The Next 12-Months in Crypto Will Be ‘Fairly Unprecedented’ | Celestia Airdrop, SBF Guilty, & MORE!

This is fairly unprecedented in the History of Wall Street billionaire Michael sailor just went on live TV Today saying demand for Bitcoin is going To increase supply for Bitcoin is going To decrease as well as for the main Entities selling Bitcoin today even the Long term we're trending higher well Most of the natural sellers of Bitcoin In the market right now are Bitcoin Miners and they have to sell to pay Their electricity bill and their Capital Cost and retire their debt that's about A billion dollars a month worth of Selling into the market um the protocol Forces that to be cut in half as of About next April late April so you're Going to see 122 billion of natural Selling per year converted into $6 Billion of natural selling a year at the Same time as as things like spot Bitcoin ETFs increase the demand for Bitcoin so That's why all of us are fairly bullish Over the next 12 months demand's going To increase uh Supply is going to Contract and this is fairly Unprecedented in the history of Wall Street and many billionaires like Michael are buying right now micro Strategy his company purchased another 155 BTC we're uh we're big Bitcoin Bulls Uh our thesis is that uh Bitcoin is Digital property but without the risks And uh liabilities of of commercial real

Estate it's a digital commodity without The risks and the liabilities of gold It's a digital Tech investment without The risk and the liabilities of big Tech And so we're bullish and looking at Where Bitcoin could be just know for Macro the Federal Reserve at yesterday's Meeting officially skipped their rate Hike keeping the FED funds rate at 5.5% Today we decided to leave our policy Interest rate unchanged and to continue To reduce our Securities Holdings given how far we have come Along with the uncertainties and risks We face The committee is proceeding Carefully we will make decisions about The extent of additional policy firming And how long policy will remain Restrictive based on the totality of the Incoming data the evolving Outlook and The balance of risk now stating that the Committee is proceeding carefully to me Suggests that Powell is scared he Doesn't want to push the economy too far Too fast the process of getting Inflation sustainably down to 2% has a Long way to go and their goal with this Pause is to keep their restrictive Stance of monetary policy to continue to Put downward pressure on the economic Activity and inflation listen to Powell's press conference and I think He's just as confused by all the

Different data points as everybody else Maybe that's why he's he wants to pause Because he doesn't know what to do will There be another heke have no idea what Would you do I'd wait see what the data Says what what you know you've already Raised rates so much you know other 25 Basis points from here is not meaningful It's more of a messaging so wait till Are you expecting a year from now that He's going to be lowering rates no I Don't I don't actually think we're going To unless we have a very bad recession I Don't think we're going to see the FED Lower rates I think P Powell is still Petrified of what happened to vulker in The early now at this same time actually The day before Elon Musk blasts NTS on The Joe Rogan Experience and Bitcoin Fans love it I mean nfts the funny thing Is that the nft is not even on the Blockchain it's just a URL to the to the The Jpeg so it's not even like if like you Should at least encode the jpeg in the Blockchain cuz like if the URL if the Company housing the image goes out of Business you don't have the imag Obviously Bitcoin fans love it because That's where ordinals comes in or Inscriptions on bitcoin and just to be Clear on what Elon Musk is referring to An example we just saw FTX launched Their own nft Marketplace a few years

Ago and they issued nfts in partnership With Coachella and tomorrowand but many Of them stopped working the nfts once FTX servers went offline AKA very Centralized but musk's assertions aren't True in all cases some projects on Ethereum on a caseby Case basis stored Their artwork on chain including pixel Projects like cryptopunks and moonbird And just understand that musk's Statement also plays into a popular Misconception about nfts that the nft or Non-fungible token isn't the artwork or Connected item itself rather an nft acts Like a receipt or proof of ownership That's connected to something whether It's digital artwork an interactive Video game item a physical wristatch Etc Also many of you were asking me about This Celestia airdrops Tia to as Network Goes live claims start of modular era Celestia has released its main net beta After issuing over half a million oh After issuing tokens to over half a Million users so we can go to coin gecko Type in Tia find the new Celestia Tia Token and by the way I'm not affiliated With this at all just want to keep you Updated so right now about $241 but as you know huge volatility Whenever any new coin launches we see a Total supply of 1 billion and a Circulating supply of only 141 million Meaning a lot of it's not in the

Circulating Supply yet that's sort of a Silent inflation over time keep that in Mind but what this coin does or what It's supposed to do described as a Modular data availability Network that Securely scales with the number of users Celestia aims to solve scalability and Stability issues that are common with Monolithic blockchains like eth and Solana and just to get even more Specific modular blockchains like Celestia are designed to solve Scalability issues by using specific Channels for Speed and execution unlike Monolithic blockchains which can scale Only at the expense of decentralization Or security I will of course be doing a Deeper dive into new altcoins just like This but at the same time out with the The old and in with the new the old Being safe Moon safe Moon Executives Arrested after the doj and secc allege They misappropriated Millions buying Luxury cars and real estate so as you Know safe moon was designed they Advertised it's not only safe but it's Designed to Moon all this because safe Moon transactions were subject to a 10% Tax meaning this was supposed to Disincentivize you a little bit to sell Well as of yesterday two safe Moon Executives were arrested after Prosecutors said they lied to investors About having locked liquidity when

Instead they allegedly used the funds to Buy luxury cars and real estate my Takeaway from all this first off it's a Good thing let's get these Bad actors Out of the space this launched I think About 2 and 1 half years ago so what Altcoins of today will we be hearing About about 2 and 1/2 years from now and Speaking of the SEC Payment giant PayPal has received a Subpoena from the US SEC regarding its US dollar Peg stable coin received by Them on November 1st The subpoena Requested the PayPal produce certain Documents we are cooperating with the SEC regarding this request all this Represents awareness growth maturing of This space mainstream awareness uh seems To be reaching new heights for Bitcoin we have um we have the likes of Larry Fink uh referring to it as a Flight to Quality we have um dren Miller Uh noting that it's a legitimate asset Embraced by an entire generation and Lamenting that he doesn't own more of it Or own it uh we have Muhammad L Aran on Television noting that Bitcoin is being Viewed now uh as a safe haven asset um We have a lot of coverage uh Bitcoin uh In television uh on television networks News networks and also through Mainstream media that should continue to Grow um as that coverage increases that Combined with increasing availability of

Wall Street analyst coverage and new Voices emerging in the community like Like Fidelity uh with uh their uh Analysis of Bitcoin um all of those new Voices Uh and new interest is uh driving Education of a new generation of Investors I think we can expect more of That during the coming 12 months and all Of these things together just create a Virtual cycle and as they drive uh Bitcoin awareness they should uh Drive Bitcoin investment and that should drive More news and that should drive more Awareness and that should uh catalyze More and more firms to take an interest In supporting Bitcoin or investing in Bitcoin and very quick update on thef Trial jury directions begin in the Sam Bankman freed criminal trial as you know This is an update from our video a few Days ago it's over the Sam bankman freed Trial is getting absurd Sam appears to Be losing in a big way it's actually me Who's I aming you yeah I love drug that That that's VJ that's nish's Brother that's that's also okay okay That of course was a young Samuel Bankman freed pretty interesting to see His origin if you got value in today's Video click the like button to support Me see you tomorrow


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