The Exclusive Credit Card for The Top 1%

This credit card is so exclusive that Only the wealthiest one percent in the World have it now this of course is Going to be the American Express Centurion card also known as the Black Card all right so if you even want to be Considered to get invited for this card You need to spend between 250 000 and 500 000 All in One calendar year on any American Express credit card once you're Invited there's gonna be a ten thousand Dollar Initiation fee and there's also An annual fee that you have to pay of Five thousand dollars per year so with All that why is this card even so good Well this credit card you can get Exclusive memberships credits and Statuses with retailers restaurants Hotels Airlines and more not to mention You get access to the Centurion Concierge line for anyone who values Luxury exclusive access this card here Definitely helps you with all of that


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