The Next Crypto Bull Run To Become a Millionaire

All right look guys this here is going To be one of the most important videos That I make about the whole crypto Market this is because you're going to Be hearing from a lot of other channels The crypto Market is going to take off We're in a new Bull Run or it's all dead And it's never coming back in this video Here I've done all the research that you Need to know in order to go over six of The reasons why crypto may actually have Another boom but we're gonna take a more Realistic approach I'm gonna dive more Deep into the facts you need to know This is going to involve regulatory data Economic news and we're going to talk About just the full clear picture that You need to know so let's first go over The six reasons why we're in a bull Market and then I'll share with you four Reasons on why it opposes that argument So the first indicator of a bull market Is simply that the bear Market low has Already been reached the crypto bear Market officially started in November 2021 after Bitcoin reached its all-time High of 69 000 dollars over the course Of 2022 Bitcoin crashed over 77 until it Reached the lowest price of around 15 500 making this one of the worst crypto Bear Market cycles that we witnessed and Also the longest in the Network's History now circling back to today at This point we're almost two full years

Since the bear Market had officially Started and several analysts right now Believe that bitcoin's bottom might Actually have been in the reasonings are That this extended bear Market has been Influenced by several fundamental Factors that have already been priced in And unless there's like another Black Swan event that we don't know about it Most likely won't happen again now those Fundamental factors include one mainly The U.S federal reserve's intervention To tame inflation which brought interest Rates to their highest levels in many Years and still rising in the middle of That we also had a ton of major crypto Firms collapsing and this included three AC Voyager FTX Genesis Celsius block Fight and on top of that we also have The fall of many popular crypto projects Such as UST and Terra Luna now bitcoin's Current price of thirty thousand dollars We've been seeing it hover around this Section for the last one to two months It would need a crash another 50 to make A new bear Market low which is also very Hard for many people to get their head Wrapped around this is because it seems Like the worst of all the worst has Already settled in and the price of Crypto and where we are at right now Have already accounted for all the Destruction that has happened within the Space over the past two years now the

Second reason why crypto might be Rebounding is based on the crypto Bowl Cycle historical data that we can take From the price action we've had in the Past crypto service provider Matrix Support predicted that Bitcoin would Rally to as high as a hundred twenty Five thousand dollars by the end of 2024. now their forecast is based on Historical data showing that Bitcoin Tends to end enter a multi-month bull Market after confirming the end of a Bear market and setting a 12-month High The signal indicating the end of the Bear Market was triggered when Bitcoin Surpassed Thirty one thousand dollars Which was the highest level since June Of 2022. the head of research over at Matrix Port also quoted on June 22nd 2023 Bitcoin made a new one-year High Marking the first time in a year and the Signal has historically indicated the End of a bear market and the start of New crypto bull markets if we take a Look at past data previous signals in 2012 2015 2019 and 2020 have all led to Substantial rallies in Bitcoin prices in The following years so what this means Is historically speaking three months After the signal was triggered Bitcoin Usually begins its multi-month bull Market if we take the fundamental Principle that history does tend to Repeat itself then the multi-month bull

Market would begin late September going Into October and then starting for the Year of 2 2024 right now a lot of people Have been disappointed that bitcoin's Price action is relatively slow and that It was exciting over the past few months But nothing is really happening yet but I believe that this could be warming us Up for what's to come if we take a look At all the data and even just those two Reasons I believe that still creates a Solid case on bitcoin having another Solid Bull Run in the months to come Moving forward though for Point number Three Bitcoin ETFs and the institutional Adoption rate has increased to the likes That we have never seen within the past Few months the SEC has finally accepted A spot Bitcoin ETF applications from the World's largest asset manager BlackRock Now this here is a significant milestone For the crypto community and if the SEC Approves any one of these ETFs that got Applied for we can expect to see big Money coming to the crypto markets Pushing the prices higher than ever Before to give you a reference point the Total crypto market cap right now is Sitting at around 1.2 a trillion dollars And the value of blackrock's assets Alone is around 10 trillion dollars so This means the entire crypto Market has A potential to 7 to 8X if BlackRock had Decided to go all in to the market now

