The Financial System Is Rigged!! You Need To Know The TRUTH!!

Do you ever feel like you're having a Hard time keeping up with the cost of Living well it's not just you the Financial system is rigged but not in The way you might think in short Corporations governments and the people In power have trillions possibly Quadrillions of dollars of debt that They can't possibly pay back they can Either default and lose everything or Devalue this debt through inflation and Keep it under control through regulation Obviously and to our Collective Detriment they've chosen the second Option today we're going to explain how The financial system is rigged why You're having such a hard time keeping Up with the cost of living and how you Can pick up the pace in the face of These factors The current state of the financial System fundamentally boils down to three Things the disconnect between money and Currency the manipulation of the time Value of money and the access to Credit In a credit driven economy don't worry I'll explain each one in simple terms so First the disconnect between money and Currency now money and currency are Technically different things for the Purposes of this video you can think of Money as being a store of value meaning That it holds its value over time By contrast currency is not a store of

Value meaning that it loses its value Over time One example of money is gold which has Been recognized as a form of money for Thousands of years gold is one of the Best stores of value out there so much So that if you measure the prices of Things like houses and cars in Gold Terms their prices actually haven't Changed that much in recent decades But when you price things like houses And cars in currency terms it appears as If their prices have gone parabolic in Recent decades if you were to tell your Grandparences they'd say that this Wasn't always the case Once Upon a Time Money and currency were the same thing Currencies represented a claim on money Now one example of a currency is the US Dollar it used to be backed by gold and All the world's other currencies were Pegged to the US dollar what this meant In Practical terms is that when you were Paid in a currency you were being paid In something that held its value Over Time however this all changed in 1971 When then U.S president Richard Nixon Quote temporarily suspended the ability For people to redeem their US dollars For gold what this meant in Practical Terms was that governments and central Banks were free to create as much Currency as they wanted and as you can See the supply of the US dollar has gone

Parabolic since the 70s now as basic Economics dictates the more of something There is the less valuable it becomes as Such it's not really the prices of Things like houses and cars that have Gone up in reality it's the value of the Currencies that have gone down the Increase in currency Supply is called Inflation and we've been taught to Believe that it's a good thing for us And the economy that's because inflation Incentivizes consumption people will Spend more when the currency they use is Losing value and that boosts economic Growth and wealth at least in theory in Practice however inflation is making it Harder and harder for people to store Value in currency and it's incentivizing Over consumption that ultimately Damaging the environment never mind the Fact that official inflation measures Have arguably been under counting the Real inflation rate for decades and you Can learn more about that in the Description I digress now the biggest Problem with the disconnect between Money and currency is that the average Person continues to be paid in currency Not in money and to add insult to injury The average person is being told that The currency they're being paid in is Just as good as it was back in the day It's as good as gold the resulting Inflation is why it feels like you can't

Keep up with the cost of living and why You just can't seem to get ahead you're Being paid in a currency that is Actively losing value and you're trying To use it to buy things that are Actually valuable such as a house or a Car Given this disconnect between money and Currency you might be wondering why Currencies have any value at all in the Modern day well the answer is basically Because the government says so that's Why currency is now more often referred To as fiat currency the word Fiat means Let it be done But that's just the first reason why the Financial system is rigged The second reason is manipulation of the Time value of money for the purposes of This video you can think of the time Value as money as meaning how much it Costs to borrow money for a given period Of time under normal circumstances the Longer you want to borrow money for the Higher the interest rate you'll have to Pay that's because the person lending You that money could have used the money For something else today put differently They're missing out on all the things They could have bought with that money Here's an example to explain what I mean Suppose you wanted to borrow money for 10 years maybe lenders would be willing To give it to you if you pay them 50

Extra at the end of the 10-year term That's because 10 years is a long time To wait they could have made a similar Return by say investing But if you wanted to borrow money for One year maybe lenders would be willing To give it to you if you pay them five Percent extra at the end of the one-year Term that's because one year isn't that Long to wait sure they could have done Other things with that money in the Interim but it's easier just to give you The loan if you were to aggregate all These loans and their respective Interest rates and put them on a graph You would get what's commonly referred To as the yield curve a line that slopes Upwards and to the right What it says is that the longer you want To borrow money for the higher the Interest rate you'll have to pay here's Where things get a bit complicated so Pay attention suppose you wanted to Borrow money for 10 years but wanted to Borrow a billion dollars now because the Sum of money is so large lenders might Only give it to you if you pay them 100 Extra at the end of the 10-year term Double the initial amount that's because Lending such a large sum over such a Long period of time doesn't just come With an opportunity cost anymore it also Comes with risks the most pressing risk Being that you won't be able to pay that

