The FTC bans anonymous social app NGL from serving minors | TechCrunch Minute

For the first time the Federal Trade Commission is Banning an app from Serving users under 18 the app in Question is NGL an anonymous social app Which rose through the App Store ranks In 2022 even reaching the number one Spot on Apple's charts you might Recognize the app from its moments of Popularity on Instagram when everyone Was posting links to apps like NGL or Send it on their stories asking friends To send in anonymous questions that's Basically the Crux of the product like Several apps that came before it it lets You open yourself to anonymous questions From your peers but NGL was supposed to Be different because it was advertised As having AI that could filter out clear Cyber bullying but the ftc's complaint Alleges that as NGL and its Founders Marketed the app to miners there claims That their AI made the app safer were False in a press release FTC chair Lina Khan said NGL marketed its app to kids And teens despite knowing that it was Exposing them to cyber bullying and Harassment in light of nl's Reckless Disregard for kids safety the TC order Would ban NGL from marketing or offering Its app to those under 18 NGL is also Under Fire for allegedly sending fake Questions to users then prompting them To pay a $10 monthly subscription fee to Get hints about who send the messages

According to the ftc's allegations NGL Did not clearly disclose that this was a Recurring charge which violates rules Under CA at Tech crunch we did our own Reporting on this back in 2022 and we Found that it was highly likely that NGL Was baiting users with fake questions We posted an NGL link inviting questions On Instagram for less than 1 second then Immediately deleted it and yet we still Received about half a dozen questions on NGL even though no one had actually seen The link the FTC also alleges that NGL Executives called users suckers for Complaining about these Fake Messages That's harsh so after a 2-year long Investigation NGL will pay a $5 million Fine to the FTC and Institute ageg Gating policies to make sure that minor Don't access the app while NGL is Complying with the ftc's orders Co-founder joal figuro still states that Quote We Believe many of the allegations Around the Youth of our user base are Factually incorrect this lawsuit isn't Going to kill NGL but already we see the App has changed its rating from 12 plus To 17 plus the average user might not Even know about this lawsuit so long as There not a minor who can't use the app Anymore still not going to lie this is Pretty bad news for G


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