The Problem With Social Media Influencers.

Ladies and gents this is definitely a Different type of video that I'm making Today but something so so important now This modern day of Age We tend to Blindly look up to and make Role Models Just out of anyone I feel like just even Five to ten years ago there was a bit of A threshold that you would need across You know whether they're on TV or They're featured in certain movies but Nowadays with the power of social media Technology Tick Tock in Instagram YouTube you name it just any regular Joshmo like myself has been able to Become an influencer now the issue here With this is just the fact that anyone Who becomes an influencer becomes Someone with authority it's someone who Ends up guiding a mass majority of People to make a decision I think it's Pretty safe to say if you're looking to Find a place to eat or you want to Figure out how to dress or you want to Know what dream car you have or you know Even like your dream house your dream Vacation how you talk how you think how You act a lot of this stems from the way That we look up to others so in this Video I just want to talk more about the Reality of the truth and blindly Following influencers and I want to talk To you guys more about the awareness That's needed around this space you know That saying like the blind can lead the

Blind it's exactly what I think about as Someone who's within this space I've Been able to see people who are more Authentic and genuine and then I've seen Other creators who portray themselves to Be a certain way on the camera but then When you know them in person they're Completely different the other day I was Scrolling through social media and there Was one vlogger like a new kid on the Block that I was super inspired and Impressed with I was thinking like wow This kid's got interior designed this Kid's Got Talent and then I started to Go into his comment section because he Was responding to comments and I Realized man the way he talks to his Audience does not reflect the type of Person that I thought he was the reason I was singing this is because he was Pretty rude he was didn't just seem Grateful he was like kind of just like Clapping back to people who are supposed To be his best supporters the people That allowed him to be in the situation That he's in now I think this Revelation That I had was so important because as You guys know I've been able to build up A decent Following over the past few Years and I never take a single moment Of what I've done for granted but it's Also got me to thinking how many people Follow me but don't really know who I am Don't follow blindly and idolize

Celebrities and influencers to be Someone that you want to be don't follow Me blindly thinking I have my entire Life figured out because I don't I'm not Perfect I never will be perfect but I'm Always going to try my best to be the Best version of myself that I can be Instead of idolizing and losing yourself Be your own influencer be the main Character of your life and for real guys I think the biggest message here is for You guys to love yourself so influencers Help us make decisions on how we act What we do and what we want to buy but It's crucial to be intentional and to be Careful about who we follow we need to Start asking ourselves some better Questions why do we follow them what is It that they have that we don't is it Because you see this version of like an Alpha male on social media that's Constantly surrounded by by all these You know A-Class empty Solace models and That's something that you want ask Yourself questions on what someone has That you don't that inspires you now Keep that in your mind just think about A few people few influences that you Look up to that you really want but now Let's change the narrative I used to go My whole life thinking about other People and the things that they have That I didn't I was like okay back in High school I was like why are those

Kids so popular and how come I'm not how Come that kid over there was blessed With such good looks but I'm not why am I so average stop looking and comparing At what other people have versus what I Don't have and start looking at what I Have versus what they may not take an Example of you know maybe your dream Influencer that you constantly stock That you're constantly look up to and Ask yourself this what is something that You have that they don't maybe you're Actually really gifted in another area Maybe you're really good at cooking Maybe you're really good at video games Maybe you have two loving parents and You know you're surrounded by loving Siblings that you have good Relationships with and maybe they don't It doesn't need to go as morbid as that And the point of this exercise is to not Compare yourself to make yourself even Better than them but it's to show Yourself how much that you have in Reality I realized that a lot of this World too is Illusions you guys some People will do everything to make Themselves look a certain way even you Know I don't want to put females into This but as an example females is a Strong way girls go around with beauty Filters with a ton of makeup and they Spend like hundreds of thousands of Dollars to make themselves look a

