The Next Pepe is on Coinbase (BASE)

Coinbase's hottest new meme coin has Just been discovered what Sheba enu was To ethereum what Bon was to salana it's Crazy to me that more people don't know The story of Brett and we've partnered With them today to fix that you know Coinbase has a budding decentralized Ecosystem in its ethereum L2 base we are Seeing a token explosion on base just Like we've seen with B&B chain just like We've seen with salana BNB ecosystem has Been hot salana ecosystem has been hot Bass is the new salana bass is the new B&B chain do you realize how big bass is Blowing up right now smash the like Button if you appreciate videos like This are you paying attention to Bass It's not just another ethereum L2 base Is the brainchild of coinbase founder Brian Armstrong coinbase has more than 90 million registered users at any Moment coinbase will begin onboarding These users to base don't sleep on this Just look at this Bas is seeing a huge Surge in defi activity on March 30th Bas Just hit 1 billion in daily trading Volume it has overtaken all leading l2s In terms of daily transaction count in My opinion literally the easiest play at This point in the cycle is to buy some Promising assets on base and wait for 100 million existing customers to log Into their coinbase account and try the Coinbase Hot smart wallet with ethereum

Directly from their account on base look A lot of different metrics like this one Are showing us that Bas is the place to Be right now I am personally dejing on Bass it's just as userfriendly as the Salon ecosystem but it also has Ethereum's Bas layer security and the Support from coinbase the biggest Exchange in the Western World I think Bas even launches their own token Eventually and users will be rewarded With that to some extent but that's Besides the point look Bas just has Really a few good meme coins right now They're all vying to be like the winner Of the Bas ecosystem let me tell you why Brett mem coin is shining through and What makes it special keep in mind mem Coins are like gambling never invest More than you can afford to lose but to Be honest I'd rather be in crypto mcoin Market than buying some Boomer lottery Ticket I think that if you go when you Buy a lottery ticket it's 300 M to one Odds I think there's people right now Saying you know what a meme coin has Better odds than a lottery ticket when I First started looking into brat I mean Look at this guy my initial reaction was This guy is grotesque what is this Character I don't really get it however Once I started figuring out Brett's Story I immediately got it the same Creator who created peepe the frog that

Gets shared everywhere on the internet In crypto and out of crypto that same Creator also created Brett and Brett is Peppe's best friend who's Brett Brett is The legendary character from Matt Fury's Boys Club comic he is a dancer and he Loves video games now he lives on the Bas blockchain as a fan tribute he has Become a blue mascot for the blue chain Base this is a clip from the documentary Feelsgood man about the guy who created Pepe about the guy who created a few Different characters all friends with Pepe Brett being his best friend I truly Understand Brett after watching this I Mean the first time I actually named him Pepe was for this comic that I did Called Playtime I was just messing around on Microsoft Paint and came up with Pepe And Brett two Characters they did things like go to Raves and Paint it just kind of naturally Developed and then I just thought it Would be fun to have four characters Kind of like the ninja turs became Boys Club a lot of the humor is kind of about Post College Zone I don't quite know What you're doing but you like drinking And hanging out the four characters were Just reflections of my personality and The personality of my friends land Wolf The party dog Andy was the jokester of

The group Brett like to dance and then Pep the Frog was just kind of like the Little brother of the Group so if you want to get more more Involved with Pep's best friend Brett But say you've never you know Deed on The Bas L2 they have two really nice Explainer videos right on their main Website Basics with Brett how to bridge From ethereum mainnet to the base chain Or basically directly with coinbase's Wallet coinbase's hot wallet these two Videos very very informative but of Course before you do that you need to Understand the tokenomics better 85% of The supply is towards the liquidity pool Basically the Unis swap or the Equivalent of 10% goes to the treasury To do different initiatives and 5% goes To the centralized exchange wallet if And when they get listed on centralized Exchanges this money or this percentage Would go to that the contract is Renounced this is a really good thing in Meme coins the lp the liquidity pool is Locked for 365 days jumping over to Dex Tools what can we learn about Brett why Wow 50,000 holders over now obviously a Major milestone for the community taking A look at the Dex score can tell us a Lot now this is a memec coin right so It's not going to be perfect this is an Early time for this altcoin so not going To be perfect but it does pass a lot of

Key things not a Honeypot no buy and Sell tax no proxy contract not minable And you can you know click through these To kind of get more information but you Know obviously there are some certain Things that aren't necessarily bad but Just things to keep note the tax is Modifiable and different things like This hey I always want to give you the Best information I can here at altcoin Daen I would say this is kind of par for The course with a project this early That's in the memec coin space if you Prefer a more centralized solution for Your D gen plays they are actually Listed on many exchanges I was impressed By how many exchanges they're listed on Actually okx is Dex which is their Decentralized exchange this is not Really centralized is my point you can Get it on there this was big news they Just got listed here also gate ioe bitet I like Bing a palon a I mean I've heard Of all of these my favorite is bitat Bing a okay a although I haven't use the Decks or even gate let's do a little Dubious speculation how big could Brett Get think about it like this binance Coin is a top five coin this is the coin That represents Finance it was recently Sitting at an $80 billion market cap if Coinbase's base launches a coin later in This bull run why wouldn't it be a top 10 coin with around 80 billion market

Cap as well if just 1% of that 80 Billion flows into the number one meme Coin on base chain that's an 800 million Plus of net inflows which would send it To a 10 billion plus market cap as the Number one meme coin on the Chain that's 1% now what if 10% of that Capital goes Into the top meme coin what will happen Then listen coinbase wants to onboard 1 Billion users on chain today we're at About 3 million users on chain what Happens to the top meme coin on base Chain when the chain has 50 million 100 Million 200 million users that is 30X to 100x more money flowing around and much Of that could go into the number one Meme coin the number one meme coin on Each chain outperforms each blockchain Itself shib outperformed ethereum Bon Outperformed Soul Brett could outperform Act as a leverage bet on base growth Itself or something else could happen Literally anything but you know what Anthony Pompano says I think that if you Go and you buy a lottery ticket it's 300 Million to one odds I think there's People right now saying you know what a Meme coin has better odds than a lottery Ticket hey make sure you subscribe to Our Channel join the altcoin daily team See you tomorrow my friends


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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