The Future Of Sports Gaming is Here

Collectibles have been around for over Decades As games have shifted online using those Cards for games have become even more Harder before the start of 2021 I Expanded my interest in Collectibles Into sports and nfts the adoption of These nfts were through the roof with Tons of new people collecting showing The potential of digital collectibles in Sports was just gaining more interest This had led me down the path of other Nfts and even eventually me getting my Own board a back in March of this year Where over time I started to learn what Worked and what didn't within the nft Market since then I've been excited About the potential of nfts and how they Can be used outside of just profile Pictures Well about a few weeks back so Rare had asked me if I wanted to test Out their new platform after doing a bit More research on the platform and just Seeing some of the collaborations and Partnerships that they have the funding That they received I figure why not give It a shot so in this video I want to Take you through my journey so far in Trying out this platform and to pretty Much just explain to you all you need to Know and whether or not this is a Platform that's even worth your time so For this video I need to mention this is Going to be my honest opinion and

Feedback I'm not only just gonna go over How to use this platform but I'm going To go over both the pros and the cons of Who it's good for but who it might not Be the best for either so what is so Rare simply put so rare is a global Sports entertainment platform with three Fantasy Sports Games built on the Ethereum blockchain using the starkware Layer 2 solution to help scale starkware Works by validating transactions off Chain before putting them on the main Ethereum chain which then reduces strain On the network allowing for more users Without reducing that network speed so Most you guys know ethereum struggled With network speed and the cost of the Transactions and in me trying and Testing out so rare I was really able to See how fast and efficient this network Speed was so on so rare users can play With officially licensed digital cards And earn prizes every week this project Here is supported by a world-class team Of investors including some of the Biggest athletes and Venture firms in The world not to mention that it's Already trusted by 200 plus soccer clubs The NBA the MLB and their player Associations with more teams and leaks Coming on every month sober also uses The blockchain to authenticate limited Edition digital player Collectibles so Users will own their cards and you can

Choose to buy sell or trade them now This is where I was really intrigued by So rare because aside it from just being A typical nft collectible I Feel Like That season has now transitioned a bit More over we need to see more utility Amongst this bear Market is where so Where allows you to use these trading Cards to enter fantasy sport Competitions to earn those prizes and Rewards from that you get to own your Cards and you'll never lose any of them Even after a season ends let's use so Rare it's NBA feature more specifically As an example they got you know two Other sports we can talk about but it Seems like this is the most relevant in Me actually playing it just because I Know basketball way better than some of The other sports and I believe here at Least within our viewer of people who Watch this channel I think the NBA might Be a little bit more applicable so in so Rare's NBA game you create five player Card lineups twice a week that you can Enter into tournaments there's a point Cap that you must stay within which Means you probably won't be able to Start the best of players all on one Team like a real NBA team but the better Your lineups are the more cards tickets Jerseys and other rewards that you'll be Able to win so if you're still confused By what's so rare is think about it like

This I would compare so rare to be the Crypto version of fantasy football where You own your own team of players and Line up every week and based on how Those players perform in real life you Earn fantasy points within your league To win more now unlike fantasy football Which has been around since 1997 so rare Actually started back in 2018 and They've been building up their platform And game for just the last four years Once they expanded into soccer they then Decided to expand into the NBA and the MLB earlier this year so far they now Have over 2 million registered users and Half a million monthly active users and According to so rare has Also been competing against some of the Top nft projects like the board ape Yacht Club crypto punks within the Amount of sales and number of Transactions but ladies and gents as you Can see the number of daily purchases in Sales is so much higher than their Competition so it's showing that even Within this condition of a market They're making some pretty impressive Strides now more than ever especially With us seeing all these exchanges going Down trust this is the biggest aspect That I'm looking for in any platform Well I want to know that so rare does Have great backing by a ton of other Prominent VCS but even more than that

They still focus on the concept of Having digital Collectibles through nfts Which is not held by a centralized party Out of all that I tend to look at the Risk versus reward and was so rare Everything is free to play meaning you Don't need a penny or a dollar to start You just sign up you get started and you Can actively earn XP with some of the Players that you have in order to Strengthen your team and you can Participate fit in challenges where you Earn more free cards alright so ladies And gents I am inside of my computer Right now and between so rare once you Log in you have football NBA and MLB for This video let's go into NBA press play Now we're gonna get into it so right now It's gonna tell us a few things game Week 13 which starts in about three Hours if you have competed in anything You can actually go ahead and claim Rewards like I will right here tap the Card to reveal And just like that I got Aaron holiday a Guard for 180 points at a 58 000th rank On top of that which is also really cool Is you can get another free common card Each day that you help build your team This is pretty much like an airdrop to You completely for free so between all Of these players I am gonna go with Dylan Brooks so in just a matter of what 15 30 seconds I already got two free

