The FTX Mystery NO ONE Can Explain…

The day the whole crypto Community has Been waiting for is upon us Sam bankman Freed is in court before a jury of his Peers if he's found guilty of the Charges laid against him he faces Decades in jail his former friends and Colleagues have turned against him and His once Mighty Empire lies in Ruins but A vital piece of the puzzle over what Happened to FTX and alamaa research is Missing as three former Executives Prepare to spill their Cuts in an Attempt to save their own skins one Notable name is missing from the lineup Testifying against s SPF Sam truko the Former co-ceo of alamida disappeared Completely in the wake of ftxs collapse And hasn't been seen or heard from since No one seems to know where he is many Are wondering just what could have Happened to him and everyone would Dearly like to know what he knows so in This video We examined this mysterious Character and try to answer those Questions who is Sam truko what was his Part in all of this and could he make a Dramatic Reappearance let's find Out first a bit of background Sam truko Was raised in Massachusetts growing up In the town of natic on the outskirts of Boston his father was a campus police Officer at nearby Welsley College while His mother was a preschool teacher by

His own admission truko doesn't seem to Have been in his words a normal kid While still in second grade he had a Poem published in a book of children's Poetry and was more into solving maths Puzzles and playing Scrabble than he was In playing tag with other children Indeed puzzles appear to be one of his Lifelong passions and he began Publishing crosswords in the New York Times in 2015 if you have a time Subscription and fancy trying to solve His first one I'll leave a link to it in The description below he's also Contributed puzzles to the likes of BuzzFeed and and queer crosswords yep That's a thing apparently an interview With him about his love of puzzle Setting and solving that was also Published in the New York Times back in 2018 is one of the more revealing pieces Out there about him and his personality I'll leave a link to it below as well Spoiler alert he also enjoys karaoke When Drunk anyway truko attended the private Roxbury Latin School which is only a few Miles from Newton North High School Where Caroline Ellison who had become Alam's other CEO was a student around The same time in one of the most Intriguing aspects of this whole story Truko and Caroline appeared to have First cross paths at maths competitions

While at school truko then attended a Maths camp in 2008 which was also Attended by Gary Wang ftxs future Co-founder then in 2010 truko attended Math Tamp again clearly a glutton for Punishment and met Sam bankman freed for The first time There they presumably bonded over Whatever it is Math's Geeks get excited About I don't know calculus algebra Putting letters in equations instead of Numbers look you're looking at someone Who couldn't tell you a prime number Past seven so you know give me a break Anyway in short four of the core members Of FTX and alamida are massive math SKS Who have known each other since they Were kids anyhow truko later went on to Read maths obviously and computer Science at MIT where he was reunited With Gary and SBF truko and Gary Graduated in 2015 while SBF had Graduated the year before Caroline also Studied maths by the way but at Stanford Where s spf's parents were law Professors and graduated around the same Time now maths grads are particularly Sought after in the world of finance and That's where this lot mostly ended up SBF and Caroline went to work at trading Firm Jane Street Capital in New York City while truko moved to Philadelphia To work at another trading firm susah International Group where he' previously

Done an internship while at MIT it was around this time that truko Began to get involved with crypto and Started trading it in his spare time by His own admission he wasn't enraptured By the technology or the philosophy of Crypto he just saw it as a way of making Money he was also a keen poker and Blackjack player from his college days And seems to have put his math skills to Good use at the table in a tweet from 2021 he even admitted to being banned From three casinos for counting cards in Blackjack he also frequently talked About how the skills necessary to be a Good Casino Gambler were vital to being A successful Trader meanwhile SBF had Founded his own crypto trading firm Alamida research in 2017 and Caroline Ellison had left her job at Jane Street To join it truko joined alamida in 2019 Having quit his job at susah and upped Sticks from Philadelphia to San Francisco it seems he and SBF had dinner There at some point and truko came Aboard alamida as a Trader having got Into crypto as a way of making money he Was now about to make a ton of the stuff Now it should be noted that truko was Never part of the effective altruism Movement that SBF Gary and Caroline had Gotten involved with while at college For those unfamiliar effective altruism Or EA revolves around the idea that its

Followers should aim to do quote as much Good as possible SBF liked to claim that Alamida and later FTX were both started With this aim in mind in his head it was Up to him to make as much money as he Could in order to then give it away to Worthy causes truko on the other hand Was always in crypto for his own gain And truko did well at alamida so well in Fact that in 201 20 he bought his Parents a half million house in Maine And then in 2021 bought himself a $9 Million condo in San Francisco with a View of the Golden Gate Bridge alamida Had by this point though relocated to Hong Kong and both truko and Caroline Had moved there too 2021 was also the Year that SBF made truko and Caroline Co- CEOs of alamida and of course 2021 Was when crypto was in an Almighty bull Market so we should perhaps be wary of Portraying the gang at alamida as genius Traders making money against all the Odds everyone in crypto was making money Back then and although alamida had made Big profits in the past it had also Taken some big losses as well Particularly in its early days but in The he days of 2021 it was a Bonanza And you'll never guess who is in the Car hello and welcome back to GM crypto Now we have so much fun and exciting Stuff coming up for you on today's show

