The Presidential Debate Today Will SKYROCKET Bitcoin | Crypto News

As you know cryp crypto though is Becoming almost an election issue There's reports that former president Trump is going to speak at this big Bitcoin conference he said that he will End quote Joe Biden's war on crypto and Just one more um it's become such a big Deal that Mark cubin has actually said That you Mr Gensler could quote Literally cost Joe Biden the election What's your response to this as both Presidential campaigns Court the votes Of the 50 million crypto investing Americans and with the very first CNN Presidential debate today cryptocurrency For the first time in its history is a Presidential issue former president Trump has obviously positioned himself As a candidate that is pro Bitcoin he Believes that all Bitcoin should be Mined in uh the US and uh has been very Open in his relationships with Bitcoin Miners and people in the space uh the Biden Administration has been very Hostile to bitcoin you know through its Various agencies whether it's the Banking uh and the so-called operation Choke point 2.0 whether it's the SEC Etc I'm sensing a thawing of the cold if you Would from the Biden Administration as They realize there are 55 million voters In this country who care about crypto That's a pretty large voting block now If President Biden doesn't change his

Hostile stance on crypto by the debate Today or at least by the election in November crypto markets do give Trump a 59% chance of winning again because Americans hold crypto what does chair Gary Gensler Who was appointed by Biden Have to say about this what's your Response to this I I'm I'm going to be Easy with the mar I don't speak about Elections do you don't have a response To Mr cubin I I I just I don't I just Really look I my role as a Securities Regulator as chair of this great 5,000 Person agency that oversees $120 Trillion Capital markets We are here to look out for investors Look out for issuers and we're Appropriate to be a cop on the beat and We have a set of rules okay so Gary Gensler clearly isn't going to answer The question to me he seems a little Shaky a little unnerved like he knows He's about to be fired let me ask in a Different way are you surprised By the political movement we've seen Around crypto I I I again I mean I'm a Securities regulator I'm focused every Day on that part of my job which is Protecting the investors looking out for Issuers access to markets Fair orderly And efficient markets and with all Respect I hope your listeners understand That's that's my role other people can Speak about um elections and let's not

Forget 10 years ago today Bitcoin OG Max Kaiser gave a Russell Brand a th000 Bitcoin after recording this video right Okay so things like Wonga get rid of Them all together they should be burned This day they should the Tower of London Was right over there when they people Like Wanga a couple hundred years ago They would be taken to the Tower and Beheaded that that is a deterrent if There's no deterrent then Bankers will Continue doing what they're doing Beheading historically has been a good Has been a deter historically works it Has it works so all right so max Works Don't Molly cotle the bankers don't say Oh I'm sorry Mr Banker is there Something I can get you oh you're just a Little baby in the woods just because You committed massive fraud doesn't mean We're going to penalize you please Mr Banker don't hurt my house price no they Should be taken down the tower and their Head should be chopped off so that other Bankers see that and say you know what Maybe I won't commit fraud this week Maybe the executives a w but won't be Thinking hey how do we rip the system Off by by Gaming the system and sending Out fake lawyers again because Joey our CEO his head is not a pike over there by The Tower of London and again this Interview was done back in 2014 Russell Brand was given a th000 Bitcoins now

Worth $57 million but he lost them so he Says there's reports that former President Trump is going to speak at This big Bitcoin conference and by the Way if you want to come see Trump Potentially as well as altcoin daily Speak at Bitcoin 2024 awesome conference Use code altcoin daily for 10% off your Ticket link down below and ticket prices Are about to increase so again grab your Tickets today come hang Solana news Solana unveils blinks for Blockchain so Solana has introduced Blinks a new feature that allows Blockchain actions to be shared as links And beds and QR codes enabling users to Initiate Solana transactions directly From any platform [Music] This development aims to simplify and Expand the use of Solana's blockchain Capabilities potentially increasing its Adoption and utility across various Internet [Music] Platforms AIT protocol making news we've Just burned eared a million eight tokens The team is fully focused on shipping And ensuring sustainable tokenomics and If you're still wondering how AIT Protocol is gamifying AI training these AI models eventually train themselves But in the early days when you're Training a model it's basically human

Feedback that's happening and you need To do that or you might have an AI that Hallucinates down the wrong path in Perpetuity having human feedback there That can help classify and quantify Certain aspects of the model put them on The right path is extremely important The original idea for AIT protocol was To create a decentralized Marketplace That allowed for human trainers of Models and then the actual model owners Themselves to connect in a Marketplace And then the human trainers of those Models could fine-tune tweak label data Within that model and then earn rewards In the form of tokens for doing that and So then instead of these model owners Having to go to these huge humanin the Loop basically factories around the World they could go and just plug their Model directly into their decentralized Marketplace it's very similar to to play To earn if you're familiar with that Concept you are participating in this Ecosystem and for your participation You're earn earning rewards in that Protocols token and so same thing Happens here with AIT if you're here to Train a model and you plug in and you do The work you're going to earn AIT tokens As compensation for the work that you've Done and so they've aply dub that train Also ethereum L2 blast just did an Airdrop blast issues 17 billion tokens

In airdrop 35% of allocations claimed Just 1 hour after token launch so what This means to you it's an ethereum L2 Scaling Network blast distributed 17 Billion blast tokens to its Network's Early adopters more than onethird have Already been claimed meaning expect Volatility in the selling maybe the Buying in both directions in this Volatile shortterm if you're a part of The altcoin daily community that was Farming this airdrop make sure you claim But also do not fall for the scam links All over Twitter saying click the links Claim your airdrop make sure it's Directly from the real company obviously This is an ongoing story click subscribe For one video per day keeping you Informed and if you want to engage with Me have a discussion sometimes as the Comment section for Twitter and YouTube Can be just filled with Bots and spam so Come engage on me on Roundtable link Down below see you tomorrow


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