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What an interesting week it has been so Far for the broader crypto markets first Of all we got meme coins blasting off Like it's the bull market once again we Also have some more looming talks about A further impending market crash for Both stocks and crypto we have some Major crackdowns happening on the Executive level within the SEC and one Last thing coinbase may be set to Leaving the United States as its primary Area of residence for doing business wow There are a lot of things we need to Cover but most importantly towards the End of the video I'm going to be sharing With you guys one trade that actually Made me over eighteen thousand dollars In the past few days and I'm also going To be sharing with you my predictions on What I believe is going to happen within The markets next before we go into any Of the articles that are trending right Now we need to talk about what's going On with Bitcoin because right now Bitcoin has dropped six percent in the Past week coming down to that 28 500 Price level and within the RSI for the Daily charts we're seeing it come down In neutral levels at 49 after hovering Around the 70s Zone within the Overbought territory for the last week Now my non-financial opinion and in this Uh crystal ball that doesn't exist I Would predict that Bitcoin does continue

To drop near that 50 moving average and If we see that go ahead and happen we Would see Bitcoin reaching that 26 000 To 600 mark from there if Bitcoin is Able to test those support levels we can Then determine whether or not it's going To trade below or above it so far for This week I want to say that there Hasn't been any huge major Catalyst that Caused Bitcoin a drop but at the same Time we're getting ongoing regulatory Scrutiny from the cftc and the SEC in Addition to the fact that inflation is Still not done yet and the markets could Be pricing in two more possible rate Hikes at the time of filming this video Though we are still seeing a bunch more Red within the markets and going into The top 24-hour winners not a lot not a Lot of recognizable cryptos at least but If we go into the biggest losers you're Going to be seeing a good number of Cryptos sliding about anywhere from 11 To even six percent so to kick off Today's video I wanted to talk about Coinbase because the CEO of that company Brian Armstrong indicated that the Crypto exchange will consider moving Away from the US if the regulatory Environment for the industry didn't Become any clearer in a most recent Interview that Brian Armstrong held Surrounding the entire regulatory Situation he went ahead and stated that

The UK might be the next alternative Place that coinbase could move over to Now a day after Brian Armstrong made These remarks coinbase revealed that it Actually got a license based out of the Bermuda and is reportedly set to launch A derivatives exchange and this could be Happening as soon as next week just to Give you a recap coinbase went ahead and Received something called a Wells notice From back of March 22nd from the SEC Indicating a possible enforcement action On the fact that they were not making U.S regulatory companies happy the Headlines that we've been getting Through in and throughout is just the Fact that coinbase or any one of these Crypto projects has continued to face Possible violations of Securities laws Needless to say the SEC and any other Companies within that area has not been Doing a good job this has led to Politicians and members of Congress Going ahead and absolutely just grilling The SEC chairman Gary genzler at his First house oversight Hearing in 18 Months as they claimed his Crackdown on Crypto has failed to bring stability to Digital assets in markets keep in mind Like the whole thing that we've seen With FTX the whole thing that we saw With Terra Luna happened during the Oversight that Gary Gensler has been Taking his place in office not only that

There are a ton of videos right now just Talking about his hypocrisy and Promoting certain cryptocurrencies and Realizing that right now he's trying to Go ahead and say that there's security And to go ahead and ban them too a Trending article that recently came out Just in the past two days by decrypt Titles did Gary Gensler pull a Kim Kardashian by showing algorand there's Just so much hypocrisy within the space When we have someone from the SEC who is Trying to claim that algorithm and is Now an unregistered security while There's also videos of him Shilling this Cryptocurrency so a few Clips have come From the recent house oversight hearing Where Gary Gensler is literally shaking And he's just getting roasted up with All these questions and all these facts On why he hasn't been doing a good job For the entire industry his lack of Transparency has led to some of the Biggest companies leaving the us and We're continuing to see other nations Right now taking the big pie of what Crypto could have been within the states So after just studying what's been Happening within the space over the past Few years I'm just like at a point too What has Gary Gensler been doing right He's pushing out cryptocurrency Companies he's not only making it even More complicated for the entire industry

