today Bitcoin breaks Above thirty thousand dollars amid Trad Five push traditional Finance push into Crypto and let's look at the Bitcoin Price since the FTX collapse at the end Of 2022 or even the beginning of 2023 Bitcoin has put in a series of higher Lows as well as higher highs and why is This what's the actual reason bitcoin's Going up because it wasn't it just a Month ago that Gary Gensler was telling You that all crypto is bad we don't need More uh digital currency we already have Digital currency it's called the US Dollar it's called the Euro it's called The Yen they're all digital right now Well in a yet to be released Mark yusco Interview on our channel altcoin daily The founder of Morgan Creek Capital Management explains that this is not a Coincidence think about this not a month Ago I mean it's not even like a year ago Or two years ago or five years ago not a Month ago the SEC was like you're a Villain if you're even touching this Space you're a bat now everybody I mean Deutsche Bank this morning and Fidelity Over the weekend and BlackRock last week And you know everybody's jumping in the Pool so according to Mark while

Regulators were shouting at retail that Crypto's bad they were flooding the Market so that traditional Finance could Take out their positions the oldest Trick in the book if you want to buy a Lot of something what do you do You on it when George Soros wanted To Corner the market in Copper Right what did he do He didn't go out and buy a bunch of Copper he went out and sold a bunch of Copper and spread rumors that copper was Going to zero Then you swoop it and buy a whole bunch After the price collapses that's what I Think went on last year the full Interview drops early next week make Sure you click subscribe and have Bell Notifications turned on and here's the Real reason as discussed in yesterday's Video here is one out of three big Reasons Bitcoin is really increasing Fidelity Citadel and Charles Schwab just Launched their own crypto exchange Called edx and this is a big green flag For institutional players first of all Edx which is the exchange that Citadel Schwab and Fidelity are backing the Important thing that distinguishes it From FTX and binance and all the stuff We know the Regulators don't like is That they're not taking custody and I Want you to understand the importance of This they're they're telling you show up

With your own custody solution we're Simply going to be here to match buyers And sellers and handle price that's Probably a step closer to the way Traditional exchanges work we're here at The New York Stock exchange they're not Holding customer funds so that's one Also they're institutional they're not Recruiting Robin Hood Traders so I think That's a big development and the fact That they went forward with that given All of the the fear and uncertainty and And doubt in the asset class is key now Another big reason is Abby Johnson and What else Fidelity is doing there's Credible rumors that Fidelity is Readying something seismic don't Discount those Abby Johnson has Personally been mining Bitcoin since 2014 and then the third development is Blackrock filing uh an ETF application And has been pointed out Um they've gotten like 500 yeses and one No over the years they're pretty much Undefeated it would be very weird for Them to file something just to get you Know smacked back like the other 30 Firms that have filed Um so either they know something or they Want to make a point in getting rejected And here's probably the biggest reason That Bitcoin is going up because they Say when the average retail investor you Me when we miss the boat the boat's gone

We missed that investment that Opportunity but when smart money when Traditional Finance misses the boat they Pull that boat right back I think by the Way I'm sorry I think this is a sign That Gensler is winning the the Revolutionaries are not it doesn't Appear the revolutionaries do not have Any uh momentum the firms that have a Proven track record of working with Regulators and being transparent are the Ones that seem to have the momentum now And I think that's because The Regulators are getting their way here so I just want I want to point out that That's what I really enjoyed well by the Way Um Doug sifu who's been I think the most Critical Financial professional of the SEC and Gary Gensler that I can think of uh is On the board of edx the exchange we Mentioned today uh and virtue is an Investor just to to lay that out and Griffin who hates Bitcoin Is this is his firm's project and good Point just understand that this isn't Even necessarily Citadel or Schwab or These Legacy companies saying they Believe in crypto but they are saying There's clearly a market out there and They want to make the money and own that Market this is a very simple story in Terms of what's being done by Citadel

And the others is that they're not Telling you that Bitcoin has intrinsic Value they're not saying that they may Not believe that what they're saying is There's a market here and the SEC has Been very clear they don't want the Finances and they don't want the Samuel Bankman freed of the world they want the Real companies involved so it doesn't Bless it as a currency I don't think It'll I'm not gonna say ever but I don't See the point where it becomes a Currency particularly with digital Currencies coming from Sovereign but it Does mean there's money to be made here So if you take a look the money Fidelity Is putting in or BlackRock or Citadel It's almost a free option for them to Have something comes out that Legitimizes this they will be there They'll be there first and that's who Typically wins these things so that's What they're doing so forth they're Outlaying here versus what they can gain Trading these things over time being the Next NYSE it's well worth it and they're Going to own it they're going to write The rules right and they will write the Rules and get so we'll work with them to Write the rules so you get the finances Of the world out of it so that's what's Here don't mistake this for saying this Is what you're going to be able to go And buy your Tesla with every day that's

Not what's happening also crazy news in Crypto today Fed chair Jerome Powell at The Congressional meeting on finance This morning Fed chair Jerome Powell Says crypto does appear to have staying Power as an asset class crypto and Digital Assets in the US has got a you Know market cap of around 1.1 trillion Dollars right now it's been there for a Bit do you acknowledge that this asset Class has staying power in the US Economy It appears to have some staying power of Course that one 2.1 trillion was what Was that a year ago a lot higher yeah Yeah it's had some volatility in large Measure due to the lack of legal Clarity Jerome Powell also spoke on stable coins Saying we do see payment stable coins as A form of money Um we do see payment stable coins as a Form of money uh and in all advanced Economies the ultimate source of Credibility in money is the central bank And we believe that it would be Appropriate to have a quite a robust Federal role in in what what what Happens in stable coins going forward And that leaving us with a weak role and Allowing a lot of private money creation At the state level would be a mistake But nonetheless again I do appreciate That we've we've been able to be heard And and share our views with uh with the

Committee and of course all of this is An ongoing story make sure you click Subscribe you do not want to miss that Mark used to go interview like always See you tomorrow


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