Money back so to compensate for this Risk lenders will demand a much higher Interest rate so you can imagine that The yield curve would be steeper and Start at a higher percentage depending On the size of the loan but this is Under normal circumstances today it can Cost more to borrow for a short period And some large loans can have lower Interest rates than smaller loans of Similar duration Believe it or not but this is mostly Because of the central banks you see Under normal circumstances interest Rates on loans are determined by supply Of lending and the demand for borrowing If the demand for loans is high and the Supply of loans is low interest rates Are high and vice versa however with Central banks in the mix this Market Dynamic is disrupted that's because Central banks can manually set the Interest rates on debts The caveat is that they can manually set The interest rates on shorter durations Of debt and that's the only thing they Were doing until the 2008 financial Crisis in response to the 2008 meltdown Central banks took the unprecedented Step of manipulating longer-term Interest rates for the first time in Modern history they did this by buying Long-term government debt this had the Practical effect of lowering interest

Rates for similar durations of debt in Other words the central banks Manipulated the time value of money Across all time frames this made it Artificially cheap to borrow which was The entire point it was hoped that Making it easier for everyone to borrow Would result in a faster economic Recovery but all it seems to have done Is cause inflation that's because making Interest rates artificially low results In even more currency creation that Means that it's not just the governments And central banks printing currency out Of thin air its individuals and Institutions too and you'll recall that As the supply of currency increases its Value goes down now if that wasn't bad Enough this manipulation of the time Value of money across all time frames Has been done four more times since 2008 And as well as causing additional Inflation it continued to make it Artificially cheap to borrow but only For those who were able to get access to Credit This ties into the third reason why the Financial system is rigged and that's The access to credit as I mentioned a Few moments ago it was hoped that the Manipulation of the time value of money Would make it easier for everyone to Borrow and that this would cause Economic growth the reason why it caused

Inflation instead is because it didn't Become easier for everyone to borrow it Only became easier for certain Individuals and institutions to borrow These individuals and institutions use This money for many things including Buying up valuable assets such as stocks And real estate this caused the prices Of these valuable assets to rise sharply In currency terms all while the Currencies themselves have continued Losing value the only way that the Average person could keep up was to Borrow more currency to buy up what's Left of these valuable assets causing Their prices to rise further now at First glance all these green tickers Look like economic growth after all all The numbers are going up upon closer Inspection however you realize that it's Been nothing more than asset price Inflation driven by artificially cheap Borrowing since 2008. there's been Comparatively low economic growth since Then case in point the actual economic Productivity in G20 countries has been Almost flat since 2008. that's what I Meant earlier by credit driven economy Your success in this credit driven Economy fundamentally depends on your Ability to borrow more and more but this Is more and more difficult This is for many reasons but they can be Broadly broken down into two camps

Official Financial regulations and Unofficial regulations in terms of Official Financial regulations the Dodd-Frank Act is the elephant in the Room as you might have guessed it was Passed in the aftermath of 2008. now the Dodd-Frank Act is over 2 000 pages long But the tldr is that it made it more Difficult for small Banks to give small Loans to small businesses and Individuals one consequence of this is That it's become more difficult for Small businesses and individuals to Prove their credit worthiness to get Access to larger loans Another consequence of this is that it's Become more difficult for small Banks to Operate FYI small banks are the biggest Lenders to small businesses so small Banks being unable to issue small loans To small businesses eventually means Less of both all that's left is Big Banks and the so-called Shadow Banks Shadow Banks include asset managers like BlackRock who have imposed their own Unofficial regulations on individuals And institutions over the years the most Notable example is the ESG investment Ideology which has also served as Another manipulator of the time value of Money that's because if you comply with Blackrock's ESG ideology you'll likely Get a loan with a lower interest rate And more favorable terms than if you're

Deemed to be non-compliant now it Appears that unofficial Financial Regulations like ESG are becoming even More influential than official Financial Regulations and this influence will Continue to increase as these ESG Criteria start to be applied at the Individual level the craziest part is That ESG isn't even coming from the Private sector it's coming from Unaccountable and unelected International organizations more about ESG in the description Now the worst part about all of this is That it's no longer just the commercial Banks and the shadow banks that are Affecting the accessibility to credit Central banks took another unprecedented Step in their response to the pandemic Flash crash in 2020 and that was to buy Corporate debt now as with buying Government debt buying corporate debt Causes the interest rate on that debt to Go down the fact that the central banks Only bought the debt of certain Corporations and not others therefore Gave these corporations an unfair Advantage they could borrow at even Lower rates This can all be summed up with something Many macro analysts have since Underscored your access to credit is Increasingly dependent on your size if You're a wealthy individual or a big

