The Future of AI Will Be Led By This Crypto… (Best Altcoin 2024)

I think that Oasis has the ability to to Propel the future of AI is how I would Say this altcoin is flying under a lot Of people's Radars in 2024 I mean it's Already being adopted by meta it's Already being utilized by Equifax it's Called Oasis Oasis is um a layer layer One blockchain network with a focus on Confidentiality and privacy and how They're different is they're focusing on Smart privacy for web 3 and AI privacy Is absolutely Miss and it's absolutely Essential Oasis provides a privacy layer For web 3 and AI they add smart privacy To daps on any evm chain she is the Founder of Oasis labs and a professor in The department of electrical engineering And computer science at UC Berkeley Their team led by CEO Don song has some Allstars she's also the co-director of Blockchain and web 3 also at UC Berkeley She's been recognized for her Contributions in computer security Through numerous Pres Awards and she is Ranked the most cited scholar in Computer security so many of you have Seen Dawn before she's often in coin Telegraphs top 100 people in crypto here She is speaking with founder of chain Link founder of ethereum founder of Cosmos's tender Don song founder of Oasis tell me about a newly launched Product called Sapphire so let's talk About Sapphire by the way Oasis is

Sponsoring today's video so I can bring You the most accurate information Possible and why would developers choose To build an oasis well it's because you Can build privacy enabled apps that Scale also totally compatible with Ethereum with binance chain with evm Blockchains sapphire is the first and Only confidential evm that empowers web 3 and AI with smart privacy meaning Privacy that evolves with developers Users and Brands yes so this relates to The ois unique privacy Computing cap So today for example on ethereum and Other um permissionless blockchains and In general all the transactions and all The data on chain is all public but as We move forward we want to have mass Adoption of blockchain Technologies Think about if a company uh uses Blockchain to do their uh to to pay Their employees or our users use Blockchain to to do purchase and so on So such data you actually don't want it To be public on chain and hence as we Move forward for privacy protection it's Absolutely essential that will provide Much better privacy capabilities uh for Blockchain right because a company like Meta or any company isn't going to adopt A blockchain where they have to put all Their clients transactions out to the Public they have proprietary information They don't want their competitors to see

Yet they still want to evolve to web 3 And that's what sci-fi is for sci-fi is The first and only confidential EV M so Today any uh solid smart contract uh That you can easily move into this Sci-fi confidential evm environments so That uh the applications get out of the Box confidentiality for the contract uh State and hence users get U privacy Protection and any of the current daps On ethereum any of the current daps on Evm compatible blockchains like B&B Polygon Etc are all compatible or are All able to move if they value privacy And actually for anyone who is using uh Who solid smart contract using these Applications there's actually there's no Reason there's no downside for using Saire there's only upside to provide Stronger security and stronger privacy Protection and with automatic uh me Protection so there's no front running For users uh transactions as well uh so Uh we are continue to push forward on That and also we are we have works in The in the uh in the pipeline uh working On uh identity and other privacy Computing areas as well and that's sort Of the beauty how they're able to be 100% private 100% public or anywhere in Between it's because of their layered Architecture it's modular meaning their Consensus layer is different than their Compute layer than their Oasis privacy

Layer so from the beo we started with um This modular architecture where we had Have a separation of consensus and Execution so we have the underlying Consensus chain which handles uh staking Governance and then I guess um sending Transactions through the consensus layer And then um as well as the validation of Proofs that come from the execution Layer the execution layer is made up of Parallel run times which we call Par Times um right now there are three so I Know this can sound a little complicated But this is how it works this is why it Works think of this system system sort Of like rollups they are they can be Thought of as similar to rollups where They're handling just the execution and They're submitting proofs uh on chain to The conest layer which they then are Validated um and then yeah so that that That modular architecture is now Becoming very popular um with things Like ethereum 2.0 polka dot cos stuff Like that and so we're very excited um And humbled to to sort of have been Paving this technological way for this All this time and that's true many other Prominent blockchains liked oasis's Tech Were influenced by oasis's Tech but Oasis was that Pioneer for modular Design first this modular um Architecture of separating execution From consensus to enable blockchain to