Cards and from there you can decide if You want to use them in these Competitions or you decide hey maybe I Want to sell them in the future so when It comes to looking at certain cards You'll notice on your screen that some Of them are worth way more than others This one has a bid that's ending in About a minute starting at 211 dollars But then we have another card at Jalen Johnson who's only worth about thirteen Dollars the reason for this price Discrepancy is because each colored card Represents a different type of Rarity so Yellow which is going to be the limited Color has 5 000 cards minted each season If it's red it means it's rare which has A thousand minted each season and if It's blue there's only a hundred minted Each season and then if the colored card Is black then there's only one minted Each season these cards can be used in Different tournaments based on their Scarcity and they can yield you other Card and rewards now the scarce of the Card the more powerful the card and Increases the potential of bringing you More rewards with a nicer card you might Be able to win more lineups thus getting More Rewards or you could hold on to it And then sell it later down the road so Opening up a player card we're gonna get Some more additional details on the top Right this is going to be the team logo

On the bottom left this is going to be The season of the mint and then the Scarcity level like we just mentioned is Going to be indicated by the color of The card and we're also going to get the Name and the position right in the Middle I think the most important one Though is knowing the serial number some People like having the first edition or They like random numbers so if he's Wearing a jersey number as an example Say he's wearing number six if you get The sixth edition of this card sometimes Collectors value little things like that A bit more now scrolling down we're Going to get a little bit more details You're going to see the number 34 which Shows that this is the average score Over the last 10 games this right here Is actually indicating the bonus Attribution that the card is getting now This will differ from card to card but They're essentially calculated from the Experience that the player has and the Season from which they were minted and In order to gain experience points Pretty much whenever this player has a Successful score like they you know make A basket they dunk it in they will then Gain additional points to their level up Scrolling a little bit more down you'll Notice the last scores between different Teams and if we click on this you're Going to be seeing the player

Performance number on how they did how Many points they scored you're also Going to be noticing the last limited Sales so how much cards within the Market are going for and according to Its price so it looks like they're Having a fair value 42 dollars where This this card sold for its history but We saw a public offer for 45.46 now my Favorite part of all this is that if you Go on blockchain details you're gonna be Able to see the token ID here you go on Etherscan and this is going to be the Nft aspect of owning some of these cards So through here click on the contract You can look at the history of how it's Getting traded and like you guys know The blockchain does not lie when I say The blockchain doesn't lie it's showing The full transaction history The Ledger Of where this data is not going to get Manipulated and you'll be able to know Exactly how the card has been getting Traded and how it's been performing all Right so now that we know a little bit More details about some of these Individual cards and you know what you Can do you can buy them if you want put In a payment method here or if you have Ethereum you can transfer some into this Account before placing a bid so not only Can you buy these trading cards using Crypto you can actually go ahead and buy It with using a credit card too so as

You can see on your screen it'll Automatically technically calculate what The ethereum amount of that is from here You can choose rather the eth version or The dollar version whichever suits your Preference and from here you go into add A credit card now let's play a game this Is where the fun is at so we're going to Come here we're going to go into play an Upcoming game out of all this it's free To register we'll pick let's do this one Let's just do the common Contender right Now if you don't know much about it you Can press the I and it'll give you some More details the only cards that are Allowed in here are common type cards You can look at completing your team There's five different slots you'll see The different games that are available And then you'll be able to see the prize Pool so this year starts in about three Hours it's going to register and you'll See the different players I have on my Team now I'm just gonna pick out LeBron James because it's LeBron we need Paul George on here Aaron holiday what you'll Notice right now is that we exceeded the Point cap and that is gonna be the point Cap that is set for this specific Competition we want to make it fair and We want to make sure that the point cap Is underneath so we can actually Continue so let's try putting David Duke And maybe Willie Hernan Gomez so right

Here we are within the point cap we can Submit it and the team is officially Registered so now that my team is Registered I can go in here see my teams And know that within just a few hours They will now compete in another game if You want to have multiple teams at once You can do that so I have some other Players left I'm gonna go ahead and Register them for the team press submit We got another one joining the ranks so I think one of the best methods in order To maximize this platform is to just Make sure that your team members are Always competing if you are really into Basketball you're going to know the best Lineup on going against certain teams or How your player has performed but for The sake of this video we're just going To be showing you examples of at least Filling it out so you know the proper Steps of getting started now once you Get out of the common divisions and you Have enough cards to play The Limited Rare super rare and other unique Tournaments they're going to be a Handful of other tournaments in those Divisions where you can unlock even more Greater rewards these tiers are going to Be considered locked until you have the Required cards to enter the competition Now through this we went through all Tournaments we went through my teams tab But we haven't touched the training