But first we need to talk about the coin Bure deals page guy that's right Jessica Because it really is the place to find The very best deals in crypto for Starters you can find bonuses of up to $40,000 at some of the best crypto Exchanges and that's not all Jessica Because you can also get discounts on Hardware wallets sign up bonus es for Some of the top exchanges and trading Fee discounts of up to 60% amazing guy where can people find This deals page well just head on over To Deals or use the link in the Description by this time SBF had also Started another company for which he Would become infamous the FTX crypto Exchange and it's important to draw the Distinction between alamida the trading Firm and FTX they were so it was claimed Entirely separate entities even though They were both founded by S SPF having a Trading firm closely linked to an Exchange on which it traded was a clear Conflict of interest and so SPF and Others were pains to claim that the two Companies were not directly involved in Each other's business truko himself Pointed out that he worked for alamida And not FTX talking to coindesk in November 2021 he also claimed that SBA F Quote is not really involved in Day-to-day operations in alamida

Caroline and I have been leading the Charge there for quite some time this is Telling because as we would later find Out FTX and alamida were closely linked So closely in fact that Executives Including SPF Gary and Caroline were Living cheek by jow in a Bahama's Penthouse and were throwing money around Like there was no tomorrow now we've Covered all this in more detail in Previous videos which you can find link To in the description the short of it is Though that alamida was losing money Lots of money and as co-ceo truko has a Lot to answer for on this count as Bloomberg put it quote despite being one Of the industry's top market makers and An investor in major startups like Crypt Bank Anchorage digital non-fungible Token Marketplace magic Eden and crypto Payments platform mobile coin alamida Has made major missteps during trabuco's Tenure despite having been named with Caroline in the finance section of Forbes's 30 under 30 list for 2022 truko Was helping to oversee a company that Was hemorrhaging money as the crypto Market started to slide in the wake of Teral Luna's collapse in May 2022 alam's Problems just kept getting worse this Was despite the company having Privileged Insider access to FTX via Their Mutual connections and a handy Back door in ftxs software in effect

Alamida was playing poker against the Rest of the market was able to see Everyone else's hand and was still Losing now this is where the questions Start coming thick and fast perhaps the Most obvious being how much did truko Know of what was going on behind the Scenes at alamida and FTX an in-depth Article from January 2023 by the Boston Globe cited an anonymous former alamida Employee who claimed that truko was not A part of s spf's Inner Circle moreover While truko did occasionally visit the Bahamas where FTX was based he appears To have been mostly based in Hong Kong So it could perhaps be argued that he Was not privy to all the Shady dealings Going on behind the scenes but then Again he was alam's Co-ceo it's not unreasonable to expect Him to have at least been aware of the Dire financial situation the company was In and the methods being employed to Prop it up moreover it appears that Truko was fast becoming disillusioned With life at alamida so much so that he Resigned in August 2022 just three Months before the whole house of cards Came crashing down in a tweet thread Titled on happiness published on the 24th of August he announced that he was Quote stepping down as co-o o of alam Research at Caroline Capital will Continue on as alam's CEO I will stay on

As an adviser but otherwise will not Continue to have a strong day-to-day Presence at the company over the past Few months I have significantly reduced My role at alamida this happened Gradually and has most recently involved A lot of time not really working at all And certainly not acting as the Company's CEO hm the gist of tabo's Thread was that after a quote exhausting And consuming time at alamida he decided There was more to life and it was time To quote prioritize other things as well As seeming to distance himself from Alam's day-to-day operations in recent Months he also asserted that quote Lately I've been really happy spending a Lot of time traveling visiting friends And family working on myself and whatnot Also I bought a boat that's been cool I Needed to relax and I'm really really Happy ah yes the boats now this was Another one of trabuco's indulgences and Perhaps explains in large part why we've Not heard from him since November last Year the Boston Globe article also notes This boat being purchased though it Doesn't give an exact date however an Exact date was revealed in a court Filing published by the current FTX Administration in July of this year as Reported by coin Telegraph this filing Quote disclosed a series of financial Statements revealing transactions that

