The Playboy of Crypto | How Taboo Is Disrupting Adult Entertainment (on the Blockchain)

Taboo right now currently is the number One crypto adult entertainment token on Blockchain today I interview Majid Leadership at taboo we are not like a Traditional R-rated or 18 plus or NSFW Type project to discuss the future of The taboo platform and adult Entertainment on the blockchain We Are The Playboy of crypto we decided to Partner with global icons or figure Heads super models thank you taboo for Sponsoring today's video this is Everything you need to know about the Platform tell me about this mansion Party cuz to me that's one of the most Exciting aspects this year and Majid Let's start with your background yeah Yeah you know this it's an interesting Story that I had so you know I'll walk Everybody through my my life story and I'll try to keep it as as brief and Concise as possible so you know I grew Up uh in the western part of Canada so I'm Canadian born and raised and you Know my first trajectory was I was you Know doing theart of science you know I Was in a I was trying to go to medical School was was the the aim of mine at at The time and you know I even wrote Honors thesises did a lot of research as Well and uh you know at the same time You know I was always business-minded Entreprene entrepreneurial minded and I Did want to make a change and get out of

That you know you know I would say Trading your time for money type Lifestyle um and it was shortly when I Was actually going to transition into Going into medical school um you know I Decided decided to make a shift and I Decided to build my own Financial wealth Management firm so I went into finance And wealth management for about five Years I was involved in various Leadership roles I was a professional Public speaker at one point I spoke in Front of a paid venue of about 20,000 People at one point uh so I have had a Lot of experience dealing with people Dealing with businesses Consulting as Well on the wealth management side and Of course Austin as you know um and as As all of us know you know what happened To us during Co we went through some Dark times you know being locked in your Own home not being able to go near your Family members uh I know that really Really got me to evaluate you know what I really wanted to do with my life and I Realized I did not need to sacrifice now To live my dream life I always wanted to Work virtual I always wanted to work Remote and I realized that the Cryptocurrency space would allow me for That kind of lifestyle and I started to Transition into crypto but the way that I did it and this was in 2021 actually Um and you know I did I was familiar

With crypto before that but but but when I moved into it you know I noticed there Was a lot of Buzz going on and I said You know I need to become a master at This craft if I'm going to become a Trader if I'm going to become an Investor if I'm going to be wanting to Let's say research plays and and get Involved you know I came from the Traditional Finance Management side of The world into crypto I needed to learn As much as I could and I remember one Time you know I the the first week I Think I probably had about 100 tabs open I tried to learn as much as I could full Immersion into crypto how to get Involved how to start buying Cryptocurrency projects and all of that And and you know I realized as much of All of you do as well that Digitalization is the future blockchain Is the future and we always want to be Ahead of the curve you know there's a Saying it's not where the puck is it's Where the puck is going so you know what I decided to do I decided to become an Investor much like many of you here on The call that are listening in on my Life story and when I started making These Investments I quickly realized Some fundamental problems that were Going on see there were lots of billion Dooll ideas where on paper they sounded Attractive for what I was wanting to buy

Into but they might have had let's say Poor business management skills from the The core teams it might have been poor Community Management that might not have Understood the nuances of crypto Marketing and they were too focused on Just product development but not being Able to build that brand awareness and That exposure to get buys and be able to You know raise the valuation and all of That it could have been as simple as Them not having enough funding to carry Their Visions forward so I realized very Quickly when I was not as experienced at That time that my investments were Starting to have lower and lower Valuations and so strictly this was Strictly as a matter of Self-preservation I was trying to Restore my investments break even get Out and so how my actual Journey started On the company building the business Building the dream building side was at No expense to anyone I started just Consulting and reaching out to different Project leads and said hey given I had a Consulting background as well these are The gaps in your company these are the Areas of improvement this is what you Need to do to take your business to the Next level and so it just so happened That they took my advice they started Implementing it and they started growing In valuation their Community started

