The Real Reason Crypto Is Crashing – Do Not Be Fooled

The crypto market today is dipping as Bitcoin suffers a crash to $65,000 as spot ETF inflows Wayne Literally in the past 24 hours we've Gone to from call it $73,000 to $67,000 Five was that a function of the retail Market selling actual Bitcoins or was That institutions selling ETF what's the Real reason that the Bitcoin price is Dipping spot Bitcoin ETFs question came In hey we know you're not offering one Have you changed your mind what would it Take for you to change your mind Breaking news in the last 24 hours the Vanguard CEO reaffirms they will not Offer spot Bitcoin ETFs because it does Not belong in a long-term portfolio and It's not a store of value we don't plan To and we don't like we're not going to Change our minds around this um unless The asset class changes and for Perspective Vanguard has 7.2 trillion Assets under management compared to Black Rock's 9.1 trillion and Fidelity 4.5 trillion vanguards the number two Most powerful first of all we don't Believe it belongs like a Bitcoin ETF Belongs in a long-term portfolio someone Saving for the retirement it's a Speculative asset that's exactly it and The funds that we offer invest in asset Classes that actually have underlying Cash flow so something like Bitcoin is Just too vola and is not a it's not a

Store of value it hasn't been to me this Just illustrates how early we are this Is why there's an opportunity you know This is buying buying you know Bitcoin Right here is buying Microsoft and its First five or 10 years of existence Right I mean this is the base layer of The new form of money heavily respected Fund manager and Economist Lawrence Leard had a great explanation of this Hey he follows me I'm going to follow Him he puts out great information but Please understand that Vanguard CEO did Not cause the dip also spot ETF inflows Waning factually I mean this is Disingenuous this is not the reason the Bitcoin's dipping here's the monthly Volume for the 10 BTC ETFs March is only Half over but has already smashed the Numbers from February and January with 65 billion and these Corrections are not New like clockwork this is when the ETFs Buy they've been happening since the Approval of the ETF January 12th again This is when the ETFs buy and Corrections tend to happen when the Bitcoin funding rates get too frothy Things are frothy funding rates are high This is a chart from yesterday investors Were signaling Bitcoin funding rates Have been high again we need the flush Out we need to clear the leverage and it Happened plunging crypto prices trigger $800 million in liquidations that was

$300 million worth of BTC specific Liquidations and over 800 Million worth Of liquidations for crypto and this is Where we stand today on that leverage Wipeout we got the reset in bitcoin's Funding rates annualized basis went from 100% back to 20% this was healthy and by The way this is what Bitcoin dips look Like during a bull market there are a Lot of people who don't understand this Asset they're going to buy it and it's Going to work and they're going to feel Great and they're going to think hey I Made three or four times my money and They're going to sell it not realizing That it's going to just keep let's Finish this clip and get to recent Altcoin news but it's very possible that The reason that we dipped or at least The reason that we're not going up so Much faster is because of the poor user Experience that comes with the adoption Of any new tech struggling to manage Multiple wallet addresses across Multiple blockchains let's self simplify Things for you we consolidate all your Wallet addresses from various chains Into a single userfriendly and unique Web 3 identity very happy to always be Able to share with you the cool things Happening in the space we are partnering Up with them today to be able to Transact on chain but without distress So instead of having to send a bunch of

Random numbers and letters your public Address with self crypto and by the way Link down below you can build build a Unique web 3 identity across multiple Chains remove the complexity of crypto With self and let me just share with you How to do this register your identity Once use it forever so first you're Going to choose how you want to register Your name either with self token or Stable coin now choose the name that you Want as your self identity this will be The name you can just send instead of a Complicated wallet address and register Confirm got a pay the Guas and boom successfully registered Now we have to set it up we go up to our Profile click the identity that we now Own and here we are this is how We'll Add all our public wallets into one Identity and this is multi-chain you can See the ones they offer as of now so we Want this BTC address to be under this Identity Also let's choose our profile Pick got look good this is identity save Changes just register it on the Blockchain boom metadata updated Successfully and again this is a way to Transact on chain with no stress Consolidate wallet addresses and by the Way unlike ethereum name service ens or Other such companies with self you do Actually own this identity because with Others you're just renting it you're

Paying a subscription fee this one is is Just an affordable one-time payment no Costly yearly subscription fees truly Unique usernames and register your ID Once use it forever many people Originally called this the PayPal killer Or maybe the PayPal of crypto because This is something you could feel Comfortable having your grandma use and If you have already registered feel free To comment down below your username your New self identity and if somebody wants To send you crypto it's not going to be Me but but it'll be easier for somebody To do and let's continue with altcoin News but I do just want to highlight They did just recently release the road Map for the next 1 to two years a lot to Look forward to there's Dow governance With self nfts so Decentralization they're building their Own self wallet browser and mobile their Own decks and then eventually their own Blockchain right now they're on BSC Eventually they will have the first L1 Blockchain with username functionality Linked down below check it out always More to get into and breaking Nigeria Takes a binance exec hostage in a bid to Prop up their unpopular currency what You're looking at is these two officials Who are being held are essentially uh Functioning as leverage because Nigeria Says that they want information on the

Top 100 traders in Nigeria using Binance's platform in their full Transaction history for the last six Months and as you said neither of these Employees has been charged and and Interestingly neither really has has any Decision-making power so I will say this Even though it does seem to be that They're targeting binance here it's also Not a good look for Nigeria it doesn't Really say I'm open for business and it Certainly has a chilling effect in terms Of foreign investment so the Nigerian People were using too much crypto so Then the Nigerian government decided to Take crypto employees hostage and say Tell us who's using your platform when The ubu regime decided to float the Nera From the US dollar to float it from the Peg the value of the Nera dropped 29% in Just 24 hours which basically sent their Currency into freef fall so what do you Do if you're a Nigerian you move your Money into any other currency you can That's more stable so their first stop Was to go to the US dollar but then the You know the regime decided to restrict Access the US dollar which is what set Nigerians fleeing to crypto stable coins Luckily we have dex's pancake swap Announces V4 with Custom Pools and gas Out mization so pancake swap released a New version of its code which plans to Launch on BNB and ethereum in Q3 and how

Will this affect you the new version Will allow for custom liquidity pools And Flash accounting intended to lower Gas costs for users and prevent Impermanent loss for liquidity providers Also we have ZK link they have now Officially merged or at least bridged With blast which is an ethereum L2 and Also reached 50 50 million in tvl in Under 24 hours and as Bitcoin continues To consolidate I mean this thing you Know unless we're wrong about this being Adopted as the base layer of money and I See no evidence to suggest that's the Case this these coins will be you know 100,000 then there'll be 400 then There'll be a million then there'll be 4 Million then there'll be 10 million you Know and and and the time frame on all Of that is probably 20 years cuz you Know Microsoft started in in the early 80s and here we are 40 years later you Know that it the multi-billion dollar Company that it is so this this doesn't Happen overnight but the point you know As you raised is you don't want to sell You know it's it's like Manhattan real Estate as he said you don't want to sell A Cornerstone asset that can't be Replicated um and and can't be debased Just because you have a profit in it be Sure to click subscribe for a daily Video keeping you informed about crypto And like always see tomorrow


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