Have much greater scalability so now Actually everybody talks about this Modern architecture of separating Execution from consensus but always is Actually from 2018 four years ago was The very first one to uh propose it and To to build it um four years before Actually everybody else today and how is Meta using Oasis well Oasis is a Technology partner meta put out this Press release assessing fairness of our Products while protecting people's Privacy So Meta is obviously using Integrating AI Oasis is helping to Assess and improve their Technologies to Advance fairness Oasis labs and recently We launched a a partnership with uh with Meta for uh what's called privacy Preserving AI model fairness assessments So here again we talk a lot about how to Use AI machine learning for financial Services in Matter's case uh air models Are important for doing recommendation For users and so on and hence so for all The settings is actually really Important to ensure that the am model is Fair there's no bias for gender race age And so on and as a first step it's Important to be able to evaluate to Measure uh the fairness of these AI Models and then in order to do that you Essentially need to know sensitive Information for example users raise age Gender to be able to do this measurement

According to this documentation from Meta in partnership with the Privacy Focused technology company Oasis Labs we Developed an approach that draws on SM Smpc a subfield of cryptography that Permits analysis of encrypted data in Aggregate Dawn song EXP explains so so In this case uh together with meta we Actually developed the first of its kind Large scale real world deployment of uh Privacy Computing Technologies so using Various Advanced cryptographic uh Technologies including secure Mar Computation zology proofs and Differential privacy all put together we Developed this U privacy preserving Technology to be able to calculate uh The a model fairness uh without leaking Usage sensitive information and the Technology has been rolled out to all Instagram users so it's really the first Of his kind and really truly large scale Uh real world deployment of this kind of Now let's talk about the token it's Called Rose but just know they are also Working with Equifax Oasis Labs partners With Equifax to Power onchain kyc Solutions for the web 3 economy Basically Equifax has a lot of data how Can you use that data to kyc in Business Without revealing those customers with Data from Equifax Oasis will build a First ofit kind decentralized identity Management and kyc solution for web 3

And in a direct quote from Oasis they Say we are excited to partner with Equifax in this web 3 Endeavor Equifax Is an Innovative leader in the financial Services space and brings highly Credible and reliable data that will Help drive more trust in using block Blockchain technology for real use cases And speaking of the token grayscale Places bet on data privacy with industry First ETF and to be clear no coins were Chosen in this ETF yet I believe Oasis Is under consideration although there May be speculation but the world's Largest crypto asset manager is looking To invest in the emerging market for Data privacy with a new exchange traded Fund they filed a prospectus with the SE A few months ago and the Bitcoin ETF Provider is looking to launch a passive Privacy focused thematic Index Fund on The nysse this could be massive because If grayscale gets the green light from The SEC it could be getting in on the Ground floor of the next technology Mega Trend of course time will tell I'll keep You updated it's also pretty interesting That we've been seeing some heavy Accumulation of Rose token this is on Coinbase from many whales but especially One whale heavily accumulating most Likely an institution this is basically A whale watch following the accumulation And distribution of the largest whales

To enter the market from mid 2023 to This year very very interesting DCA also Whale accumulation as well on somebody's Binance wallet to me looking at both Binance and coinbase to me this looks More like institutional accumulation Again time will tell and also pretty big Announcement from illuminex think of Them like the Unis swap to oasis's Ethereum aluminex is a confidential Cross-chain Swap and Bridge so again Unis swap but privacy one of their big Announcements thex liquidity is now Migrated to ethereum and Unis swap Meaning you can Bridge yourx tokens from Sapphire to ethereum so it's migrated to Unis swap with the current liquidity and Paired with This will allow for greater Accessibility with less volatility this Creates a dual token ecosystem much more Accessible much more liquidity also Privacy for Bitcoin is imminent the Demand for privacy for Bitcoin has been There for many years for Bitcoin to Reach its full potential compliant Privacy is needed at aluminex will soon Be releasing private native BTC swaps And storage offering the final piece of The puzzle also after Bitcoin I hear Salana is next and now just reading off Some of the things I find interesting Max Supply reduction has started meaning While the old Max Supply was around 100

Million tokens they're cutting it by 43% And moving to 57 million tokens a 43% Supply reduction Max supply has Begun also gasless stealth wallets Aluminex is evolving towards being a Non-custodial and cross-chain privacy Product offering our Custom gasless Stealth wallets with private swaps Integrated for improved privacy and user Experience and how does that affect you Besides being able to use the wallets Well the protocol will earn Revenue Through users depositing and withdrawing Funds from their stealth wallets and Swaps which will be used for buy back And burn also ux UI upgrades on the Horizon we have expanded the team with a UI ux designer and two more developers To quickly deliver version 2 aluminex Definitely a project to watch in the Oasis protocol ecosystem again just like Unis swap is a main project to watch in The ethereum ecosystem they go hand Inand give this video a like if you got Value today give me your thoughts down Below and like always see you tomorrow


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