Teams and this is actually really Important to know if you have players That don't have a game coming up this Week what they can do instead of putting Them into just a game that you think You'll toss you can have the option of Putting them into training so they can Rack up some more experience points that Way when you have some players who are On break or vacation you can still level Up your cards for when they return to Play some games to give you an example Of that you'll notice that I have two Players here that are inactive I can go Ahead and add them to the training and We'll just fill out the slot so we can Get it going so now that you have a Better idea on how you can actually play The game let's talk more about the whole Market so to do this just go back into The market drop down feature we have Featured new card auctions and manager Sales on this page you'll see all the New newly minted cards directly from Sober that you can place bids on this is One of the advantages of getting onto Silver right now because you can buy it First hand directly from so rare instead Of buying it from a player that's Already bought it and you may be paying A bit of a higher premium now just like Most marketplaces you're going to be Seeing different ways that you can Filter on what you're looking for so say

You have a certain card Edition you want Certain serial numbers that you only Want 1 to 16 and say you know you don't Want none of the limited ones maybe you Just want some of the most expensive Unique ones you'll notice that you can Buy direct from so rare although these Cards are a bit more expensive if we go Into super rare you'll notice that Prices are going to drop just a little Bit more because there is more demand And then if we go into the limited cards You'll notice that they're going for way Cheaper so this one is seven bits that Two dollars and seventy cents so what You'll also notice is that some of the Other cards they may not have as many Bids but one of the things that you need To realize is as the auction gets closer Very similar to any auction style that Is used on online like eBay many of the Bids end up coming in towards the last Few minutes of the trade the players who Seriously want this card are going to End up bidding towards the very end of It and that is where we're going to Start seeing a bit more competition Happening within the last minute now on The manager sales tab you'll notice that We are right now on the newly listed Items and from here we can see different Player names that are listing some Individual cards if some players are Undervalued it might be worth getting

Them now because if they can win more Tournaments for you and you're able to Win more rewards now on top of that Instead of buying a card what some Players are open to like this one they Literally put in their username is that They are open to all trades so if you Have a certain card you can go ahead and Add it all my cards are right now Playing in the next competition but you Can add the card and send over an offer In order to trade yours for another car Too this really brings in the value of Being able to trade collectible cards or Even if you guys remember the Pokemon Crazy we experience just about one to Two years back so what is a tool in Order to get get a little bit more of an Edge within this Market there are things Like so rare where pretty much You can use this in order to get a Better idea of real-time player Analytics and getting a better feel on Some of the players that you should be Looking out for the way they do this is They give you a detailed statistic for Injury information real-time match Information maybe player alerts but more Than that the research tool here is Really where it's important because you Can create custom watch lists to monitor Player scores and on top of that you can Track how other managers are doing so Now that you know how to buy Cards and

Play the game how do you know which Cards are valued at a fair price so when Considering impact make sure that you Focus on these five things one of them Scarcity levels another one is going to Be player popularity this is where a Player has a lot more clout like LeBron James is more well-known than maybe a Rookie just getting into the league you Also want to look into seeking new Talent so this year is going to be the Age and perspective which represents an Interest as young players in this game Have a huge huge potential in getting New points in the server system on top Of that you want to consider the Player's performance and last but not Least injuries because this will affect Whether or not certain players will be Competing in those leagues and if They're always injured they're not going To be worth that much all right so Ladies and gents you should at least Have a better idea on how this platform Works but I need to give you my thoughts Here like mentioned earlier the Advantages to this is the fact that if You are someone who's really into sports I believe if you're planning to look Into this anyways maybe you use fantasy Football with some of your buddies in Addition to that so rarehard also Mentioned for a lot of their top winners That you can expect VIP match tickets

You can get fan experiences you can get Merchandise you can also find yourself Getting real world prizes too it's also Worth noting that so rare is not a Gambling company and this is not an Investment at all with this you might Win money you might lose money but I Think just making sure that you Understand how it works and how you can Value players is the most important step And from there you'll have all the tools You need in order to set yourself up for The best chances of success but after Testing this out my honest thoughts are This if you're into sports I can see This being pretty valuable if you're not Into it it's going to be a little tough So thank you all so much again for Watching this video thank you to so rare For reaching out and just trying to get Me to test out this platform and if you Guys did appreciate it let me know Down Below in the comments and I'll see you All soon peace


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