Building they started gaining more Traction their businesses started Developing in the way that they wanted It to be developed and that's where I Started getting offers to start Partaking in various core teams I Started as a consultant almost like a VC An active VC like you're a shareholder Of a business you're not really on their Teams but you're there with a vested Interest to see the company grow so your Investments grow with it and so that's What happened with me having big stakes In those businesses I wanted to have Skin in the game and so what ended up Happening was over a very short amount Of time I would say a few years this was Before 2020 actually this was earlier Than 2021 I believe I gained Decades of Experience in the crypto space now why Do I say that I'll make an example that You can all understand so if we were to Have two airplan pilots today one of Them is 64 years old the other one let's Say is 65 years old my question to all Of you is this who do you think has more Experience see most of us by Nature We're going to assume biologically and Subconsciously it'll be the older person Because we think age comes with more Experience comes with more wisdom or They may have just kind of more time Into their craft but what if you found Out that that 64 year old worked

Part-time their entire lives took Sabatical took time off and their total Flight time in terms of experience on The job was less than the 35-year-old Who worked 80 to 90 hours a week for About 12 years so that's actually what Happened for me is I was so immersed in The crypto space over a period of a few Years that I managed to gain a lot of Experience in a very short amount of Time ranging from areas like business Management even on the technical side Community Management leadership public Speaking amas marketing road map Development etc etc etc and so I built The skills and the Acumen which led me To finally get involved with taboo which I am now a part of today I was able to Join in the first week or so after Launch And the rest has been history Austin so That's a little bit about my background And and how I came to be a part of taboo Which is currently the number one crypto Auto entertainment project on blockchain Right now so you took all that Experience you brought it to Taboo for The folks at home that have never heard Of taboo what is it yes yes yes you know So you know taboo I even want to maybe Backtrack a little bit as well but you Know I would say just in a very nutshell About taboo you know taboo right now Currently is the number one crypto adult

Entertainment token on blockchain now When I say crypto adult entertainment Token I say it very Loosely and the Reason why is because we are not like a Traditional R-rated or 18 plus or NSFW Type project see what happened with Taboo early on is we understood that the Adult entertainment industry is a large Industry we knew as I mentioned Digitalization and the use of blockchain Is the future and we were wanting to Solve some industry gaps in the space You know large scale companies I'll make An example like Blackberry for example You might have heard a big Canadian Company you know they the reason they Failed to you know get with the times And continue to cement their Global Footprint standing is because they were Too slow moving to get with the times And so the first aspect of taboo to make It very simple and just as simple as Possible is we are the Playboy of crypto What we did is we decided there were Industry gaps in the adult entertainment Space we wanted to seize on those gaps By companies like Playboy failing to go Digital as well and so we ended up you Know creating taboo which I came in in The first week but helped develop and Evolve it uh you know thereafter as well You know we were able to create taboo Now what is taboo right taboo simply put Is a media and streaming project that

Has an entertaining Branch to its Business so we have a gated content Distribution platform in the form of us Having a Marketplace and this Marketplace you're able to purchase nfts You're able to trade nfts you're able to Basically do all of that but what Separates taboo is we are like a status Symbol brand see if you were to walk Into a shopping mall today you know There's the Gucci and Versace of the World there's these other types of Brands we are we decided to create Status symbol type brand we are in the Fantasy selling business I will make That very clear as well but you know Taboo itself the first thing that we did When we identified that a you know we Knew that the adult entertainment space Was having gaps that needed to be filled Such as companies like Playboy failing To go digital we know all of the risk Factors in the web two space about Credit card charge backs lack of privacy You know all of those other areas that Goes on you know exorb and Merchant fees That happens uh as well and obviously Creators not being able to you know have Control over their money so we're Solving all of those gaps in a more Broad scale as well but but taboo itself Right you know in a nutshell you know we Are The Playboy of crypto so we've Created a platform that has a lot of

Uniqueness to it and the first Uniqueness to it is we have extremely High brand value so the first thing that We said when we first started is how do We differentiate ourselves from the Other adult entertainment tokens or Projects we said we need to have an Exclusive brand that is SC has scarcity In nature with high brand value and that Requires creating a gated community Required strict selection processes for Our super model partners that come in And we did not want to make it an R-rated X xrated traditional I I don't Want to say this sell out but porn Project right so taboo is a Familyfriendly project you can talk About it at Family tables and dinner Tables much like Playboy you can see Them uh those shops in the malls in Dubai and other other cities and Countries as well so so we looked at it Like this and the second thing that we Told ourselves is how do we cultivate This High brand value well we decided to Partner with super models so that is Another differentiating point is we Decided to partner with Global icons or Figure heads supermodels you know from The likes of Khloe ter Jenny Summers CJ Sparks you know these were X Playboy Some of them existing Playboy models and We just and that has helped Elevate Tabo's brand as well so this is bit more