Institution you'll have access to credit On more favorable terms and that will Only further increase your wealth and Size But if you're a poor individual or a Small institution your access to credit Will only get worse as time goes on Unless you comply with BlackRock and Co Even then you won't ever get access to Credit on the same conditions as the Larger entities In a credit-driven economy that means You will continue to fall behind This brings us to the big question and That's how you can keep up the pace in This rigged Financial system well first You need to put things into perspective By now you'll understand that none of This has to do with some nebulous Economic ideal like capitalism We're dealing with something very Different we're dealing with a system Where currency is losing its value Because it was decoupled from money by The government where the time value of Money is being manipulated by central Banks and where the access to credit is Being controlled by unaccountable and Unelected international organizations Things get even more complicated when You realize that the government is Heavily influenced by corporations via Lobbying that the central banks are Technically owned by the commercial

Banks and that all the unaccountable and Unelected international organizations Are controlled by governments as I Mentioned in the introduction the reason Why the financial system is rigged is Because all these entities have hundreds Of trillions of dollars of debts that They can't pay back They need currency to decouple from Money so that it loses its value and They need the time value of money to be Low they also need to control access to Credit because otherwise someone could Default on their debts and this could Cause a domino effect that takes them All down This would explain why they're all so Obsessed with Central Bank digital Currencies or cbdcs they will allow them To control all the currency So given these facts this is how you Should view the rigged Financial system Entities that are massively in debt are Trying to cause inflation and control The flow of currency so that they don't Default on their debts it's like they're Filling up a swimming pool with water While controlling the size of the pool They're not trying to drown you though That's the good news in this whole Situation these entities aren't Targeting us per se they're just trying To save themselves But if you try to tread water you will

Eventually drown that means the onus is On us to find a way to swim less and Float more so to speak now the bad news Is that floating is easier said than Done the easy solution would be to get Paid in money rather than currency well Not to burst your bubble but you Probably won't be able to find anyone Who'll be willing to pay you in money Instead of currency for very long it'll Simply be too expensive for them this Leaves the other two factors unless you Work at a central bank you won't be able To fix the time value of money and bring Interest rates back to reality if you Tried you'd probably be fired or Worse That's because all those entities can't Afford higher interest rates due to Their debts at least on paper in Practice they can afford these higher Interest rates so long as they have Access to credit unless you're a big Institution or a very wealthy individual You're going to have to comply with a Lot to get access to credit besides the Fact that that would mean the end of Your freedom it also may not be enough To get ahead even if you do get access To credit borrowing more and more money To buy assets may not be the solution If you watched our recent video about The man who predicted everything you'll Know we could be entering a period of Higher interest rates if this happens

This floating device won't work this is Especially relevant to the people who Took out a loan to buy a house to rent Out then use that House's collateral for Another loan to buy another house to Rent out and so on chances are you know Someone who's done something like this It's been one of the only ways to get Ahead since 2008. however if we enter a Period of persistently higher interest Rates all those debts will eventually Become too expensive and it will cause a Lot of forced selling this for selling Will cause the value of those assets to Fall causing even more forced selling Now in all seriousness there only seem To be two things that will allow you to Keep up the pace in this rigged Financial system and they go hand in Hand the first is to increase the amount Of currency you're getting and the Second is to invest this currency into Money that holds its value be it gold Bitcoin or otherwise now the hardest Part about the first thing is obviously Increasing the amount of currency you're Getting without taking on too much debt Ideally none at the rate things are Going with ESG and the like it may not Even be possible to take on the debt you Need to start a small business unless You're fully compliant the hardest part About the second thing is that Governments will likely make it more

Difficult for the average person to Access money the more that they realize What's going on with the currency this Means that it could become more Difficult to exchange that money for Currency when it's necessary Now for what it's worth the more people Realize just how rigged the financial System is the easier it will be for Everyone to keep up the pace That's because new economies will Eventually emerge where money will start To become recognized as currency again At this rate it's only a matter of time Come to think of it all those people Talking about a return to something like A gold standard could be proven right in The end so make sure you're positioned Accordingly And that's all for today's video folks If you found it interesting let us know By Smashing that like button if you want To get more interesting content like This subscribe to the channel and ping That notification Bell if you know Someone who would find this video Interesting take a second to share it With them and if you're accumulating Digital money in preparation for the Inevitable currency collapse make sure Your maximizing value using an Affordable crypto exchange and storing This value on a secure Hardware wallet If you're not sure where to start the

Coin Bureau deals page has got you Covered it's got up to forty thousand Dollars of discounts and airdrops on the Most liquid crypto exchanges and the Biggest discounts on the best hardware Wallets the link to that will be down in The description as always thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you next Time this is Guy signing off


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