The New Age of Dating with AI | TechCrunch

Online dating sucks but what if it could Suck even more just when you thought Endless swiping couldn't get any worse Bumble founder Whitney wolf said well What if you could date a robot no really On stage at the Bloomberg Tech Summit The founder imagined a future where we Won't have to go on first dates anymore We'll have an AI who knows who we are And what we want and we'll talk to other People's AIS who know who they are and What they want and then we'll all live Happily ever after I guess the thing is Heard isn't wrong this is the direction That technology is heading in and people Are already talking to AIS in a romantic Context on platforms like know me Ai and Character Ai and apps like teaser AI are Already working on what wolf is Describing where you have an AI that is Essentially just dating other AIS for You AI is getting boundless attention in The startup world right now so of course Dating startups are going to see how They can incorporate AI into their Products but as the consumer we have More power than we think if we can Recognize that having an AI conci urge Go on dates for us is a little too Dystopian for our needs then we don't Have to do it and if we aren't doing it Then the startups aren't going to stay Afloat and you see where this is going Then again maybe we're jumping to

Conclusions too quickly isn't it kind of Dystopian already that we all walk Around with cameras on us at all times But I think what's different here is That artificial intelligence is by Definition artificial and call me Oldfashioned but I don't want to start a New relationship based on something Something that isn't real


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