The Real Bitcoin Founder?

In 2014 Newsweek published an article Claiming that the true founder of Bitcoin was a man named Dory Nakamoto The article sparked a massive media Frenzy with reporters immediately Swarming nakamoto's home to get an Interview with him but who is during Nakamoto and is there any truth to the Claims that he's the creator of Bitcoin During Nakamoto is a Japanese American Man who was living in California at the Time the Newsweek article was published The article claimed that Nakamoto had Invented Bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto but had intentionally Kept his identity hidden from the public The evidence cited by Newsweek to Support their claims included statements Made by nakamoto's family members and Former colleagues as well as Similarities between his writing style And that of Satoshi Nakamoto however Nakamoto himself denied having anything To do with the creation of Bitcoin and Claimed that he had never even heard of It until the Newsweek article was Published in fact the evidence for and Against his involvement is still hotly Debated among crypto enthusiasts and the Media alike because


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