The Next BIG AI Crypto Gem: (SMALL MicroCap) Like Finding the Next PAAL

I think I just found the next big crypto AI project I'm hugely bullish on crypto Obviously I'm hugely bullish on AI if You're looking for the next big AI Crypto play consider our partner Palm AI Multi-platform Palm AI chatbot uses Google's AI tech for conversations Coding and image generation focusing on Accessible Ai and revenue sharing you Can actually try out their chatbot Totally for free I'm going to do it with You in just a second definitely follow Them on Twitter for updates and to see What they have going on they do a great Job keeping the community updated on a Very regular basis and this is nice 1 Million Palm tokens have now been burnt Bringing the total to 1.3 almost seven Figure burn pretty wild wow Palm just Reached a milestone of a $100 million Market cap and keep in mind kind of the Blue chip for new AI coins this cycle Pal AI has a market cap of over 400 Million and still running so I think There's plenty of reason to be excited By these guys they're partnered with Some big players scale they work with Them to mint their nfts out of the Images that you generate they work with Zerx protocol Google cloud and Google AI Meet your own Google powered Multiplatform AI chat Bots engage in Conversation coding and image generation Or Smart Vision with input of your

Choice ranging from voice messages to Imagery let your own imagination be the Limit on how far AI can help you or your Business succeed create your own AI Applications without any prior knowledge Enjoy the benefits of Revenue if you're A token holder powered by a mix of Google's Suite of AI tools and in-house Innovative algorithms taken to both web 3 and web 2 by Palm's team so understand What this project is about it's about Acccept accessible AI for everybody Generate images generate video generate Coding in apps with very little if if Not zero prior knowledge and if you hold The Palm token see the crypto component Is honestly what's most exciting to me CU I'm into crypto I use AI all the time To generate things like my thumbnails And different things but the Palm token Powers all of this from holder utilities Like Revenue sharing to AI software as a Service Services half of all revenue Generated from all developments is Distributed to Palm holders okay we'll Talk a little bit more about tokenomics In a second but let's get to the fun Part like I said we can do things with This bot like code like video generation I'm going to be sharing with you image Generation I'm going to create an image Through AI we'll do it here together but Like I said you can do exactly what I'm Doing and try this all absolutely for

Free just visit their website and scroll To this part it's on telegram a lot of Crypto people are on telegram obviously Watch out on telegram you know people Can contact you and try and scam you you Know we're just using this bot right now But be careful on telegram so keep in Mind to do things like generate video Through Sora that's not available for Anybody yet it's coming soon to Palm AI Image generator the team has made the Commitment to be the first to implement The Sora video generator by open AI to Telegram I mean this video generator Sora generally just came out so it's not A surprise to me that it's not available For everybody yet but when it becomes Available it will only be available for The token holders basically so what can You what can we do with this bot today Well we can generate and edit images With the bot and mint them as nfts on Scale prompting will be automatically Enhanced remember to include a hint at The style of image you want if it Matters like realistic or pastel Painting oil painting 3D rendering Features include generate and edit Highquality images the free users us can Generate up to three highquality images Per 1 hour Unlimited image editing the Extras for the Palm holders if you hold The token access to the exclusive Filtered model so the premium version

Retry generating unlimited times Increased generation cap of 20 images Per hour and of course no watermark so This is the random dog that it generates Ated for me just a little bit ago all I Did was put in dog and it looks like a Quality 3D image but if I edited this And redid this we can get it to Something specific that I could actually Use so let's do it create image please Enter a prompt for the image dog with Hat Oil painting select your image Resolution for most images the square Option is optimal for images of singular Persons the portrait captures them Better and for images depicting a group Or an area landscape is the best option Let's do Square generating oh my gosh Image generated successfully dog with Hat oil painting we could mint this as An nft through the scale Network I have No interest in minting this as an nft But you can see the value prop here so Again you could use this for doing that Doing images I use stuff like this all The time through Photoshop for my Thumbnails you will be able to generate Sora video you will be able to C and Produce daps so understand that even if You don't do any of those things you're Just a hodler or whatever the case may Be people are using this and this is Getting integrated into a lot of