About taboo and the third I would say Differentiating Factor on taboo is the Fact that we do have a unique tiering Model that is linked both to our Marketplace and our various ecosystem Products as well as with the live Entertainment branch of our business so We decided to create an exclusive brand And exclusive have exclusive products Where we have gated content Distribution Systems within it example being if you Were to hold a certain amount of taboo You will get access to more exclusive Type content on our Marketplace ranging From tier one to tier four once you Reach the highest tier you get to unlock The entire world of taboo which includes The live entertainment branch of our Business right so this is where we have Actually had live entertainment events You know we've been able to we had one Over in it was in 2022 the summer of 2022 this was a Global event our top tier holders came To this event as well they got to meet And greet all of our super model Partners they were able to also network With like-minded individuals and just Have an UNF forgettable experience with A lot of great entertainment we had live DJs celebrity chefs uh there was a Celebrity chef named Jack Lee who also Was there so this was just a really good And fun time and our top holders were

Able to be a part of that as well so you Know this is really in a nutshell what Taboo is um and you know if I was to Really just you know basically summarize Taboo in a very very simple simple way Right you know I would probably say that You know taboo itself really you could Check on the white paper as well you can Get an idea as to you know how taboo Looks how what what it's all about you Know our website is www. taboo. we have Also updated um you know our website we Have a lot of I would say new uiux That's now in place uh we have I'll get Into a little bit more about some of the Utilities behind taboo as well um but That is really what you know sets taboo Apart is we combine exclusive adult Content with blockchain technology but We're able to do this in a very unique Exclusive way and we are not a Traditional adult token so we've kind of Formed our own Niche labeling ourselves Like The Playboy of crypto so yes you Know we do have a merchandise store Coming yes we do have nfts that you can Buy nfts which by the way we have them As one of a kind we only Mint one at a Time but these are nfts where we create Them inhouse with our taboo Photographers just like Playboy did it It's set in beautiful locations around The world with our supermodel Partners As well right so we have that in place

Already you know we do have some of the Traditional aspects of a crypto project That people look for you know staking For example right we have generous Staking let me ask you this maid because I want to get to let me ask you this Because I want to get to the staking We'll get to all that but just so just So I can understand it best um and I Think I do but make let me just make Sure this is an exclusive Club adult Entertainment like Playboy but is it Fair to say that this is like an only Fans or an only fans killer in the sense That any model can join and make content It doesn't just have to be the Partners right so this this is this is One of the differentiators right because You know we are a premium classy Exclusive brand I don't say that in any Way to negate only fans for example Right I I don't I don't say it like that But you Know we do have a strict selection Criteria at the moment and that is The Balancing Act that we're trying to Create you know I mean our supermodel Partners that we have right now you know They I would say they're in a different Category to you know anyone that can Just produce content at any time so to Answer your question you're preum your Premium is what you're saying exactly Exactly right exactly

You talked about the token staking all And all that what is the use case for The token why do I need It yeah yeah of course well I mean by by Obviously you know first things first if You are holding taboo depending on the Amount of taboo you hold I mean I would Say the very first first aspect on this As well is just you know I would say Based on the valuation of taboo I mean First and foremost you know taboo back In 2020 uh one did something extremely Remarkable you know we hit 6 50 million Market cap and just about hit Top 100 on CMC without having a working product in Place and so you know I think at times We had about 30 to 50 million of organic Trading volume so obviously owning the Token when we are sitting at a valuation Right now it's just about 10 to 11 Million market cap there's a lot of Growth potential there again I'm not I'm Not saying this as Financial advice you Have to obviously continue to do all of Your own research every and if you like What you're hearing that's great but but There is obviously you know great growth Potential considering our previous All-time high if you are an investor Looking for growth so that's the first First aspect there you know the second Aspect as well by owning the token is The more of taboo that you own based on Our unique tiering model that we have