Certain way and almost Essence I would Say you're creating an illusion to give A perception of something that you're Not now I know that kind of goes into Territory it's like well you know some Girls if they have makeup it makes them Even more Amplified in Beauty I get it But this is just an example here Everything that we see in this life is Not always what it actually is to take That into the context of this video If There are influencers where you think They have their life together and they Got it all they got the woman they got The money they got the cars they got Everything in most cases they're some of The most empty people in this world as An example one popular celebrity that Had really just thrown the curveball in Everyone was Robin Williams this is Someone that I personally looked up to Just because he was in a lot of my Favorite childhood movies that you know Just really impacted the way I grew up And then one day just hearing the news That this guy was one of the most Unhappiest people ever and he lived a Life just putting a smile on his face But deep down inside that's not how he Was feeling ultimately this actor Decided to take his life and it just Shows me as an example of all the Different celebrities that are around Today and even with a lot of the micro

Influencers the whole point I want to Make is that you don't want to follow Anyone recklessly and just because you See someone here on YouTube with some Subscribers it doesn't mean that they're Better than you in any other way Nowadays it feels like not many people Are original will look up to a lot of The influencers and people will just Copy and copy and copy right now it's More important than ever to be authentic To yourself have your own opinions if You want to disagree with people I think That's okay it's this whole term that's Been thrown around where it's like you Got main character energy and that is Literally the mindset that I encourage Every single person to have when it Comes to developing main character Energy it's all about loving yourself Being authentic to yourself and even Knowing just your flaws your UPS your Downs but being on a journey where you Can continue to build yourself as a Character back when I was in Korea and I Was traveling I wanted to learn more About storytelling I've always looked up To a lot of people who can storytell Well I feel like that is one of my Weakest skills and I took a course that Was given to the public for free this Was done by Pixar and Disney and this is Because Disney is known to be some of The best storytellers in the world what

Makes a good story is both the ups and The downs and it's actually the Development of the character through That so ladies and gents Show Yourself Grace take care of yourself because I Bet right now even if you don't believe It there's at least one person in this World that still looks up to you as that Influence or two if you guys happen to Be following me for whatever reason you Think I'm like a credit card Guru or I'm Like this master crypto Trader I am not And I'm never gonna tell people that I Am this certain thing I'm not this Perfect credit card expert that knows Every single thing in the world I'm not A perfect crypto Trader that has a Crystal ball that I know what's going to Happen within the market I try my best Here and I never wanted to sign up to be A quote-unquote influencer but this is Just naturally the way the world works When you build up a following from the Information that you share I just hope That from what I do with work that I can At least positively impact others and I Can reveal information where generally Over time I give you guys the best Chances to succeed in whichever Direction you want to go whether it's Financially whether it's Self-improvement whether it's Relationships whatever goals you might Have just putting you towards that

Positive path I think everything needs To be done in moderation but always be Aware of the way you do it I think it's Okay to be looking up to people but know Who that person is if you're looking up To a certain influencer for you know Their physique or they're really good at What they do do look at him for that but Don't be copying their life thinking That they have everything else under Control it's also like the idea if you See someone who's like a multi-mega Millionaire always flexing their cars And flexing their watches and flexing Everything those people might end up Being some of the most empty shallow Hollow people that you know Materialistically they have a lot but Deep down inside you have way more to Follow up on that always verify and fact Check the information that you're Getting do your own due diligence and Consider your own values and beliefs and Be mindful of your mental health I know A lot of people listen if you're not Happy with where you are in life it's Completely okay I've been living that Way for a majority of my time you can Always make a change I have so many Resources on this channel whether it's Self-development whether it's trying to Pick up newer habits where it's or you Know trying to make a seven-figure Business my goal is to make sure that

You guys have the tools to be the 2.0 Ultimate version of yourself don't let False Idols lead you guys astray be very Careful about who you follow and even With myself I could you know point you Guys don't follow everyone and say like Don't follow him don't follow her don't Follow this that but guys just follow me And sign up for my course if that's not This video anyways yeah so don't follow Me blindly through your own due Diligence I love you all see y'all later Peace


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