The Most Valuable Cryptocurrency on Earth – “This is the NEW Oil”

I think compute is going to be the Currency of the future I think it will Be maybe the most precious commodity in The world GPU compute is becoming a Vital Global resource and I think we Should be investing heavily to make a Lot more compute in many ways compute is The new oil gpus are the most important Resource in the world uh they're you Know they're basically like even China Literally imported more chips than oil Last year so this idea the gpus are the New oil especially with the rise of Artificial intelligence and they're so Important because they're used to uh Train optimize and distribute AI models Now I solves this the internet of Gpus is finally here and as explained by CEO Cory green and basically what we're Doing is we're effectively serving as Like an Airbnb for GPU compute so we're Tapping into all these unutilized Sources and that allows us to uh provide Nearly unlimited computing power to Machine learning engineers at up to 90% Cheaper than AWS gcp and Azure so I is a Hidden Gem in the dpin crypto Space offering AI compute as a currency Powered by the io token built on Solana With more available Enterprise grade Gpus to Cluster than Amazon AWS Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure combined IET Provides open access to compute on Demand at a fraction of the cost of

Traditional Cloud providers I is Sponsoring today's video so I can share With you the multi-trillion dollar Opportunity I'll share with you this x Thread in a sec but just so you Understand exactly what this crypto Project is the power of global GPU Resources with a single click Essentially OnDemand GPU access instant And permissionless access to the Internet of gpus with industry breaking Prices IO cloud is up to 80% ch cheaper Than major players in the market we are Talking about the same performance Quality and reliability for a fraction Of the price and a big reason on how They're able to accomplish this Decentralized clusters what is difficult For a lot of people to understand about Ion it and you mentioned the clustering And I think it's uh it's sort of helpful For people to know what that is because Quite honestly this is something you Know and I've I've been around AI for Years and I wasn't aware of this but uh Clustering at a high level is taking m Multiple gpus to work as a single Powerful supercomputer and um every Everyone doing AI uses clusters um Without clusters it would have taken 10 Years to train gpt3 so it's like Uber's Using clusters open AI using clusters Instacart using clusters um everyone's Using and how I is different than

These centralized players that control The space today it's very easy to create A cluster from a when all your gpus are Co-located so right now like everyone You know if you go to gcp you go to Azure um you can you go to AWS you can Basically spin up a cluster uh where the Problem is in the market is until IET no One has really found a way to create Clusters from different uh Geographic Locations and so because of that the While the sort of like Airbnb for gpus Is a great idea it hadn't actually Worked previously right because if you Go to uh most of our competitors what You act what you get is you get one you Get a single instance right you get one To eight gpus which you know you're not Going to really use that unless you're a Hobbyist so our secret sauce is the Ability to Cluster across multiple Locations and we can really do it on any Type of Hardware you want so this is Deepin decentralized physical Infrastructure allows this and even These other deepin coins like render Like file coin like Aether and more I Did not know this but the key is is that We can actually leverage all of these Other sources and that's why a lot of Our suppliers are actually other Deens So file coin's a supplier aether's A Supplier render's A supplier uh no's A Supplier G's A supplier I think noan is

Um you I I'm forgive me if I confuse our Pipeline with uh with what we've Announced but a lot of these um a lot of These uh sort of I don't want to call Them bare metal but a lot of these Airbnb for gpus are actually feeding Into us now what else makes Different well they have so so many Notable investors that you've heard of Backing the project we've been joined by The incredible teams at hack VC Multicoin Capital sixthman Ventures okx Ventures appto slabs Solana Ventures M13 And many others as well as prominent Leaders to name a few Solana founder Anatoli aptus Founders Mo and Avery yat Of animoca Brands Sebastian the Co-founder of the sandbox and not to Mention several sea Lev leaders among The world's largest GPU makers this long List of leading VCS and Angels is only Part of the supporters that have backed The AIO vision and together we've raised Over $40 million in an over subscribed Serus a round further endorsing our Mission and turbocharging our execution We crossed the Unicorn Mark in our first 10 months and this is just the beginning Now they have a few different products IO Cloud IO worker and IO Explorer Actually this is the full breakdown and What each product allows IO Cloud access Decentralized GPU clusters on demand via IO workers eliminating the need for

Costly Hardware or infrastructure so This one's pretty self-explanatory also IO worker put the Power into your hands With our easyto use One-Stop interface For all CPU and GPU worker setups Configurations earnings and security Also IO Explorer curious about how our Networks work including metrics and Rewards we offer detailed insights into Io. Net's operations similar to Blockchain explorers like Soul scan but Designed specifically for io. Net's GPU Projects also IO coin connecting all the Web3 money that's flowing into the GPU To power a blockchainbased cryptocurrency And platform designed to foster a Decentralized ecosystem for applications And services so this enables all the Different gpus and clusters to talk to Each other to communicate and interact Also IO which is a big one it's a place Where you can track earnings and Expenses IID is the central Hub where You can easily see what's been added to Your balance and how to withdraw it in Crypto and finally iog iog network is a Decentralized physical infrastructure Network of independently operating geod Distributed Hardware nodes that provide Permissionless access to OnDemand Compute of course all making the pillars Of I and the truth is you know we We are a crypto company but we don't see

Ourselves as a crypto company um you Know we don't get caught up in the Day-to-day of different deepend Providers and what they're doing I mean We're a competitor to AWS gcp Azure Plain and simple we have much much Bigger goals than crypto um it's just That you know crypto obviously like you You you cannot do what we're doing Without crypto um so we need it as a Tool But ultimately we see ourselves as A competitor to Big Tech now give this Video a like if you got value today if You now have a better understanding of What is and the last thing of note I want to mention is a bc8 This is a truly decentralized AI app Like an app store for AI apps and we've Actually already kind of built this in An app that we're dog fooding it's Called bc8 so that's bravocharlie 8. and we created this ourselves but Basically it's the first fully Decentralized AI app um you can go on There you can generate an image and uh Every Compu every every GPU that it's uh Made on is decentralized and every part Of transaction is recorded on chain so It shows uh you know they're all these Micro payments so it may be like a one You know 1,000th of a scent to the app Creator 1,000th of a scent to the model Creator you know 2 th000 of a scent to The compute provider and then a

Thousandth of a scent to IET great video Awesome jumping off point and by the way I will link this tweet thread down below Like always see you tomorrow


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