But he's forcing out money within the United States he's throwing fines and Enforcing these rules that have not yet Been set in stone and not only that We're getting even more video evidence Of just his ties within the big Banks And how his agenda just doesn't line up With what is best for the people the More I think about it the more I stress About it not to think about it too much But the facts are just too evident on What we're seeing aside from those Headlines which I would say are some of The biggest things that you need to know About right now there's something that Is brewing up pretty cool and this is a New meme coin that went ahead and just Skyrocketed over the past few days this Meme coin here is called Pepe so if you Haven't heard apparently there was an Investor who turned 27 into one million Dollars from holding this crypto just For a few days now all of a sudden I'm Getting some bull market Vibes but let Me tell you guys even though that this Crypto has pumped over 21 000 in just The three days and you know be nice for Someone to be making a million dollars Off just a mere 20 investment let me Tell you you do want to act with caution Judging by the current market cap of pay Pay which has now grown to be over 106 Million dollars whereas only 30 million Dollars earlier this Tuesday morning I

Do believe that right now with the Amount of hype that is getting there is Still an opportunity to make money but These are things that I personally am Ignoring right now pay Bitcoin has no Utility no function this meme coin is Arguably probably the biggest troll That's actually been created and I don't Even know if it's considered to be a Meme coin it could be just called a Troll coin because right now even within Their website they just state that Paypay is tired of watching everyone Play Hot Potato with endless derivative Cryptocurrency coins and that the E news Have had their days and it's time for The most recognizable meme in the world To take his reign as king of the memes In another part they State Pepe is here To make meme coins great again and they Launch stealth with no pre-cell zero Taxes LP burnt and contractor announced And that pay pay is really a coin for The people forever fueled by pure meatic Power so my personal thoughts on this Ladies and gents like I said I'm just Gonna reiterate the point be careful of Any time you hear about meme coins and Then you hear articles and headlines That they're pumping usually by the time You hear that piece of news right there It is too late for you to join in on the Other side of that though when you are Hearing these headlines for the first

Time here and it hasn't gone super Mainstream usually there might be a Couple more more days in between that Moment but for all the cryptocurrencies That we've seen all the meme coins that Have all popped off eventually they come Back down so at this point you're pretty Much gambling your money you're playing With fire and if you are planning to Enter this cryptocurrency do it quick Okay and do not put more money than you Can't afford to lose to wrap this entire Video up my thoughts on the entire Market because ladies and gents it's It's been a pretty interesting year I Mean Bitcoin ethereum has actually gone Up a significant amount since the start Of 2023 and something that I did in the Past few days is actually begin Realizing any profits that I have within The green this is mainly for few reasons I've been doing a lot more analysis on Just some of the banks and what their Playbook is because they're going to Have some of the best strategies they're Going to have information that us retail Investors aren't going to have and when We hear about people like from JPMorgan Chase at Jamie dimon Citibank just Making a plays on anticipation that the Recession is still not underway and that There's still more red to go it makes me Wonder just how much I want to have Leverage Within These markets at the

Same time what I'm doing is playing both Sides this is exactly what you guys have Been doing and I'm also hoping that we Do get a crash just because I'm gonna Have the ability to buy up even more Dips all the bags that I have right now In the red are gonna be able to go up in Price allowing me to play both sides but If there's a dip I'm going to continue To buy up the dip and the reason why I Did realize these profits because I do Not want to be too over leveraged within The markets when I do think that there Is still turbulence coming up ahead now Whether the markets pull down in quarter Three or even quarter four or if it Takes even longer than that it takes Quarter one of 2024. I still personally Believe that we're due for some type of Of smaller reset and that right now what We're going through could be a bull trap Hopefully I'm wrong because I know There's a lot of people still holding Their positions but like I said there Are always different ways that you can Ride out the market but if you have Intentions of just playing crypto till The end where I'm talking about your Long term hold is gonna last for two Three four five six years generally none Of this short-term volatility is really Gonna matter now in our Discord I went Ahead and recently posted one of my Trades I decided to buy in some

Positions of ethereum at the beginning Of this year it was up about 70 some Percent and I took home about 18 000 in Profit Now ladies and gents our Discord Was one of the biggest crypto discords To exist within the entire world and Since the start of this bear Market I Haven't been posting that much and we Decided to close it off for the past few Months but now we are doing our full Revamp and if you'd like to join the Waiting list to join what I believe is Going to be the best Discord that we've Ever made possible be sure to check out The links Down Below in the description When we do open it up we'll go ahead and Notify you and if you guys found any Value in this video be sure to drop a Like subscribe to the channel and guys If you have your thoughts on the market Or if you just have any types of tips or Tricks that you want to share to other Investors be sure to comment that down Below I read pretty much every single Comment down there so thank you all so Much again for watching be sure to Follow me on Twitter and Instagram if You haven't done so already and I'll see You all soon peace


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