The ideal case for a VC | Trae Stephens, Founders Fund | TechCrunch

Ideal case for a VC is you have a Founder that is going to be really good At running their own business and There's some Unique Edge that you can Provide to help them running their Business um the reality is is that that Usually is not the case usually the Investors that think they're the most Value added are the most annoying and Difficult to deal with and so the more That a Founder says I'm value or the More that a VC says I'm going to add Value the more you should hear them say I'm going to annoy the ever- living crap Out of you for the rest of the time that I'm on the cap table and I think it's Really bad and so I think our approach Is more you know we are going to invest In the company because we believe that That founder or that group of Founders Are the people that are going to grow This business if we believe that we Founders fund are necessary to make the Business work we should be investing in Ourselves not in the founders and so in Some ways the VCS that say they're the Most value added are actually Telegraphing to the founders that they Think they're bad and that actually the Thing that's going to make them good is Taking money from them rather than Someone else and I think that's kind of A betrayal of the entrepreneurial spirit That you should be having in the tech



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