Benefited company Executives the first Transaction noted is dated 11th of March 2022 for the amount of 2,53 th000 and is titled quote cash Transfer to the American yacht group for The benefit of John Samuel truko so then Did truko really buy this boat himself Or was it paid for using Alam funds or Even client funds from FTX another Question that I'm sure many people would Like an answer to incidentally truko Apparently named The 52t Long vessel Soak my deck and hired someone from Fiver to design the logo well it's a Memorable moniker all right I'll give Him that and S SPF himself has also Recently alluded to truko and his boat While under house arrest in California SPF drafted a series of tweets about his Predicament and his take on what Happened with FTX and alamida now these Tweets were never posted but he did Share the draft with crypto reporter Tiffany Fong who later shared them with The New York Times SBF is quoted Complaining about truko having been Quote in the process of quiet quitting His role at alamida and instead quote Going on dates with a ton of guys while Sailing around the world on a boat so Alam's co-ceo happened to walk away from The company just 3 months before it and FTX went down in flames leaving billions Of dollars unaccounted for the Boston

Globe reports that quote in October two Months after he stepped down from Alam Truko went back to the Bahamas for his 30th birthday celebrating with a cake That had his face printed on it According to his friend's Instagram Account then the following month things Really started to unravel coindesk Published its famous article detailing The god- awful state of alam's balance Sheet on the 2nd of November and within A few days everything was a smoking ruin On the 11th of November FTX and alamida And over 100 other Affiliated entities Filed for bankruptcy protection check Out our video on this whole debark if You want all Lory details link is in the Description now on the 8th of November Truko tweeted quote much love to Everyone I'm sure the past few days have Been dark for many and I hope the road Ahead is brighter and after that nothing Not a Peep has been heard from Sam truko Since and when you stop to think about That it's very very strange for one Thing almost all the other FTX and Alam Top brass have been forced to face the Music as mentioned earlier SBF is in Jail in New York City Caroline Gary Wang And former ft ex director of engineering Nishad Singh have all pleaded guilty and Are expected to testify at spf's trial Over the coming weeks Ryan Salem who ran Ftxs Bahamas subsidiary also recently

Pleaded guilty to charges against him Although apparently won't be testifying Against his former boss heck even s Spf's parents are now accused of having Received money from FTX before its Collapse now the key person here as far As s spf's fate is concerned is likely Caroline Not only was she s spf's onoff Girlfriend for a time but she was also a Key member of his inner circle and of Course alam's co-ceo her testimony is Perhaps the most eagerly awaited of all And yet Sam truko the man who ran Alamida alongside her has not only Vanished but hasn't even been directly Named by the prosecution why now it's Important to note of course that truko May not be guilty of any wrongdoing that Would be for the authorities and Ultimately the courts to decide indeed As alamida and FTX were collapsing Caroline admitted on a video call to Other alamida employees that the Decision to send FTX customer funds to Alamida was known to her SBF Gary and Nishad trabuco's name doesn't seem to Have been mentioned so perhaps he Genuinely was unaware of what was Happening too busy getting nautical Perhaps but even if this is the case Surely truko must have some useful Insights to share about his time at Alamida can he really be expected not to Have at least suspected that something

Was a Miss in the months leading up to The crisis did he really leave alamida To spend more time soaking his deck or Did he know or suspect that all was not As it should be was he really quiet Quitting alamida or trying to subtly Distance himself from the company Perhaps without any one really noticing Now intriguingly there is a chance truko Could appear as a government witness on The 28th of September a letter by the Defense Council submitted to the judge Presiding over the case noted that quote The court disclosed that it had been Asked by the government to sign Compulsion orders for two witnesses who Will be testifying under a grant of Immunity in a follow-up letter the Following day the council noted that They'd been able to conf ER with s SPF At the prison where he's now being held About whether quote we will require the Two witnesses testifying under a grant Of immunity to invoke their Fifth Amendment privilege against Self-incrimination in person outside of The presence of the jury we will not Require these two witnesses to do so now For reference the identity of any Witness in the case must be disclosed to The other side in advance but not Necessarily to the public and any Witness testifying against SBF under Immunity will likely have been a pretty

Key player at FTX or alamida if one of Those Witnesses is indeed truko Something which we can only speculate on At this stage then it's likely the best Possible outcome for the ex Alam CEO if It means he escapes any consequences for His role at the company but truko may Very well not be due to a which would Only add to the mystery surrounding him And his whereabouts Some have speculated that he's floating On his yacht somewhere in international Waters supposedly beyond the reach of us Authorities perhaps he used it to sail To a country that doesn't have an Extradition treaty with the United States it does though seem inconceivable That he would simply be allowed to Vanish without Trace even if he turns Out to be innocent of any wrongdoing the Full story of FTX and in particular Alamida simply cannot be told without Him and so as the Day of Reckoning Approaches the world can only wonder What happened to Sam truko and what Secrets he might be harboring for now Though at any rate it seems as though The man with a lifelong passion for Puzzles may have just pulled off his Greatest brain teaser Yet


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