Different things if you wanted to use Some of the other features you'd go over To platform here create an account just Give them your name and your email and Then you'd basically be on their Platform dashboard you could create a Data set fill in the promps these guys Have gone through a series of audits and Continue to get their code audited and That information is publicly available And you can check that out and you can See some of that here I think this Project is just going to continue Gaining momentum and users because the Product is insane people keep talking About it I submitted a photo of a Complex fracture and within 3 seconds it Gave me a diagnosis how is this possible I have no idea then I proceeded to give It a CT scan and within seconds the Diagnosis was delivered this is the kind Of stuff that gets retell horned up this Is the kind of stuff that gets anybody Horned up I expect to see this fly and Again in a space where you know it's Never a bad idea to do marketing that's A really good thing to do but sometimes There's marketing first and Tech second Sometimes there's Tech first and I from I'm not a coder I'm not a Dev but from What I see from what I read they have a Really awesome product it is the most Undervalued AI token in the market According to this D gen most people

Think of palm as just an AI chatbox but That's just the tip of the iceberg and There's more to it that hasn't been Marketed yet so we talked about the Chatbot but when it comes to coding when It comes to creating daps they've just Uh integrated a really interesting uh Platform Endo bytes I will try to Explain it in the simplest terms to help Youall Deens understand what it is and Why it's incredibly bullish and Revolutionary for the AI space current Popular AI models possess a wide range Of knowledge but only at a basic level If you want to utilize an AI model model For your business and obtain more Advanced results you have to train it a Process called fine-tuning with your Data set this allows AI to gain a deeper Understanding and knowledge to serve Your needs better that is where their Platform product Endo byes takes the Stage and revolutionizes things the Palm Team invented an AI powered data set Generator I literally call it invented Because there is no second alternative In the market you can upload your Documents and your data set is ready in Just a few seconds this changes Everything any individual can create Their own AI model with just a few Simple clicks and zero coding knowledge Told you once I told you twice you're Not bullish enough also not for nothing

Again incredibly great partnership this Is things I like to see Palm is now a Full member of the Nvidia developer Program basically with this they gain Access to the latest Cloud GPU Deployments at which we were able to Stream these responses and it went up By17 % being part of the Nvidia Developer program big so you can see Their road map although it's just for q1 And Q2 of 2024 girthy I mean they got a lot of Stuff going on tier one centralized Exchange listing WhatsApp relaunch and Discord integration Partnerships Integrations token Burns and BuyBacks For migration continue with the lp Staking program release of a DEX Aggregator API SDK release Sora Integration to image generation I mean There's a lot going on and again if you Don't want to use this AI to code or Generate images I get that I wouldn't be A user unless I used it for my work but This is why I think this is going to Catch on with crypto people get paid Directly in ethereum no fees no lock With palm AI team's new Revenue sharing Solution you'll be aird dropped as long As you prove ownership of your palm Tokens and hold them for the specified Period of time all Palm holders are Eligible for the program you pay no fees At any point and you have full control

Over your coins designed with security And adaptability in mind experience the Easy version of Revenue sharing and this Is you know this is the easy version of Revenue sharing I've seen a lot of Schemes before and this one's easy so All you would do is connect your wallet Join the program check your eligibility And the estimated percentage of the pool Wait for the next distribution which Usually happens every 2 to 4 weeks no Need to claim anything $87,000 have been distributed to the Holders so far 60% of the circulating Supply in the program and all your Questions can be answered the Information is there if you want to get More information the ball is in your Court seek these guys out do your own Research get more information don't risk It the information is out there plenty Of good sources like to me again I'm not A coder I'm not a Dev to me pal mayi Seems like it has a lot going on I'm Interested I'm not just saying that cuz Are a partner today the more researched This project the more interested I Became I did enjoy using their bot and Of course the AI combined with the Tokenomics let's go see you guys Tomorrow my friends


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