Obviously BlackRock isn't going to be The only one buying 10 trillion dollars Worth of bitcoin but it wasn't just BlackRock either we had a ton of other Institutions showing interest after BlackRock had decided to make this Position known so we have the potential Of new money entering the space we have Historical data showing us that this Bull market is actually coming to an end But to stack that up we also have more News because this was probably the best Headline within the crypto Community yet And it seems like a lot of people have Just stopped talking about it but this Is xrp's legal win for anyone who Doesn't know after more than two and a Half years of the ongoing legal battle Between the SEC and ripple Labs the Judge on that case has ruled in favor of Ripple and they have concluded that xrp Is indeed not a security Now this legal Victory actually has done a few things First of all crypto exchanges has now Gained confidence to realist xrp on Their platforms and it's shown to be a Major sign of relief when it comes to Other all coins that the SEC was Targeting this includes Matic Ada Solana Adam and more but the legal victory has Many bullish implications including Positive Market sentiment and increased Confidence among crypto companies and Investors to not just look at Bitcoin as

A one and only option but to look at Other all coins too as a viable source Of innovation within the space this Legal regulatory win has also shown that Other crypto companies can continue Innovating without the fear of that Regulatory backlash that the SEC was Putting down their throats now those Reasons are great but this here is what I believe is the best and that's the Fact that because Ripple Labs has now Got a favorable ruling we are now Getting more clarity on how Cryptocurrencies are going to be Classified and more regulated this year Is going to put another obstacle in the Sec's way and they're going to be a bit More hesitant in the future to regulate By enforcement now look there is still a Need for crypto legislation but until That happens the SEC won't have this Bullying remark that they've had over The past few years on choosing Themselves solely on what is and isn't Allowed moving forward though what I'm Most bullish about though is the next Bitcoin having which is set to happen Between quarter one or quarter two of 2024. historically speaking bitcoin's Price has always been positively Impacted after the Bitcoin having event And after the first having that we saw Bitcoin's price had actually soared by More than nine thousand percent to Mark

The first all-time high above a thousand Dollars going into more data the second Having resulted in a jump of more than Three thousand percent reaching Bitcoin's price to nineteen thousand Dollars and then lastly after the third Having bitcoin's price pumped to the Mark of the present all-time high of Sixty nine thousand dollars now these All-time highs typically came around a Year after each having event so hence a Similar price action is expected in 2024 With the new all-time high to expect to Form somewhere where I believe between That Mid-2025 range Now ladies and gents if You take a look at your screen you'll Also see a chart that I put together Where you'll see the spikes from the Having events the red arrows pointing Down is when the having events occurred And the yellow arrows pointing up is one Year after the having event and for each Yellow arrow you can see that the months Following had significant spice leading To those all-time highs that we Mentioned now you'll also notice on your Chart the last Bitcoin having and pretty Much the last bull market that we had Where the price of it skyrocketed before That one year mark and then it dipped Down in the months leading up to the One-year Mark again so just keep in mind Even though Bitcoin was more than double

In price from when the having had Initially took place it still ended up Pumping from 30 dollars to sixty nine Thousand dollars in just a matter of Five to six months now last but not Least a bitcoin's network rate has Actually been trending at a near All-time high now those are my reasons On why I believe the crypto Bull Run is Going to take place towards the end of This year going into 2024 and exploding Into 2025. aside from that we didn't Even mention where the current markets Are because it looks like by the time we Are one to two years from right now at The time of filming this video I believe Stock markets are going to continue to Improve I believe the economy is going To get better and hopefully interest Rates they either have not increased That much more by then or we start Seeing them Slimmer down in the next one To two years now on top of that there is Also going to be one major event that I Think is going to change the course of How stocks and crypto do and that is Going to be the 2024 United States Election so Tuesday November 5th 2024 This is the time where we could possibly Be seeing a new president enter into Office and if this is an individual People that ends up supporting crypto More or we get pro-business less taxes I Believe this could also impact the

General state of the market even more Where it could be you know all these Little recipes coming together and Getting something to blast off where it Looks like a new Bull Run and crypto Starting to take off now real quick we Do have a special message from our Sponsor today and that's going to be Coinbase so if you're looking for Groundbreaking crypto projects and Initiatives exciting and fun events with A passionate crypto community and of Course on-chain mints and merchandise Then on chain summer is meant for you Starting on August 9th coinbase will be Hosting a multi-week online event called On-chain Summer where they'll be Celebrating the exciting world of On-chain art gaming music and more now On-chain summer is going to last three Weeks and have daily mints popular Artists and musicians and more this Event here will also be showcasing the Incredible potential of on-chen utility Powered by base which is an efficient Low-cost ethereum layer 2 income created By coinbase now base functions just like The ethereum network but with lower Network fees and it integrates perfectly With coinbase and the coinbase wallet so Whether you're a crypto business or Project owner looking for a new network To build on or a crypto user looking for A trading platform that allows you to