You will gain access to more exclusive Content on our Marketplace so you start Off at tier one which basically means Owning no taboo there will be certain Content nftd content on our Marketplace That you can browse once you go to tier Two owning a certain amount of taboo Tier three and then tier four which is $10,000 worth in valuation of taboo Either in holding in your own wallet Exchanges or staked uh as well you will Then be able to have the most exclusive Access which involves getting Invitations to our live Mansion parties Private streaming rooms you'll be able To get uh discounts on our upcoming Merch store we do have a taboo calendar That we sent out uh to all of our tier Four holders at no expense to them uh You know we do have a Taboo Magazine That's coming as well where you'll be Able to get that limited merchandise Drops uh with our metaverse that's on The way you'll be able to gain uh you Know some Early Access land sales and Exclusive benefits there so the tier Four holder benefits are continuously Being modified and improved as as well The next thing is of course by owning Taboo right you get access to our nft Marketplace which obviously enhances User engagement and provides new revenue Streams uh for our creators as well um The third thing is by you know having

The token you know as we mentioned you Are then able To you know be able to get discounts on Our Marketplace so as you gain into a Higher tier of the token you'll be able Ble to also have discounts on uh I would Say the platform fees that are in place For how you go about using the nft Marketplace as well but the next thing Which is really important and this is a Feature that's coming soon over the next Number of weeks is owning taboo you have The ability to utilize our live Streaming feature that we have on the Marketplace that is currently being made You know you mentioned Austin uh only Fans as well right uh you know the Brains and the development team behind The only fans live streaming elements is The development team that's currently Working on the development of our live Streaming feature platform as well and You know the live streaming itself is Going to be extremely exciting for taboo For a number of reasons you know first And foremost something that I've always Been fond of in the crypto space is Understanding the need first to keep Things simple but to go beyond that I think many crypto companies or Projects have not cracked the code in Providing the necessary tools for web 2 Users to be able to ease and seamlessly Transition into the web 3 space as well

And so when it comes to our live Streaming for example and our Marketplace first and foremost if you Want to buy taboo you have the ability To purchase taboo on our website through Fiat credit card cards you're able to Even create a crypto wallet on site Without the need for you to have to Learn on how to do it yourself but by Owning and H having taboo you'll be able To Enter personalized one-on-one Interactions with our supermodel Partners so we will be having public and Private live streams that are going to Be coming but by owning taboo obviously You'll be able to get access to the Private rooms and by having a higher Tier you will get to have in hand Private room experiences as well as be Able to tip our supermodel Partners Using taboo tokens which will help Foster a direct and rewarding connection Uh as well so there's utilities on that Front there are going to be utilities Within our upcoming metaverse for Holding the token uh as well and of Course like I said getting invites to Our exclusive Mansion events uh as well So we do have a lot of utilities and use Cases for taboo obviously we're going to Be talking a little bit more Austin on Some of the road map PL that are coming But but you know obviously owning the

Token you're going to get to own the Number one crypto adult entertainment Token on blockchain right now we have Existing working products in place we Are about 50 times below our alltime Previous all-time high we have some big Catalysts that are on the way and of Course you know as you own more of taboo You get to become a premium VIP member And be treated like the VIP that you Deserve to be treated as both within our Ecosystem platforms that we have as as Well as the live entertainment events Where we have our second one scheduled For our top tier holders in November live streaming is coming this Year the mansion party number two is Coming this year um yes where is I guess I have another question but tell me About this mansion party because to me That's one of the most exciting aspects This Year yes yes yes so you know uh to Backtrack a little bit there too so you Know with with the Mansion parties and Mention events you know that's that's One of the differentiating factors uh of Of what separates taboo from I would say The masses you know I do believe we are Carving our own Niche we are pioneering Our own I would say industry Niche for Reasons that I've mentioned before such As us not being a traditional 18 plus Project for example right we

Familyfriendly project that can be Talked about at dinner at dinner tables For the fact that we have extremely high Brand value with our supermot partners That collectively have Over 40 million followers in total as Well you know and for the fact that we Are an exclusive premium brand that it Gatekeep our content acts like Playboy As well and also has a unique tiering Model that links what you hold to live Entertainment events as well so the First manchion event that we had we had It out in puket Thailand in 20122 all of our top tier holders were There for an unforgettable week you know We they had the it was expenses that Were covered there it was big big event We had celebrity uh DJ chefs that were There uh we had a lot some big Global Icons that were there all of our Supermodel Partners were also there so You got to meet and greet them and spend Time with them as well so it was really Like a premium exclusive event for VIPs But it also gave the holders a chance to Network with like-minded people as well As be able to meet their the superm Partners that they are fans of and so That was really exciting and it was a Colossal success and it created a DNA Blueprint for future Live Events and the Second one is going to be coming up this November it's going to be bigger it's

