The Next SHIB? 3 Reasons Floki Crypto Will Be MASSIVE!! ($1 Price Prediction?)

This is a cryptocurrency I think most People are sleeping on Floki is a Low-cap sleeping gem undervalued because What I've discovered is that most crypto Investors have no idea what Floki is nor Do they understand flokey's value prop Watch this whole video and you will Fully understand the flokey value prop From meme to utility Floki has it all Nft metaverse game called Valhalla Floki University defy charity and shopping Floki is governed by the people for the People floaty together there is no Stopping us take two seconds like the Video again I think Floki will be huge Going forward most people are sleeping On this project they don't understand it And in this video I'm going to explain To you why we've partnered with Floki Today to make this video possible first What is Floki Floki is a multi-chain Token that operates on both the ethereum And finance smart chain blockchains Floki initially started as a meme coin Based on Elon musk's dog Floki Floki has Evolved to become a fully fledged web3 Project spanning defy nfts gaming Metaverse and more Floki has a fun Strong passionate Community many refer To Floki as the people's crypto three Ideals that Define the Floki Mission are Community utility and charity so let's Dive into each of these utility the Floki ecosystem is a community-powered

Ecosystem that aims to give the people Control of their finances through at Least six key utility offerings number One the Valhalla metaverse play to earn Game Valhalla is an nft metaverse game Powered by the Floki token you earn Rewards by battling and playing the game You can play this game today by Connecting to test net there's plenty of Game footage on YouTube on Twitch Mainnet launch late later this year Flokify floki's defy ecosystem flokify Locker is the industry's most Innovative Protocol for securing digital assets you Can securely lock liquidity pool tokens Nfts fungible tokens multi-tokens in Just a few clicks audited by the leading Industry auditor surtic and backed by The strong flokey brand 12 blockchains Are supported you can find out more Details linked below flokey nft Collection called flokitars it's an nft Collection that will grow as the Floki Brand grows flokey places merchandise And nft Marketplace get yourself some Cool swag to show off that you're part Of the fun Community flokey card Generate and fund virtual visa and Mastercard prepaid gift cards with your Flokey tokens I don't know might be Pretty cool to whip this bad boy out at A party or something one percent is Going to buy back and burns University Of Floki a crypto education platform

Floki universe city is flokey's attempt To fill the crypto education gap for the Next billion users that will be Discovering crypto in the coming years All while giving or creating awareness For the flokey brand the Floki token Will be the main utility token of flokey University While most of the content Will be freely accessible in line with Flokey's gold to accelerate mainstream Crypto adoption and education the Floki Token will be required to perform Certain functions in flokey University Charity Floki has done a lot of Charity Floki has built four schools in four Nations of the world including Nigeria Laos Guatemala Guana furthermore we've Publicly declared our vision to build The school in every underdeveloped Nation of the world Floki has given tons To charity this is a verifiable fact Real good is being done thanks to the Flokey community it's not just building Schools but that's we're focusing on now Here's one such Community Floki has Helped in Nigeria and the community Thanking flokey by name for building Their school thank you flookina I can Come back to this school thank you Vlog I like my new school thank you to Fuji We remain grateful and God will bless You on behalf of the Board of Trustees Of tabi takumi foundation and the Children of kuchigo ija community in

Niger State I'd like to say big thank You to the Floki community For bringing about this transformation In the lives of the children Thank you for our computer room thank You to Floki we remain grateful and God Will bless you since for the existence Of this community this Before And everybody is very happy Because this Village was Abandoned but by the grace by the grace Of God this have happened I would like to sincerely send my Appreciation to plunky and Tabitha Foundation for this gigantic project That bring to our local government Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Lord Jesus Thank you Community I was really impressed by the Size and the scope of the flokey Community the community is actually Pretty big and growing every day I mean YouTube Twitter Tick Tock twitch so much Stuff all over the Internet and such a Strong Community all over the world it Speaks to how phenomenal Floki is at Marketing and Partnerships make sure you Follow this account right here Sabra This is how I stay updated this is the

Community member that drives the Marketing and The Branding behind Floki If you follow this account you'll never Miss out on the next Big Marketing Announcement which could be happening Pretty soon Floki recently listed on Binance and bitfinex just to name a few Of their recent exchange listings they Also have a telegram giveaway coming up Participate in this if you like they Also have a big gorilla marketing Competition happening if you're good at Gorilla Marketing and you want to join The flokey community you can win money For this I'm going to leave links to all The pertinent websites and social medias Linked below check out their website Follow Sabra lastly let's talk about why Floki is very strongly positioned to be The Catalyst for the next major wave of Retail crypto adoption I thought this Summed up the value prop perfectly so Why Floki dominates the two main Categories that are responsible for Mainstream crypto adoption gaming and Memes Floki is both the most viewed Metaverse crypto and the third biggest Meme coin in the world alongside Doge And ship Floki had 36.44 of all views From metaverse crypto games in q1 According to coin market cap for Perspective coin market cap currently Tracks 246 metaverse games with a Combined market cap of 14.5 billion plus

Floki is just one cryptocurrency with a Market cap of 310 million yet it Single-handedly has 36.44 of all Metaverse crypto views this is based on Objective third-party data from the Biggest crypto data platform in the World take a moment to think about this And what it means for mainstream Adoption of floki's metaverse game Valhalla when it goes live on mainnet Later this year things are going to be Interesting like comment and share this Video let me know what you think on Floki and let me know if you're part of The Floki community


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