Socialize and learn more about this Whole space coinbase and The on-chain Summer Event has you covered if you are Interested in learning more or joining This event visit or check out the link Down Below in the description and thank You once again to coinbase for Sponsoring this video now moving forward Guys I could be like your traditional Moon boy you know crypto's only going up These are all the 10 reasons why it is And we're not even going to talk about The potential reasons why it may not Happen that's not us we're gonna show The full picture so let's talk about Four of the reasons why the crypto bear Market may still be here and why we Might not be out of the gutters yet so First of all economic conditions the Economy plays a huge role into the Market sentiment of how investors feel And generally how markets perform now Inflation has been the number one Economic threat after the covid pandemic And even reached a 40-year high at one Point now U.S inflation has dropped from Last year's peak of 9.1 percent to three Percent but the damage on price Increases has been done and many Americans are struggling to keep up with Their monthly bills and expenses now This isn't Just Happening Here in the U.S it's all over the world so South

America to Europe they're all dealing With record-breaking inflation numbers And high prices for everyday items to Keep it simple when people are Struggling to pay for their Necessities They're less likely to save cash or Invest in the stock or crypto markets Combine that with the fact that with High interest rates we get high Inflation that has other consequences to Then just being expensive items that We're trying to pay for basically to Combat the price increases from the last Couple years the Federal Reserve has Needed to increase those interest rates From effectively zero to five to even Five point 0.25 within a 1.5 year span And there are expectations that we still Are not out of the clear yet with more Rate hikes coming towards the end of the Year now the last time interest rates Are actually this high was back in the Early 2000s and with higher interest Rates y'all should probably know by now Makes borrowing cash a lot more Expensive so even right now my interest Rate on my home is about 5.25 so what This means is if I was able to secure my Mortgage back when the interest rates Were like two percent I would have been Paying a mortgage of about six thousand Dollars a month but right now my Mortgage is actually around nine to ten Thousand dollars every single month and

This is simply because those interest Rates have continued to stay up because Of the federal government another easy Example is if you're looking to get a Car you could actually get like three Percent auto loans two three years back It would keep your auto payments a lot Lower but right now if you're trying to Pick up a new car and you're getting an Auto loan your interest rate might even Be anywhere from seven to twelve percent With that your auto payment is going to Go higher and what this naturally does Is it deters us from wanting to get that House or buy that car and this means That people are not going to be spending More money and that's what the Government is purposely trying to do When we're not spending money towards a Lot of these companies and their profit Margins start to go down then the Economy slows down and from there Inflation would go down but it also Prevents the broader markets within Stocks and crypto in expanding in Addition to that higher interest rates Can make fixed income Investments like Bonds a lot more attractive so people Will tend to stay away from what you Call riskier Investments like the stocks And crypto so investors May shift more Towards just saving their money instead Of putting it into the markets and that Usually results in the markets not doing

Much at all and that's exactly what We've seen happen with crypto over the Past two months so apart from those Raising interest rates there's also Another tool that I need to mention and This is what the Federal Reserve uses to Combat inflation and it's called Quantitative lightning so quantitative Tightening is essentially a tool that The Federal Reserve uses to take money Out of the economy when there's just too Much of it it's pretty much like Reversing all the money printing that They've been doing over the course of The pandemic but you have to keep in Mind quantitative tightening in the United States started in June of last Year and if it's not managed properly it Actually has a risk of completely Destabilizing the financial markets and Tanking stocks and crypto even more this Is actually what led to the banking Crisis where three out of the four Largest bank failures in the U.S have All happened for the year of 2023. so Due to aggressive interest rate hikes Many banks that were unprepared and over Leveraged are running into liquidity Issues and some of these banks are still Losing money now if the place where we Store money like these banks that should Never have issues are running out that Causes more fear into the market and That plays a role into how often people

May want to put their money into Exchanges the consensus here though is That interest rates are still rising and It seems like this is is how it's going To remain throughout the year of 2024. If the banks are struggling though just You know three to six months back Imagine how worse it could be off in a Year from now it's not just that though But economists businessman and woman From Market experts all across the Industry have all been predicting a Recession to begin in quarter four of This year if it doesn't happen then then They're also expecting the full-blown Recession to come out in early 2024 and These individuals are just not your like Everyday Jim cramers but it's even big Businesses and Banks like Dutch bank Which is quoting a 100 probability of a U.S recession starting we also even had A British Banking giant HSBC warning of A recession beginning in quarter four of 2023. now in addition to those two big Banks we even had Elon Musk claiming That further rate hikes is going to Trigger a severe recession and even Michael Berry from The Big Short warning Of another recession happening at the End of this year so apart from the poor Current economic conditions many people Are still pointing out that the US is do Do for a recession and that it never Actually fully took place based on