Going to be better you know I tell you That first one was a bit of a trial run For taboo right you know you need to Walk before you can run before you can Sprint we Pro that the concept works we Prove prove that people are willing to Also pay we have now the DNA blueprint For a second event you know we just had About almost seven new model partners That were announced over the last six Weeks so to mention about only fans Whether we're like only fans or an only Fans competitor uh you know we are still Diversifying our Model Talent they are All going to be attending the next Mansion event as well there's going to Be photo shoots there nft content Limited edition nfts are going to be Made as well so it's going to be a very Very good time uh and we're right in the Process now of creating different Promotional campaigns and to create some I would say widespread public Announcements on a matters like location What kind of sponsors are going to be There what other I would say Global Figureheads are going to be there and to Give our tier four holders or people That are not tier four holders yet the Opportunity to attend I love it that's super exciting Obviously a lot to look forward to this Year in cryptocurrency in general many Projects won't be here five years from

Now I'm interested in finding the Quality ones that will be where do you See Taboo in five Years yeah yeah it's a very very good Question you know and I think I think That that is a that is a great I would Say thought experiment to go into you Know you know when we look at the prior Bull Run and then we look at the prior Bare market and of course you know I Personally believe that while we are in A I would say more bullish hypers Sensitive type Market we are not in a Bull run just yet because of the fact That Bitcoin dominance hasn't fallen to The level we want uh as well as you know It just hasn't stabilized yet for people To take profits to move into Els we're Not in altcoin season yet could be Getting close let's see how this year Plays out but I actually do believe that The biggest global companies get built During the most bearish times and There's a lot of statistics and data to Show that now taboo has navigated both Bullish and bearish times so we have a Lot of data in our repertoire and I Would say ammunition in our back pockets Where we understand how to navigate Different market conditions and the sad Part is Austin as you mentioned you know We are looking you are looking to find Projects that are still going to be here Over the next five years the reality is

The majority of them are not going to be See 99% of altcoins failed and ceased to Exist in the prior bull run but taboo is Able not only to survive the prior bull Run but also to thrive as well so we are Now in a very unique position for a few Reasons one we don't have any Competition because we are not we cannot Be compared to the traditional 18 plus NSFW type project which I've already Mentioned we are in a unique position Position now looking back because before We were able to hit remarkable highs Without a working product so we didn't Have utility at one point and we still Hit nearly top 100 on CMC see I want Everybody to know if you're going to be Thinking about an investment or a type Of let's say I would say company that You want to be invested in it's Important to first know I believe if the Founders are still there from the very Beginning right we know what founder L Companies do over the long term but more Than that it's about the determination Drive and the Relentless tenacity of the Teams to continue to push those Visions Forward and this is something that we've Done best we pushed in both bare and Bull markets we're now in a position Where we are becoming a serious utility Play first thing that we did was we Decided to ramp up on development see You are only as good as your Tech and it

Is important to be on the front lines Innovating at all times so now taboo has A marketplace with great onboarding Tools for novice intermediate and Experienced investors with the fact that We have Fiat on ramping in place we also Have on-site wallet Solutions in place And our upcoming live streaming that is On the Way this is trying to help us Garner What I call Mass adoption so to answer Your question in the next five years I Believe taboo will be Mass adopted I Believe the world is going to be able to Know at least know understand see hear About taboo so we give them the Opportunity to make a decision on Whether they want to become a part of Taboo so first things first mass Adoption will be in place and the best Test of this is going to be when our Live streaming goes uh becomes live Where we have already an existing fan Base of 30 million users and we have the Onboarding tools for web 2 users to Transition into web 3 meaning that we Can market and our models especially can Market to their web 2 fans bring them on To the taboo platform so I believe that The taboo is going to be Mass adopted I Also do believe that taboo is going to Become a world-known brand see we are Already a high status symbol brand we Are going to become a brand where we

