The Lowest Point In My Career

So this clip is from back in 2018 when I Was running my own e-commerce online Business I want to mention that I Learned a lot from that business and I Wanted to share with you three tips I Learned to help me grow my business at That time so first of all make sure you Pick a niche I know too many people who Get started out wanting to start a Business are oftentimes flooded with 10 Different ideas but they don't dial down On a single one the second tip to know Is that you shouldn't try to reinvent The wheel focus on trying to find a Problem and trying to solve it within The skill set or some type of product That you can create last but not least One of the most powerful organic Marketing tools that we have today is Tick tock tick tock is a very powerful Algorithm that connects viewers of a Certain interest to content that is Getting created if you're able to use These tips to succeed during this Recession I bet when the economy fully Recovers you're going to be growing even More exponential


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