Historical data it turns out the United States has entered a recession every Four to ten years and the last real Recession was between 2007 to 2009 so it Actually means that it's been about 14 Years since we got another real Recession and by the way the reason I'm Saying like real recession is because we Technically had a two-month long Recession in February of 2020 to April 2020 during the peak of the covet Pandemic but that wasn't a natural Recession that was more induced by our Government from those lockdowns now on The other hand of that though we have Been hearing we should have been in a Recession pretty much every month for This year and it still hasn't happened And it could just end up being that the Recession was very short-lived and that From now we have another Bull Run and Maybe this is like a season where we Skip this recession and then we just Push it back for another 10 years or so That would be the most ideal I would Love that if y'all would love that too Let me know down below now I personally Would love that and that's because it Gives me another opportunity to make More money then hopefully we can cash Out and then re-buy at the bottom of the Market but guys with things like timing The market even the best of the best Cannot do it at every time so a Big Easy

Tip is to just continue dollar cost Averaging into the market no matter what And especially during times like now Where the markets are slow now the past Few months there have also been more Developments happening within the Regulation space for crypto for example Crypto is meant to be decentralized Offer privacy and financial transactions And you know it's supposed to be that Peer-to-peer payment system we've talked A lot about on our Channel but it looks Like with new crypto legislation it Could prevent all of that from becoming A reality this is because we can get More over regulations and control Happening from our government on what we Do with our money we already got word of This with new projects such as worldcoin That recently got launched where they State on their site that world coin aims To establish universal access to the Global economy regardless of country or Background and it's designated to become The world's largest human identity and Financial Network giving ownership to Everyone all with the intention of Welcoming every person on the planet and Establishing a place for all of us to Benefit in the age of AI you know two Ways that you can go about their mission Statement let me know how you guys feel About something like World coin Down Below in the comments too regardless

Though the last bearish reason that I Have within the market is the fact that There is still ongoing skepticism Happening within the crypto space look Many individuals who aren't in the space Still consider crypto to be a scam now More than ever during this bear Market There are a few things that I've Realized and it's that in this space we Have a lot of scammers a lot of d-gens And a lot of hackers trying to just Corrupt people steal their money and to Take advantage of others this happens on A daily macro level where we see Individuals just trying to scam others Out of their crypto to even some of the Highest Business Leaders like SPF dokwan Alex machinsky or Justin Sun this is Terrif fight others from wanting to ever Invest into crypto once again but here's My actual thoughts I think if crypto Ends up picking up there are a lot more Lessons to be learned throughout this Bear market and from a lot of the bad Players within the space I'd also like To believe that crypto is gaining even More credibility worldwide and we've Actually been building a lot more within The crypto space throughout these times With the Bitcoin ETF application Approval moving forward institutional Interests continue to go up I believe With crypto regulation finally making a Way within this space this next bull

Market still could be a huge one and it Could absolutely blow the bears away Even as an example the CEO of BlackRock Leary Fink was a huge crypto skeptic and He even claimed that Bitcoin was just an Index of money laundering but now you See them applying for a spot Bitcoin ETF That could revolutionize the entire Industry so ladies and gents that is Just my full picture I'm still long-term Bullish within the crypto space and I Believe when things actually start Picking up people are going to forget About all of the cons and the whole Reasons why why it could be an extended Bear market and people are going to go Back to investing like how it usually Was I just think it's still going to Take a bit of time but hopefully it Happens sooner than later so if you did Enjoy today's video be sure to drop a Like and comment down below be sure to Also check out the sponsor in the video Description as well now if you also want To go ahead and join our community the Link for that will be down below in the Description this here is going to give You access to our crypto Discord you're Also going to get buy and sell alerts From our analysts and myself included And on top of that you're going to be Getting some of the best market research And news coming to your inbox right Ahead and right now at the time of

Filming this video our patreon Membership is at 14 at 99 a month so This is at the cost of a Netflix Membership and you can unsubscribe Cancel at any time too check it out link For that will also be down below in the Description thank you all so much again For watching today's video until next Time peace out


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