Ourselves are going to be creating the Superstar the way Playboy did amateurs Going into Superstar model Partners we Are going to have a large I would say Base of supermodel Partners as well we Are going to be listed on the majority Of the top exchanges to create Public Access and of course accessibility for The Crypt minded and the crypto Centric Individuals as well I do believe that You know taboo will be a billion doll Business over the next five years and That's just because of the manifestation Aspect of it see I remember Austin you Know I'll tell everyone here I remember There was a time when nobody believed That taboo would even go from three Million market cap to 10 I remember a Time when nobody believed in us nobody Believed in what we were doing it they Thought it was impossible when I said We're going to hit Top 100 on CMC they Thought it was impossible when I said We're going to hit 100 million market Cap people thought it was impossible you Know but my vision was we were going to Hit a billion see I want everybody to Know something if you have a goal and a Dream and you aim to a certain point That becomes your ceiling but it doesn't Take more energy to aim higher so when We thought we were going to hit a Billion guess what we ended up hitting 650 million market cap now we're in a

Position acting as a serious utility Play where we believe we'll hit the five And the 10 billions of market cap Because the adult fee space is right for The taking and people are craving a Project like taboo with the exclusivity Factor with the brand value with the Beauty of our supermodel partners with Just the the unique aspects of what the Taboo world is and what it brings to Users and for them to be able to see That we are innovating innovating Innovating you know we are going to be Moving into the AI space we're looking At creating AI companions for example Which is just really really cool to Think about the use cases we're going to Be moving into digital nfts but we're Going to gamify the entire space our Merch store is going to be linked to our Metaverse you buy an nftd you're going To have it in your little home in your Metaverse as well we're going to have Virtual Mansion parties in our metaverse We are going to go and create our own Taboo blockchain at one point you can See it all on the road map uh as well We're creating a mobile app you know We're going to have more Live Events you Know I think that you know this is a Brand that has all the foundations in Place to become a legacy business and we Believe it will become a legacy business So we're looking at this company as a

Generational based company so ask Yourselves where do you feel the most Safe to have your investments in your Money if you hear this and you hear that The founders and the co-founders are Creating a legacy type business that Should also put you at ease if you know That we've been around for three years And we're still standing Strong having Built public validity and Trust because I tell you I understand it can be scary Making a decision for your hard-earned Money can be very scary but remember Time in the markets is the most Important thing do your research on Taboo take a look at our historical Alltime highs ask yourselves does it Have the fundamentals in place to become A top 10 crypto because I believe it Will and I believe it can and I believe That we will get to Heights unimaginable For people's comprehension so to answer Your question in the next five years This is going to become a global Powerhouse brand people are going to be Knowing about it talking about it we're Going to be on billboards and big Sporting events around the world we're Going to be partnered with you know Companies like you know like NASCAR We're going to have our supermot Partners there acting as model and brand Ambassadors we're going to have our own Red Carpet Events at one point we're

Gonna we're calling it The M taboo Universe Pageant events I mean these are The convers ations that people involved In the back end in the background on Taboo Talk about but we know that in Order to do that we need to hit our Targets day in and day out we need to be Relentless in our Pursuit for greatness And we need to make sure that we stay The course and this is something that We're doing as well so read our white Paper and you will look at the scope and The ambition that taboo has and ask Yourselves do you you believe this is a Company that has legs to stand on and Will it be here in the next five years Because I tell you something you know The amount of entities the amount of People that want to partner with taboo The amount of people that want a piece Of taboo right now worldwide it's a list That goes out the door into the next Street right so the value is there the Question is do you see it in your hearts And in your minds do you see this as a Vehicle to help you reach your financial Goals and dreams because I tell you Something we are all here for the same Reason and that's what I love about Being involved in a company like taboo Is you it's altruistic when you grow People get to grow around you and I Think that's a beautiful thing I really Do I love it I love the long-term Vision

You know this but I just want to remind The audience this channel does not give Buy or sell signals investing in Altcoins in general very risky never Invest money in altcoins in general You're willing to lose but those Fundamentals like the education um they Or that you educated in me like that is What I'm interested in real quick as we Wrap this up how many users do you have Currently right now on the platform you Know I will mention one thing you know You did mention about education right if You look at our white paper you'll see That you know we have I mentioned we Have this tiering system for our Investors and holders right which acts As a I would say it's a great utility And I would say you know we're not Talking buy signals right now but it's a Great buy pressure signal of course it Also helps people see that as you own More you gain more access to the world Of taboo you know we are going to be Creating you mention education and you Know I did mention that we do have a Goal for Mass adoption too see we are a Team that is extremely I would say when You know we have business-minded Individuals and we have extremely crypto Minded individuals so we have a very Good blend for the Entre entrepreneurs That are part of the core team of taboo So we continue to handle the web three

Market marketing but we're also keeping In mind how do we Mass adopt taboo on The web two side and so if you look at The white paper I want to mention this It's really important you know there's a User and model Academy that's coming you Know within our metaverse we're going to Be having walkthroughs to help people Understand crypto how to get involved You know outside of taboo just to give Them the stepping stone to transition Into the crypto space as the model Academy that will become a tiering System that is for the models where we Actually have had models with us that Have never been in crypto before now They're like crypto Savvy individuals so We are focus on the education aspect as Well now on the the user side you know Obviously on chain we have over 50,000 Plus holders is what it shows but Collectively overall we're close to the 100,000 holders Mark including exchange Platforms uh as well so we do have Upwards of nearly 100,000 total users And obviously now we're in a position With our foundational products that are In place to then drive interest traffic And mass adoption keeping in mind that The heartbeat of taboo is our native Token which is taboo so yeah Majid I Honestly feel I have such a better Understanding of taboo and the vision From you coming on so I I really

Appreciate you taking the time just Final thoughts for the altcoin daily Army yeah I mean you know no final Thoughts is you know I think the the Most important thing to I would say to Keep in mind as well is you know you Know this is a risk reward type game of Course you know and I think that that You know it is important and it is Prudent as as you know altcoin daily has Mentioned as well to to you know take Charge of your Investments do as much Research as you can and but remember That investing is a long game as well so Choose the plays that you believe will Be here in the next 3 5 10 years And try to set it and forget it you see The one thing that I've always seen and Something that I've even experienced in My life as well in the past it's like Your heart rate starts to move with the Fluctuations in that investment and I Ask you all a very simple analogy if you Were to own a property today and it's Considered an asset okay and you had Somebody knocking on your door every Five minutes showing you the new Valuation of your property investment You would not like that so but we tend To do do that with other types of assets And Investments as well so that's Probably just something to keep in mind We have to remember this as well um you Know it's time in the markets not timing

Secondly keep in mind triggers and Catalysts you know taboo does have some Massive triggers and catalysts coming in One of which is the live streaming which We have over a 30 million user base or Fan base from our models where a mass Marketing campaign is going to be done By our models to bring them on to our Platform so imagine we have already the User base there to come in um and the Last thing is that I would say is is you Know this is really really I'm going to Say this very very you know I would say Bluntly here is is you know you know This is a project that's in an industry That you know sells that you know is Growing rapidly that you know people are Consumers of content as well right so We're in an industry that is growing We're in an industry that sells I Believe tabo's team is a team that is a Firestorm winning team and it's just a Matter of when we get to our goals not If uh as well and we would love to have You a part of on part of our journey With us um I can't guarantee that you're G to be with us to the very end because That's really on you you're the only Person that can get in your own way when It comes to investing as well um but Besides that check our website Taboo. check our white paper we are list I I can't mention where we're listed That is not it's nothing to do with buy

And signals here as well but um you know I would I would end off and say you know Let's see you at the next mansion party Let's see you there right become a tier Four holder um which you'll learn about It in the white paper join our socials We have a growing Discord we have great Moderators in place uh as well as on our Telegram ask all your questions that you Have um you know be familiar with taboo Um and we'd love to see you at our next Mansion event which is scheduled for Later this year I love it links for t Boo everything down below in under 30 Seconds if there's one model on the Platform now that you personally are Most excited about who do you Like well I mean you know I mean we got To give credit where credit is due like Khloe ter you know she is we call her The crypto Queen but she is the primary Brand ambassador uh of taboo for all of Our model Partners supermodels around The world always look up to her she is Uh the best example for our model Partners uh she's also crypto And she's been an integral part of Helping build out the model brand branch Of our business uh as well so so we're Very happy that we have Khloe ter uh That is working very closely with us as Well Majid thank you man


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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